I love reading books because I can learn new things from the knowledge and experience of experts and ordinary people. It has been my past time before to collect and read nonfiction books. I used to finish two to three books in a week.

Everything changed when I got busy with my career. I cannot spend as much time reading books as before. Fortunately, I discovered the 12min app, which lets me read books amid my busy schedule by providing comprehensive summaries and insightful thoughts on the books.


Learn more about the 12min app and its features below. Discover how it is possible to read three books daily, even with a busy schedule.

  • Introducing 12min
  • Knowing the Reasons to Try the 12min App
  • Starting with the 12min App
  • Exploring the 12min App
  • Checking the Available Book Categories on the 12min App
  • Reading or Listening to a Book on the 12min App
12min App - Learn How to Use
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Introducing 12min

Not being able to read books is a great adjustment for me because I am used to finishing several books in a week. Since I started working, I do not have much spare time to sit down with my coffee while reading a book that I just bought.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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I looked for a way to still finish a book even with my busy schedule. I discovered the 12min app, which describes itself as the perfect way to absorb tons of knowledge from various books. It offers various books on different topics to expand my horizons even on a busy day.


12min offers a unique service to its users by extracting the best ideas and insights from bestselling and popular nonfiction books. The 12min app organizes these ideas in unique and self-sufficient narratives for the benefit of the users.

The team understands that there are people who cannot go through an entire book because of their busy schedules. Thus, they decided to work on a tool that can help us finish a book even without reading it entirely.

Installing the 12min App

I found the 12min app because it is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store in Mexico. The 12min app has also been featured in several well-known publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CNN.


The 12min app’s popularity continues with over 4 million downloads in over 30 countries. The app got my attention as the team promised to continuously update the library of books available. The 12min app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

12min is free to be installed, but it has in-app purchase items and premium subscription plans. It is recommended to install the 12min app on AndroidOS 8.0 and up devices and iOS 11.0 or later.

Knowing the Reasons to Try the 12min App

Before installing the 12min app, it gave me five main reasons why I should try the app's features. Primarily, it aims to be a tool for me to finish books even though I am busy. In this way, I can still learn tons of new knowledge that I can use in my everyday life or enhance my career.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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The first reason the 12min app is a must-try is that I can read anywhere. The app allows me to access the books at the tips of my fingers. The books are available online and offline, so I will have access to the books I am currently reading.

The app can also help me accelerate my learning with the help of the bite-sized information provided. 12min ensured that all summaries were well-crafted so that users would have an easier time understanding the book and getting the relevant information or knowledge.

In addition, the app allows me to be updated with the latest market trends. Since the books offered on the app are the current best-sellers, I know which books are well-received by people. In this case, I can catch up with whatever they are reading.

The Other Reasons to Try the 12min App

The fourth reason is that I can have the best ideas at my fingertips through the 12min app. Reading a book will require my time and energy to take note of the important things or lessons.

Through the 12min app, I do not have to do it anymore. The 12min app developers already provide all the necessary and relevant information that I can get from the books. They are well-curated, so they will be easier to understand.

Lastly, I can develop new skills with the 12min app. Since I am learning new things from the books, I will be reading or listening to the app, which can lead to honing skills. Thus, I can read books to enhance a particular skill.

Starting with the 12min App

Once I installed the app, it welcomed me with an overview of its content and features. The 12min app is a tool with which I can learn like never before. It allows me to boost my reading habits and get to know the books I have always wanted.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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I can also value my time with the help of the app. It gives me the freedom to learn without changing my daily routine.

Lastly, it promises to help me upgrade my career. The app offers books where I can build knowledge journeys according to my professional needs.

Creating an Account on the 12min App

After reading the overview of its features, the 12min app asked me to sign up or create an account. I may use my Facebook account, Google account, or other email address. I chose to link my Facebook account on the 12min app.

Then, it asked me to allow it to access my name, profile picture, and email address from my Facebook account.

Exploring the 12min App

Once I successfully created an account on the app, I can now explore its features and content. Thre are five main tabs on the app, which can be found on the top of the screen. Aside from tabs, I can also find the books that might interest me.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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It is also possible to check the trending books, which I often use to choose my next book to read.

The 12min app also displays a list of book recommendations based on the books I previously read on the app. The app also showcases the newly added books for users to check if the ones they are waiting for are already available.

Finishing Three Books in a Day on the 12min App

Initially, I wondered how it would be possible to read three books in a day with the 12min app. I never thought it was possible, but after using the app, it is possible. It is because the app offers summaries of the books.

When I use the app, I do not get to read the entire book. It is only the summary that has been given by the 12min app. These summaries are made by their writers or employees who try their best to flesh out the most important information from the books.

I noticed that these summaries are made to become easily understandable. The 12min app writers try to break down multifaceted chronicles and complex concepts. In this case, I do not have to spend time analyzing the text anymore as I only need to read them like class notes.

Checking the Available Book Categories on the 12min App

The 12min app claims that it has a wide range of book categories that we can enjoy. Initially, I thought it was not true, but the app proved me wrong. It has content for almost all genres and topics.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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I can check out books under the following categories: Biography & Memoir, Career & Business, Psychology, Corporate Culture & Communication, Organizational Culture, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and many more.

In addition, I can learn new things about Health & Diet, History & Philosophy, Investment & Finance, Marketing & Sales, Society, Sports, Sex & Relationships, Politics, Technology, Innovations, Startups, and others.

It is also possible to read books that can improve myself holistically. There are books on the 12min app under Productivity, Motivation, Time Management, Self Help, and Spirituality.

Choosing a Book on the 12min App

I cannot count how many books are available on the 12min app in each category. I can spend an entire day looking for books that might interest me. It will be easier because they are grouped according to the genre, but too many.

I always read books about society and politics. When I clicked on the category about these topics, the app showed a list of all the books available. I can check the title, author, and book cover at a glance.

The app also provides a short description of the book. The synopsis will give me an idea about the book’s content and will try to convince me if it is worth reading or not.

Reading or Listening to a Book on the 12min App

There are two options given by the app on how I would like to enjoy its content. I can either read or listen to the summaries provided by their writers. This boosts the convenience that it brings to its users.

12min App - Learn How to Use
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I can now easily read the summary whenever I have a short break. The app promises that the summaries can be finished in just 12 minutes of reading because they ensure that the information is easily digestible by users. I do not need extra time to analyze the text further.

I choose to listen to the book summaries whenever I have time in the car. Instead of listening to the radio, I open my 12min app and play the book that I want to know about. The perk of the app is that all the recordings do not exceed the 12-minute mark.

Subscribing to 12min Premium

Even though the 12min app is free to download, I have to subscribe to its premium plan to access the books. The app also offers a free trial period for three days.

The annual subscription costs $89.90. The subscription includes the following perks: new books every week, reading anywhere by downloading the books offline, and accessing microbooks.


The 12min app provides a way to read three books in a day. The app offers summaries of nonfiction books. These summaries are carefully made to flesh out all the necessary information so the users will learn.

This is the perfect app for book lovers.