I am fascinated by horoscopes because I find it intriguing that people can come up with fortunes and tell the future with just the alignment of the stars and planets.

This interest grew into a habit as I tend to read my horoscope every day just as a guide. There are many sources wherein I can get my horoscope, but here is one app that I trust most, and it is called Daily Horoscope.


The app has a comprehensive explanation of my horoscope reading everyday. However, there are other features that the Daily Horoscope offers to its users and readers. Learn more about the app’s features and content, as well as how you can download it on your phone.

  • Using the Stars as a Guide
  • Getting Started with Daily Horoscopes
  • What Our Zodiac Signs Say About the Future
  • Our Perfect Match According to the Stars
Daily Horoscope App - See How to Download
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Using the Stars as a Guide

I started to become interested in horoscopes and zodiac signs a few years ago, and I can say there are indeed many related articles and blogs where I gained knowledge in this field. Although many other horoscope sites and apps are available, I trust this one the most.

Daily Horoscope App - See How to Download
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This trust comes from the over 10 million installs that the Daily Horoscope app has recorded on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. It also has amazing reviews from its users and readers because of the comprehensiveness of the content in the app.


With this reputation, I was persuaded to try the app since I am looking for a trustworthy site to get my daily horoscope. True to the testament of the readers, the Daily Horoscope app has comprehensive and easy-to-understand content and reading of the stars.

Like other apps, the Daily Horoscope app covers all of the zodiac sun sign horoscopes: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, etc. The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes of these signs. Though it has lots of content, the app is user-friendly and has a visually-pleasing interface.

Navigating the Daily Horoscope App

Aside from the incredible visuals and graphics, the app has organized its content well, given that there is overwhelming information. Upon installing, the app gave me a quick tour of how to navigate the app.


It explains that the top left of the screen is for the left menu drawer, while the top right is for the context menu. One of the reasons why the app is easy to use is the feature wherein I can swipe left and right to move between screens.

The screens are the categories of the content available on the Daily Horoscope app. They include Yearly Zodiac, Compatibility, Zodiac Characteristics, Horoscopes, Yearly Chinese, and Druid Horoscope. I can spend hours reading not only my horoscope but also the one of my loved ones.

Getting Started with Daily Horoscopes

Since many people are not familiar with their signs, you can check them on the app through the “What’s my sign?” feature. It is available in each category of the Daily Horoscope app.

Daily Horoscope App - See How to Download
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When I started using the app, I was familiar with the different signs and their characteristics. But, the Daily Horoscope app knows that some users are not knowledgeable about the topic, so they provided the basic information about the zodiac sun signs.

Interestingly, the app provides the general characteristics of each zodiac sun. The explanation covers each signs most distinct personality traits and how they present themselves to other people. It also provides information on how each sign deals with situations in different aspects of their life.

For example, since I am Libra, the app explains my general attitude and behavior towards different situations like conflict and social gatherings. I can also read about how I see my relationships with my peers and romantic partner.

What the Stars Say About Our Day

People often associate horoscopes with daily advice or words of wisdom on what will happen in our day or a reminder of how to make our day better. This is true because horoscopes provide a guide on what to expect in our daily life.

But, I think that we should not necessarily take them literally because most horoscopes are vague and ambiguous. Still, it will not harm us to know what the stars have to say about our daily life, which we can read on the Daily Horoscope app.

One feature of the Daily Horoscope app that I find exciting is that I can look back on the previous week’s horoscopes to reflect on whether they were accurate or not.

What Our Zodiac Signs Say About the Future

As I mentioned, the Daily Horoscope app has a wide array of content and information on the zodiac signs and their corresponding horoscopes. Aside from the daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope, a category on the app focuses on the horoscope of the 12 sun signs for this current year.

Daily Horoscope App - See How to Download
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It is excellent that I can read the Yearly Zodiac category to see what the stars have to say about this current year. I like how comprehensive it is to tackle different aspects of my life, like relationships with my family and peers, career, and love.

The Yearly Zodiac seems not enough to give me just an overview and advice for my fortune this year for the Daily Horoscope app. The app also has a category on Yearly Chinese that includes the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac that correspond to our birth year.

The 12 animal signs are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Each animal has its own content on what the year holds for them this year. I tend to compare and mix the Yearly Zodiac and Yearly Chinese readings for a more comprehensive take on my future.

Trees Have Something to Do with Our Future Too

I admit that this appt was my first time encountering another horoscope called the Druid Horoscope. So, I read up on it more from within the app and learned that it was actually present in Europe thousands of years ago.

This kind of horoscope focuses on the relationship of humans to trees because druids value forests and trees where they are attached. Druids have a connection with Sun opposition during winter and summer and vernal and autumnal equinox.

It was also the first time I knew about my Druid sign using my birth month and date. The readings of the horoscope focus on the characteristics, personalities, and traits of the spirit of the tree of my Druid sign.

Our Perfect Match According to the Stars

One of my favorite features of the app is the Compatibility tab because it allows me to check whether I have a great match or connection to another person. The compatibility feature uses my zodiac sun sign and the other person’s zodiac sun sign to see how compatible we are.

Daily Horoscope App - See How to Download
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It is important to know the sign or the birthday of the person whom you wish to check your compatibility with through the Daily Horoscope app. Unlike in other compatibility sites available on the internet, the app’s compatibility content focuses not only on romantic relationships but also on friendships.

The app predicts whether you are a good fit based on the personality attributed to each person’s signs. I like how comprehensive the explanation is because it tells us whether we can just be excellent romantic partners, will work only as friends, or just work-related relationships will suit us.

The app covers the strengths and weaknesses of the two persons according to their signs. Moreover, it tells us how we can make the relationship work through some helpful tips.

Other Things to Know About the App

Though the app is generally free, it has several premium plans that cost from $4 to $10 to subscribe. The plan includes an advertisement-free experience on the app, which I find necessary because it affects my focus when to comes to reading.

Also, a premium subscription entails access to more days in the past, unlike in the free version where I can only access the previous week. Lastly, the personal notes feature will be activated.

It is also possible to personalize my experience on the app as I am allowed to customize the screen’s appearance. In the Settings tab, I can change the app theme and font sign. I can also enable a widget for easy access to the app.


I trust the Daily Horoscope app because of the great reviews and high number of downloads. It surprised me how comprehensive the quality of the content is because it focuses on the zodiac sun horoscope and others like Chinese and Druid horoscopes.

If you want to learn more about your personality, what lies ahead for you in the coming days, weeks, or months, or you want to find out if someone will be a good match for you, check out the Daily Horoscopes app.

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