Good graphics aren’t going to be good enough to get you up on the trending meter on TikTok. The key to making a TikTok video viral is not a one-way road.

Instead, after crossing different junctions and collaborating on a higher scale fusing various strategies, you will be able to create highly resonating TikTok videos. Growing your presence on TikTok is a game of perseverance and determination.


If you wear the right hat, it can be possible. So, we are here to sew a brand new hat and help your videos rule on the viral network. Read on to learn more about making viral videos on TikTok.

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An Attractive Profile

Everything starts with creating an approachable and attractive profile.

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From your username to your personal information and profile pictures; all of these can make a difference.


First of all, the username has to be easy to resonate with viewers.

Introduction is Important

Next, create a catchy and relevant introduction.

If the viewers visit your profile, they must strike a familiar chord.


Also, you have to communicate with the viewers with your profile picture and bio.


The second most important aspect of going viral is your presence on the platform.

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Posting one video in a month won’t be enough. Show some hyperactivity.

The videos must be better, bigger, and more frequent.

Not only is it a common narrative, but it is a proven fact that the users who are not so active on any platform – let alone TikTok – get lesser attention.

Keep it Fresh

The reason is that when you stay hyperactive, the need of the hour will be to post constantly.

Every day you are trying to make something new and better.

It can be that out of all the new content that you publish, one video may be the one that makes viewers go crazy over it.

Follow the Latest News

The major reason to stay abreast of whatever is going on in the industry is to use the right hashtags.

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For instance, there is a global event coming up in the next few days, and it has a unique hashtag that has been popping up recently.

The reason being that you need to include the trending hashtag and latest event-specific hashtags is to ensure outreach to a larger number of people.

Get New Ideas

All content creators must keep a notebook to jot down the things they observe. Because this is one of the many ways to generate an idea or to take a concept and transform it into content.

It is all about starting conversations with your audience via an idea. Other than this, you can also try to imitate the currently trending videos.

The chances are that the viewers will want to see someone else in the same avatar or the snippet created by one user.


If you are friends with influencers on TikTok, then that’s great.

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If not though, then make them your friends or ask them to join you in a professional collaboration.

The key is to get viewership via their platform.

Endorsements with Other Creators

Being endorsed by an influencer does two things for you. Firstly, it creates trust in your potential audience.

Secondly, you get the exposure and experience to work with an established artist.

Try to reach the influencers outside of TikTok if they are not connected with you on the platform.

Find Your X-Factor

For some, finding that x-factor will seem like a big drag, while for others, it will be a piece of cake.

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In any case, finding your x-factor and capitalizing on it to create TikTok videos will exalt you way above than others.

Remember, try to be unique, fresh, and different from what others are already doing.

Imitation Could Work

Imitation must be done to some extent, but not all the way because people want new and fresh content.

Instead, try to add some of your unique elements to augment an idea.

Start It Off With a Big Bang

Given the fast-paced nature of the platform and content that they want to promote, you have to do your best to keep up with speed.

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Sure, you may see some people getting away with doing slower videos.

But more often than not, they are either flying under the radar, or they have a large enough following for them to make the trade-off.

Grab the Viewer's Attention

But what we’re looking for is how to go viral, and you don’t do that with slow starts that can have people yawning and flicking to the following video.

You need to start with something that will immediately grab their attention. Start with some action.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Following your big entrance into the video, you’ll want to make sure you can enrapture your audience and keep them captivated.

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This isn’t a live performance, but this a platform where you share short videos meant to get a reaction from someone, and you’ll want them to watch the entire thing.

That’s why it’s best to keep it short and sweet.

To the Point

Unless you’re telling a story that requires it to be a longer video, you’ll want to keep your clips short and to the point.

Make it simple to follow along with and won’t take time for the viewer to enjoy.

People are more likely to watch your video if it’s snappy and witty rather than something lengthy that takes time to conclude.

Take Advantage of Your Own Voice

We all know of the infamous algorithm that any TikTok creator needs to appease and bend themselves to find access on the platform.

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However, most people simply resort to including hashtags and music in their videos to try and gain traction.

But that leaves something that can be quite the significant factor when the algorithm is taking your video into account.

Your voice plays a significant role in your video’s popularity.

You Have a Voice

We all know our phones listen to us and make decisions for us behind the scenes, like with targeted ads.

TikTok’s algorithm similarly uses your audio and voice, always looking for keywords so that they know who to target your video towards.

By including a voiceover, you’re essentially allowing your video to become targeted at the appropriate audience.

Always Include Trending Music

Similar to how TikTok’s algorithm uses your voice and keywords you’ve used to target your video at a specific group, music plays a significant role in helping the algorithm boost your reach.

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Even if you do end up telling a story or doing a voiceover, include some appropriately trending music in the background.

This will allow the algorithm to share your video with a broader audience.

Trendy Trends

TikTok is a social platform. It feeds off trends, which unfortunately means you’ll need to follow them to know what to include.

You can always include your own music that you’ve created, but this can be a bit more difficult as they might not allow it.

A way around this is to upload your own audio with your song, select a song through TikTok, and then set that song’s volume to zero.

Tell an Interesting Story

This may seem contradictory to what you have already picked up from earlier points or even other articles covering this same topic, and that’s because it is.

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This point exists for those of us born without the ability to dance or sing or perform as all the other viral TikTokers do.

Yeah, dances go viral all the time on TikTok, and it is possible that you could become viral yourself, taking part in the trend or even starting a new one with your own dance.

But the chances of that happening have grown slim since there’s just so many.

Avoid Oversaturation

So unless you’re a dancing queen or are hilariously bad, people won’t really want to watch you dance because the market is quite frankly oversaturated in dancing videos.

This is why you can try your hand at a still relatively untapped market: telling an interesting story.

Whether it’s something you’ve come up with, an event that happened to you, or just some interesting facts, you’re bound to find an audience eventually.

Facts, Information, and History of Things

Building off of the storytelling aspect, one thing you could try out would be to follow in the footsteps of all the successful accounts.

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YouTube channels and Instagram accounts dedicated to making posts about facts and history are very popular.

TikTok almost fills that happy medium between the two where the posts aren’t just still images that don’t get your attention.

But they also aren’t super long videos that you might lose interest in.

Shorter Videos

You could easily make small, bite-sized snippets of information that are easy to digest.

The biggest issue with this format would be that you really have to know what you’re talking about, so you don't spread misinformation and people call you out, and you drop in popularity.

People also love shopping, so you could even begin covering products and potentially become monetized through sponsorships and ads.

Give Them a Call To Action

Going viral on TikTok, or any platform for that matter is more than simply having one piece of content blow up all of a sudden.

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There is no use for a viral post that gets five million views if you gain no traction.

You need to take advantage of TikTok’s algorithm to promote yourself and your account , not just your single viral post.

You can easily do this by including a call to action on each of your posts.

Follow for Part 2

Encourage people to check out your account, tell where they can find you, and tell them about future content.

As annoying as it might be to see a video cut off with a sudden “follow for part 2,” it gets you more views and followers who are genuinely curious and want to know what happens next.

Put into words how you want people to find more of your stuff, which will help bolster your traction on the platform.


As a platform, TikTok has taken the industry with a storm. With a huge customer base and users, this platform has become an earning source for a number of account owners.

Businesses are leveraging the influences to endorse their product on the platform and getting more attention towards their brand. Fame is interdependent and essential to achieve success on TikTok.