McDonald's is one of the most popular food joints across the world. While they may have branches in every city, you can now use an app to have their delicious food delivered to your doorstep through the McDonald's coupons app.

The McDonald's app has everything you need to order, pay, and deliver your food. You can also save on your meals with the help of coupons. With the McDonald's Offers and Delivery app, you can get exclusive discounts and receive alerts on new coupons that you can use for your next order.


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Learn How to Get McDonald’s Coupons Using the App
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McDonald's Offers and Delivery App

The McDonald's Offers and Delivery app is a mobile application where you can order your favorite McDonald's meal and have them delivered to your home.

Learn How to Get McDonald’s Coupons Using the App
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You'll also receive exclusive offers such as discounts and coupons so you can enjoy your favorite McDonald's meal for much less than what you usually pay.


You also get alerts on special offers that can only be found on the app. If you're looking for the nearest McDonald's branch in your area, you can also use the app to find one and order from there.

Use the app to order ahead and pick them up at a later time.

Benefits of Using McDonald's Coupons

There are a lot of benefits to using coupons through the McDonald's Offers and Delivery app. The best part about using this McDonald's coupon app is that you can order food items from their menu more affordably.


You can eat the latest food entry on their menu without having to worry about the amount since you get huge discounts from using the app. Coupons are also very easy to obtain when you use the app.

The app encourages you to use these coupons to order food. You'll be surprised at how much more you can save by using this app to order and deliver food to you.

Getting Started with McDonald's App

The very first thing that you need to do is to download the McDonald's Offers and Delivery app.

Learn How to Get McDonald’s Coupons Using the App
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It is available to download for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Download the app and register an account. You'll be asked for your details as well as your delivery address.

The app is available in certain countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and many more areas.

Navigating and Using the McDonald's App

Once you have downloaded and created an account, log in to start using the McDonald's Offers and Delivery app. On the homepage, you will see options like “Coupons”, “Restaurants”, and “McDelivery”.

Select “Coupons” to discover coupons and other promotions that you can use to get discounts and freebies on your order. Once done, search for a McDonald's restaurant near you then order the food that you like. Choose from a wide variety of your favorite McDonald's meals from the menu.

At the Checkout menu, enter the coupon or add the code to apply the discount on the total amount of your order. Select the delivery address and your payment method then pay for your order. Once done, you will receive updates on the delivery and all you need to do now is wait for your delivery.

Using McDonald's App for Coupons

To access the coupons on the app, tap the Coupon menu to see all the coupons and discounts that you can apply to your orders.

Learn How to Get McDonald’s Coupons Using the App
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Many of these coupons offer discounts on specific meals or food items that you can order or they offer a freebie alongside your meal.

You can check out the most used and requested coupons through the Most Requests option or you can also choose to have your desserts at a discounted rate by choosing to go with dessert coupons instead.

More Features of McDonald's App for Coupons

With the McDonald's app, you'll get more advanced features that will help you save more money on your orders. The McDonald's app gives out personalized coupons based on your activities on the app.

If the system detects that you often order the same food items, they are most likely to give you a personalized coupon for a discount on your next meal. There are also other instances where you'll receive coupons to try out new food items on the menu. This should help you encourage yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Another great feature of the McDonald's app is that you can order ahead and pick it up after the allotted time. You can even use the coupons that you have to pay for your meal. You can scan and share your coupons with others and share the same meal.

How to Use the McDonald's App With Your Coupons Effectively

Using your coupons on McDonald's app is the best way to save money on your orders. If you want to take full advantage of these coupons, make sure that you follow these tips and tricks.

Learn How to Get McDonald’s Coupons Using the App
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Always check for new coupons regularly. There might be new coupons that offer special discounts on your favorite meals.

If you're using the McDonald's app, try to set up your alert notifications on the app. This will allow you to see if any new coupons are ready to be used on the app.

Stack Your Coupons

You can also maximize your savings by stacking your coupons. There are a lot of digital coupons that you can use on the app that will help you save even more.

Stacking coupons is very common nowadays and most of them even include a lot of freebies like upsizing your drinks and sides. Check the details on your coupon first and see if you are allowed to stack them.

Lastly, you need to be mindful of the expiry dates on these coupons. Not all coupons last very long so it is always best to use them immediately. Try not to wait a few weeks before using the coupons as they may expire in that time.


If you're looking for a way to save money and still get to enjoy your next McDonald's meal, go ahead and download the McDonald's Offers and Delivery app today. You will never regret this little secret app especially if you're a fan of McDonald's.

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