Being on dating apps for years already, I can say that many of them already have the same features. But, there is an app that caught my attention immediately after hearing about it. The app is called Raya, which is an exclusive app.

Raya is a membership-based dating application. It means that they filter the people who they allow to join their community. The strict application process interests me so much because it was the first time I encountered such.


Learn more about Raya and how it is an exclusive dating app. Check out also how to download the app and how to create an account.

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Discover How to Use the Raya App
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In a time when dating applications are popular, it is difficult to find a perfect app that will cater to my preferences and will offer something new. Luckily, I found about Raya through a friend. It piqued my interest from the first time I heard about it.

Discover How to Use the Raya App
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I found two things intriguing about the app, but those both boil down to the exclusiveness feature of Raya. Firstly, I never knew about the application until my friend told me that celebrities can be found on it. It is rare to find a dating app that celebrities use as well.


The second one is that it is a challenge to get in Raya because it is a membership-based dating app with a strict application process. The team ensures that the users they will accept are trustworthy and will abide by the community rules.

These exciting features made the app famous since its release in 2015. The idea came to Daniel Gendelman in 2014, but it took almost a year to launch the app. At present, millions of users download the app, but not everyone has been lucky enough to get in.

Raya Mobile App

True to its exclusiveness, the Raya can only be download by iOS users through the App Store. I installed the application for free.


Raya prompts its potential new users to sign up for the app by following the prescribed application process. Signing up for the app is also free, but there is no guarantee that the team will grant you access to join the community.

After receiving the notice, I got accepted on the app when I paid for the premium account. I think of it as a membership fee that only costs $7.99 per month. The payment entails premium access to features of the Raya app.

Raya: The Exclusive App

I initially thought that Raya made their app exclusive because they wanted to stand out among other dating apps out there. But I was wrong. The team is dedicated to its mission and vision to have a safe online space for those who are looking for potential partners.

Discover How to Use the Raya App
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This is apparent in how they treat the people throughout the application process. The team believes that they are people in a community and not merely online users. I like how they believe in the individual’s creativity, personality, and stories.

Since the team wants to create a diverse community, they began a multi-faceted application process. This is to find individuals who can add more colors through their personality and experiences in the community to make it more diverse and dynamic.

Every member has to go through the application process, and once they get in, they are expected to follow all the community rules. Raya believes that they must be respectful towards each member. So, any cases of disobedience can lead to dismissal.

Dismissal on Raya

I applaud the team’s initiative to implement strict community rules to ensure that the app is a safe space for its members. All members are expected to follow the rules otherwise their membership can be revoked.

The rules revolve around being respectful when talking to another person. Avoid any racist or indecent behavior towards other members. The app promotes respect and individuality, so the members must find a way to show their personality without being inappropriate or rude.

In my few months on the app, I can say that it is generally peaceful because people are respectful towards each other. Indeed, it is a safe community online.

Application Process on Raya

As I mentioned, the process is no joke with the added thrill of whether I will be accepted or rejected. Signing up on the app is easy, but the waiting time to confirm the membership is a struggle. Some lucky members get approval or rejection in a day, while some wait for weeks or even months.

Discover How to Use the Raya App
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Before signing up, remember that only 8% of applicants get approved for membership. However, I will give you some tips on how you can increase your chances of getting accepted.

The first step of the process is by providing your basic information like name, birthday, and gender. Connecting your Instagram account is also required because the committee will review your account.

Yes, the committee checks whether you have what it takes to add more color to the community. It is also helpful if you have a decent following. Some say that it is better to have over 5,000 followers, but you should have at least 250,000 followers for higher chances of acceptance.

Other Parts of the Application Process

After providing the Instagram credentials, I included my current occupation or the fields of my career. This is essential to the new feature of the application called “Work” mode.

To further prove my identity, I needed to verify my phone number. I think this verification process is necessary so that the committee can make sure that the people who are signing up on the app are real people.

Then, I added a contact from my phone who is already a member of Raya because if the person provides a referral, it can speed up my application process. The more people refer you, the faster the application. After this, the waiting game is on as the committee reviews the application.

Features of Raya

The wait, as mentioned, can last for days, weeks, and even months. It is because the committee is made up of over 100 people spread across the world. They are anonymous to each other so that the objectiveness of the application process is apparent.

Discover How to Use the Raya App
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I can say that the wait is worth it. Even though I waited for weeks to get accepted, I am now entitled to enjoy the features of the Raya app. The first thing that I did is to set up my profile, which other people will see.

Like in other apps, I give importance to my profile, so I make sure it is exciting and attractive. In Raya, I can create a slideshow of my photos with a chosen background music unique because it shows my personality immediately.

The slideshow contains my best photos, and the music shows my taste in the hope that those things interest other people. I can choose photos from my Instagram profile since it is connected to my account.

Basic Online Dating App Features

Raya works the same way as other online dating applications. I can choose people I am interested in based on their profiles, including their photos, Instagram profile, and others.

In the app, I just have to tap on the checkmark at the bottom part of the screen if I am interested in the person and cross the button if I am not interested.

If the other person is also interested in me by matching through the checkmark, I can send that person a message. There is a separate tab on the app wherein I can find all my matches. I can send unlimited messages on the app since I already paid for a subscription after getting accepted.

Other Features of Raya

Included in the membership, I can enjoy looking for a potential partner everywhere. It is because the app shows that every member of the app, even from other countries. I do not have a hard time looking for a member who can catch my attention because there are many options.

Discover How to Use the Raya App
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But, members can just turn on the “Nearby” feature if they wanted just to see the profiles of members within or close to their current location. Thus, the app asks the members to grant permission to allow the app to use the current location of their mobile devices.

A relatively new feature of the app is the modes. Raya is now limited to finding potential partners romantically but also professionally. Members can now build connections by finding other app members who are in the same field or industry.

When looking for potential dates, I can just turn on “Social” mode, while the “Work” mode shows me people who can be added to my professional social network.

Other Facts about Raya

Since the app has gained popularity over time, Raya has an interesting demographic among its users. At present, the members are generally young, with an almost equal distribution of male and female in terms of gender.

As mentioned, there are reports that single celebrities are on the app. You can find here Demi Lovato, Channing Tatum, Ben Affleck, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, and many more. So, there is a chance you can match with them.


Raya is an online dating app known for its exclusiveness to its members. The app has a rigorous application process because a committee verifies the information of the new user based on the Instagram profile and referral of a current member.

The app is like any other online dating app out there as it provides an avenue for people who are matched to communicate. But, Raya has a ”Work” mode that users can improve their professional social network.