I always wanted to be my best in everything I do, including the things I show people. I want to project only the best look on social media. I looked for a reliable photo editing app to help me make great photos, even with my limited knowledge and skills in photo editing.

It is easy to find a photo editing app that stands out amid the pool of many other applications. The Bazaart app is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design app. It is known for its professional designs and stunning collage art.


Bazaart offers many other features and tools to create beautiful photos. Learn more about the Bazaart app and its features below. Discover how I transform my raw photos into stunning pictures worthy of being shared on social media. 

  • Discovering the Bazaart App
  • Starting with the Bazaart App
  • Creating a Project on Bazaart
  • Adding Photo Filters on Bazaart
  • The Basic Editing Tools on Bazaart
  • Using the Other Tools on Bazaart
Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: Google Play Store

Discovering the Bazaart App

People want to portray their best sides in person and on social media. To do so, is a must to have incredible photos posted on social media to create a great feed and show the best looks for daily updates. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: Bazaart

Photo editing has become a must-have skill for everyone as it comes in handy for turning raw photos into stunning ones. Even though I have limited knowledge in photo editing, I can still create incredible photos with the help of user-friendly mobile apps.


My trusted photo editing mobile app is Bazaart. It is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design app for novice and professional users. Bazaart’s features and tools help everyone create beautiful photos, visually pleasing designs, and stunning collage art.

Bazaart encourages everyone to discover their endless creativity on the app. With the help of its tools and features, there is an endless possibility of what I can do with my photos and designs. Bazaart ensures that all my photos will be worth sharing after I edit them on the app. 

Installing the Bazaart App

When I started looking for a photo editing app, I wanted to use an app that could help even though I only know a few things about photo editing. I did not have a hard time looking for a photo editing app because Bazaart is highly recommended.


Bazaart Ltd. launched the Bazaart app in August 202 and immediately gained recognition for its quality features and tools. The Bazaart app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Even though Bazaart is free to install, it has a premium subscription plan for $11.99 per month. Bazaart is compatible on devices with AndroidOS 8.0 and up and iOS 14.0 or later.

Starting with the Bazaart App

Upon installing the app, I was left in awe with its user interface proving that it is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design app. Its bold and strong colors for its user interface scream aesthetic for the designs that I can possibly create on the app. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: PetaPixel

Bazaart welcomed me with an overview of its major features accompanied by a short video clip for each feature. I learned that it is possible to magically remove the background of my photos on Bazaart.

There are also templates for graphic designs, but I can also start from scratch if I want. There are countless tools to help me create beautiful and trendy graphics that fit every purpose or occasion. It also mentioned that it has a premium subscription that will unlock all features and content. 

Aside from the overview of major features, Bazaart proves its user-friendliness with the tutorials. It asked me to follow the guide on how to use its various features. There is a sample image, and I can try to edit the photo by trying different tools.

Exploring the Bazaart App

After I finished the overview and tutorial, I can now explore the app. The app’s home page is relatively simple and minimalistic to my surprise. It does not have the bold and strong colors that I expected for its user interface and background.

On the app’s home page, I can find the “Projects” option. This is where all my previous works will be displayed making it easier to access them in the future. I can also start a new project by tapping on the “Create” button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Meanwhile, there are two options found on the top part of the screen. First, I can open the Settings menu of Bazaart to customize my experience. The second one is the Premium icon, where I can subscribe to the premium plan of Bazaart.

Creating a Project on Bazaart

I can easily start a project on the Bazaart app by simply tapping on the “Create” button. Bazaart offers two options for my project: start from scratch or start with a photo. I always start with a photo because I already have my raw photo. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: Android Police

Bazaart asked me to give permission to access my photos and media files. It wished to read the contents of my local file storage to modify or delete any file. Upon giving permission, the Bazaart app will be able to open my phone’s gallery.

I only need to select the photo that I want to edit on the Bazaart app. It is possible to explore not only the phone’s gallery but also the other folders in the internal and external file storage. Bazaart supports getting photos from cloud storage as long as they are linked to my device. 

To choose a photo, I need to tap on the image. Then, Bazaart will process the image for a moment before it is available for editing. I can also replace the image anytime by clicking the “replace” button.

Removing the Background of the Photo on Bazaart

One of the main features of Bazaart is background removal. I do not need to manually remove the background of my raw photo to get the subject only. 

Bazaart has its magic trick for it. It is possible to remove the background of the image by simply tapping on the “Magic” icon. Bazaart removes the background with its built-in technology to identify the subject of any photo. 

Adding Photo Filters on Bazaart

Image filters are a go-to tool for instant editing of photos as they will give the image a completely different vibe. Filters will also help me achieve the overall look and vibe that I want for my photo. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos

Bazaart offers numerous filters that I can choose from to ensure I will find the perfect one that fits my image. The filters on Bazaart are categorized into the following: Classic, Vintage, Duotone, Peachy, Dreamy, and Black & White. 

Each category has several different filters. For example, the Dreamy category has filters named after popular destinations in the world like Maldives, Bora Bora, Seychelles, Bali, Santorini, Palawan, Hawaii, Ibiza, St. Barts, Bahamas, Sardinia, and many more.

Adjusting Filters on the App

Bazaart asks me to adjust the filter using a slide menu bar when I apply a filter. There are times that I want the filter to be subtly only, and I can change with the app. It is important to get the perfect amount of filter to get the best look of the image.

After applying the filter, I can set the filter by tapping on the “check” mark in the screen's upper-right corner.

The Basic Editing Tools on Bazaart

I liked that the app allowed me to edit the different elements of a photo with ease. Like any other photo editing app, Bazaart offers basic photo editing tools. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: Apple App Store

All the tools on the Bazaart app are found on the “Adjust” option. I only need to play around with the slide menu bar given to adjust the elements. Each adjustment using the slide menu bar will be shown immediately for me to check if the change is good or not. 

I can change the following photo elements on the Bazaart app: exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, and blur.

Changing the Shadows on the Image

Interestingly, I discovered that Bazaart gives importance to the existence of shadows on an image. Thus, it provided several options to adjust the shadows on my project.

First, I can make the shadows more apparent by adjusting them. I can also work on the shadow’s distance, angle, and color. It is also possible to blur the shadows. 

Using the Other Tools on Bazaart

Aside from the basic editing tools, there are other available features and tools on the Bazaart app. I can change the opacity of each object on the photo using the slide bar available. 

Bazaart App - Learn How to Edit & Design Photos
Image Source: Apple App Store

Bazaart supports duplicating the image for effects and collage. The duplicating feature is also made for duplicating the project itself in case I want to have another version of the edit. 

The app lets me flip and crop the image to fit the size requirements of the social media platform where I intend to post the photo. 

Saving the Image on Bazaart

Before saving the image, Bazaart confirms the size of the photo. This is because it has the template and size requirements for posting on various social media.

The app can automatically fit the image into the following: Instagram Story, Instagram Square, Instagram Portrait, Facebook Landscape Post, Facebook Square Post, and many more. 

After finalizing the size, I need to tap the “download” icon to export the file, which is usually in JPG or PNG format. 


The Bazaart app lets users create stunning photos from scratch. Bazaart is an award-winning photo editing app because of its wide range of features and tools that are all user-friendly.