We can now monitor nearly every aspect of our bodies using technology, including steps, weight, running speed, exercise, blood pressure, and even our menstrual cycle. Women have been keeping track of their menstrual cycles for various reasons. 

Some people want to be prepared for when to purchase sanitary products, and others want to plan when to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy. Keeping track of one’s menstrual cycle is important because it can affect your mental and physical well-being. 


Clue Period Tracker is one of the most commonly used period tracking devices that many use today. In this article, we’ll let you understand how an app like this can help us in our daily life.

  • What Is The Clue Period Tracking App?
  • How The Clue Period Tracking App Works
  • Tips For Using The Clue App
  • Benefits Of Clue For Pregnancy
Clue App To Record Menstruation
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What Is The Clue Period Tracking App?

The Clue App is menstrual wellness software created by BioWink, a Berlin-based technology firm. About 8 million people from 180 countries have downloaded the app to date. Union Square Ventures and Mosaic Ventures were among the investors who contributed $10 million to the startup.

Clue App To Record Menstruation
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A user’s time, fertile duration, and premenstrual syndrome are calculated and predicted by the mobile app. It even tells us when we’re most likely to get pregnant and when we’re least likely to get pregnant. 


We can also monitor more than 30 different health categories with the Clue app, including intercourse, sleep, pain, workout, hair, skin, digestion, hormones, and electricity. It also explains how pill dosages affect fertility and provides a notification system to remind us when to take our medication.

The Clue is more than just a calendar. It’s a menstrual guide, ovulation program, and pregnancy tracker that helps us manage our reproductive health. It’s a straightforward, empirical approach to learning about our bodies and discovering our menstrual cycle’s specific patterns.

Features Of The Clue App

The Clue software includes an ovulation and pregnancy tracker as well as a calendar. It also correctly predicts the duration of future intervals. We must first record our symptoms and then enumerate other data, such as flow, trends, and moods, in this app. This software also allows us to track our ovulation checks and basal body temperature (BBT).


This app’s calendar function serves as a reminder for future cycles, PMS, and ovulation. The software, as previously said, makes predictions, and these predictions include repeated symptoms, including headaches, cramps, and other body pain. 

We may also use the Clue app to monitor and set reminders for our birth control pills. It also helps us consider the cycle analysis of our time lengths to spot patterns and irregularities. The software also has an encyclopedia of menstrual health and educational material.

How The Clue Period Tracking App Works

You’ll be asked several questions about your period and forms of birth control when you first launch your app. Fill in the blanks as best you can, so don’t fret if you can’t recall your last period’s exact date. As you track the game, the Clue app will fine-tune your predictions.

Clue App To Record Menstruation
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The app is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. After we completed our registration, we will be asked to enter our last period. A green plus button can be found in the Clue app. To keep track of our time, we can choose between light, medium, or heavy bleeding, depending on the circumstances.

As previously mentioned, the Clue app’s primary objective is to assist us women in tracking and calculating our menstrual cycles. In the Clue calendar, we will see the past and future menstruation. Past periods are represented by red squares, while light red squares represent the following three periods.

Once we have tracked our bleeding patterns, we can swipe left to monitor other symptoms like sleep, pain, mood, and more. Extra tracking options can be added by clicking the grey circle with a + inside at the bottom of the tracking screen or going to the Menu and selecting “Tracking options.” 

Other Features Of The Clue App

Using Custom Tags, we can track something that is not standard in Clue’s current tracking groups. As mentioned, the Clue app has an ovulation and fertility tracker, which helps us calculate ovulation and BBT. 

The period-tracking app has features that can help us determine the unique patterns in our menstrual cycle. Using this feature, we can see the duration and cycle variations of periods. We can also see the symptoms we tracked to our menstrual cycle. 

The Clue app will also help us manage our irregular cycles and PCOS if we have it. We can use the app to record our cycles and have our history handy whenever we need to visit the OBGYN.

Tips For Using The Clue App

If you’ve been using Clue to map your cycle for a while, you’ve already mastered the basics. However, there could be certain aspects of the software that you are unaware of. The Clue can get more precise forecasts and trigger special features if you tell it your birth control system.

Clue App To Record Menstruation
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If you’ve switched from one mode of birth control to another, it’s crucial to note that monitoring your system from the tracking screen does not affect your Clue birth control settings. We must go to our Profile page. When we set our birth control in our Clue profile, we will get more precise forecasts and unlock special features for your birth control type, depending on the kind of birth control.

Not everyone experiences premenstrual symptoms (PMS), so we can map them in the Clue app. On the app’s home screen, PMS is shown as tiny fuzzy waves, and this is the screen that shows where you are in your cycle. You can also watch PMS symptoms such as sore breasts and cravings, but the clouds will only appear if we choose the PMS option.

We should remove a loop if the time between cycles were unusually short or lengthy, so it doesn’t change the forecasts. It is how Clue calculates your predicted ovulation day as the number of days before your next cycle. The hormonal reproductive window can overlap with shorter menstrual periods. Another explanation is that one or more of our previous periods were unusually long or short, impacting our current forecasts. You can choose to ignore the loop so that your estimates are unaffected.

Other Things You Need To Know About Clue

We can see our cycle averages and possible period forecasts if we only chart our period in Clue, but if we track every day of our menstrual cycle, we can obtain a whole new knowledge of our body. 

From headaches to greasy hair to high sex desire, daily monitoring will help us figure out whether the problems we are having are linked to a particular period. In Clue, go to the Menu, then tap Reminders to set ourselves a regular reminder to track. 

We can also add text and emojis to our reminders! We may also set alerts to remind us when our period or PMS is due. By going to the calendar view and clicking every day in the past, we can even add previous times and other symptoms.

Benefits Of Clue For Pregnancy

There are some widespread myths about pregnancy, such as the belief that we can only become pregnant on our ovulation day or that we can become pregnant at any time. Neither of these statements is right. Pregnancy is likely in the days leading up to and after ovulation.

Clue App To Record Menstruation
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If we want to use Clue to get pregnant, the expected ovulation day will help us figure out when we will conceive. Since our exact day of ovulation is impossible to determine, Ovulation Day is still an estimate. 

And if we have predictable periods, the peak fertility can vary. If we want to monitor our ovulation, we must make sure the Clue app’s Ovulation Day feature is turned on.

Tracking Your Pregnancy 

All we have to do is to log ovulation tests and cervical fluid for improved ovulation estimations. We also have to set a fertility and ovulation calendar reminder to help us have a pregnancy plan. 

The Clue app is also the best way to help expecting mothers track their pregnancies. It allows us to log into the pregnancy mode to set the expected due date with a pregnancy calculator. There are a calendar and baby growth tracker in the pregnancy mode to keep us updated on the trimester. 

It also helps us to know symptoms, baby movements, and more. This mode has health content that professionals fact-check to guide us through the pregnancy week by week to set expectations.


The Clue app is a period tracking tool that uses science and analysis to delve into our personal genetics, takes the guesswork out of our menstrual cycle. 

The app’s ovulation calculator and fertility forecasts will help us prepare for conception if we’re trying to conceive. For more precise data, we can also record our basal body temperature.