I find it fascinating to see an online dating app that promotes authenticity and genuineness in modern dating. Badoo is an online dating app that pushes its users to be unapologetic for who they are in dealing with potential partners online. 

Badoo lets the users create profiles that capture their surface-level information and the more in-depth information like personal interests, beliefs, and value systems. 

Check below how you can download the app and what Badoo has more to offer to its users. 

  • Badoo: The Largest Online Dating App
  • Badoo: The Inclusive App
  • Badoo: The App The Promotes Authenticity
  • Badoo: The App That Has Great Premium Perks
Find Out Which Dating App Has Been Downloaded The Most In The Last Few Years
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Badoo: The Largest Online Dating App

In 2006, Russian Andrey Andreev entrepreneur launched Badoo, which is an online dating application. As mentioned, the app’s vision is to make its users showcase their real selves by having honest, unfiltered, and authentic conversations with other users.

Find Out Which Dating App Has Been Downloaded The Most In The Last Few Years
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With this unique goal, Badoo caught the attention of millions of users around the world. By 2016, it has been regarded as the most downloaded online dating app across 21 countries. According to reports, the application was a sure hit in France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico.

At present, the company recorded over 470 million registered users on the application. These users can be accounted for in the 190 countries where Badoo is available. With these demands from the users, the company has several headquarters and offices in the Russia, United Kingdom, Cyprus, and United States.

The popularity of Badoo in the world prompted the company to rebrand the app to a better and improved version. In 2017, they launched their new logo, a purple app with an orange heart at the center. Badoo also had a new tagline, “Bigger than dating,” alongside the rebranding.

Badoo Mobile App

I came across the app when it was already rebranded around 2017 because I became interested in how Badoo is tagged as the most popular and most downloaded online dating app. I found out that one of the reasons why it is widely popular is its reach and availability across different platforms and devices.

Badoo has a web application and mobile application versions so it can reach a wider number of people. The app is free to download in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Upon installation, the app it will prompt the user to complete the registration process to set up a profile on Badoo. But, if you already have an account, the app will ask you to sign in using your email address, phone number, or the connected Google account. 

Badoo: The Inclusive App

Like any other dating application, the user profile is vital because of the experience and features of the app that one can enjoy. From the start of my Badoo journey, I already fell in love with its inclusivity across the spectrum of genders in LGBTQIA+.

Find Out Which Dating App Has Been Downloaded The Most In The Last Few Years
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The first question of Badoo is one’s gender identity and note that it is not limited only to male or female options but all of the possible labels within the spectrum. People applaud this move of the app to be inclusive. There are more questions about gender identity to better understand the user’s preferences further.

Through the questions, I can set whether I want to show people that I am looking for men and/or women. There is also an option in the app to turn off how I identify myself on my app’s profile. Lastly, Badoo asks about intersex identity, trait, or experience; the users can decline the question if they deem it necessary.

After the questions on the identity, I provided the name that I wanted to appear on my profile. It can be your real name, nickname, or a pseudo-name, especially if you are still doubtful of Badoo’s security. It is a valid concern. However, it is also possible to connect a Facebook account to create a profile quickly.

Other Information For Badoo Profile

It is a basic principle of online dating apps to ask for personal information such as names, age, and birthday, which confirms whether a user is already of legal age to set up an account on Badoo and use it. If the users chose to register using Facebook, the app would use the same age and birthday used in the Facebook account.

The app allows its users to choose between using an email address or a phone number to sign up on Badoo. After providing the asked information, the users will be asked to grant permission to allow the app to use the mobile device’s location information and media files. 

The next step in creating a profile is uploading a photo from the gallery, Instagram, or Facebook. For starters, one image is enough to proceed with the next part, but if you want, the app allows up to six photos to be uploaded. Then, setting a password is required. Finally, the last step is by entering the city or town of the user and agreeing with the honesty pledge.

Badoo: The App That Promotes Authenticity

Alongside the honesty pledge, the app is committed to ensuring that all uses are true to who they are and what they want in the app. I find this interesting because it promotes individualism and authenticity within the app.

Find Out Which Dating App Has Been Downloaded The Most In The Last Few Years
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In completing the profile, several questions help the app filter the potential matches to have the best experience. It will be asking what I honestly want: to chat and meet new people, to date, seriously, to see what happens, or to make a long-term commitment.

More questions seek my true self like sexual orientation, relationship status, personal interests, creating a short bio, height, university; school attended, job title, company name, usual mood, star sign, and religion.

Those are just some of the surface-level questions, so to dig deeper about myself, the app asks whether I drink, smoke, want kids in the future, and many more. Badoo also requires the users to write a short bio to be added to the profile. Lastly, the app needs the users to verify themselves by following a pose on the photo shown. 

Tabs On Badoo App

There are four primary tabs on the Badoo app, which can be found at the bottom of the screen. This layout makes it easier for new uses to explore the features of the app. I can find the users who are nearby my current location through the first tab. 

I can filter the users shown by age range, sexuality, religion, language, height, star sign, education level, and all the other information asked to set up an account. I can scroll through the profile, but if I want to see the details, I will proceed with the second tab, which looks like cards.

The cards are swiped to the right if I like the person and swipe left if I do not like them – called Encounters. If the other person liked my card, then it is a match, and I will see the profile on the third tab, which lets us send messages to each other. The fourth tab holds the profile of the user, where we can update personal information and upload photos anytime. 

Badoo: The App That Has Great Premium Perks

Besides the authenticity that the app promotes, Badoo has so much to offer to the users. I find it amazing that Badoo uses the “freemium” model that lets the users create accounts for free, and there are just premium subscriptions or in-app purchases if they want to experience more perks.

Find Out Which Dating App Has Been Downloaded The Most In The Last Few Years
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To enjoy the app, Badoo offers a premium subscription plan for one month that costs $12.99, for three months which is $10.99/month or $31.99 in total, and for six months, that costs $8/month or $47.99 in total.

The premium subscription includes the following unique perks: know the uses who liked and added you as a favorite, go incognito with invisible mode, undo “No” or swipe left in Encounter, chat with popular guys, and get your messages read first. Also, you can raise your popularity, send gifts, and activate stickers.

The app also has an in-app currency called “Credits,” which lets you purchase “Super Powers,” or the feature that promotes and boosts your profile in local stacks or people nearby. You can buy 100 Credits for $2.99, 550 Credits for $9.99, 1250 Credits for $19.99, and 2750 for $39.99. 

Other Features Of The Badoo App

Another feature is the “People Nearby” that lets users see the profiles of those near the current location, and there is an additional “Bumped Into” feature. If the users do not want to focus on those nearby, they can freely search for anyone in different cities in the world. There is no limitation.

The application recently launched the video chat feature that lets matched users connect in real-time. They can see each other virtually through the application. This is one of the best features because the users can confirm the identity of their matches, which is an excellent move of the team to encourage users to be true.

Lastly, Badoo takes the safety and security of the users seriously. So, the team makes sure that all the users are verified. If the users find someone suspicious, they can easily flag the profile, and the team will review the profile and activity of the reported account. 


Badoo is an interesting online dating application that encourages users to be true and authentic on their online profile and activity. This goal helped the app be recognized as one of the most downloaded dating apps in the last few years.

The users can find profiles of the users who are nearby or even any city in the world. Like other dating apps, Badoo serves as a means of communication of the matched users. There are also other incredible perks on Badoo’s premium subscription.