If you have a lot of friends on social media like me, you may find managing your accounts overwhelming sometimes. I only see what’s on the surface, including the likes and top comments. When I discovered the Qmiran app, it took my social media usage to a whole new level.

Learning about the people who constantly respond to my posts is not just about boosting my dopamine but also knowing that I belong to a community that also appreciates the things that I like. I get to know who I can talk to about certain interests, food, hobbies, and places.


Social media has become an extension of my life as technology continues to expand opportunities for interaction. The Qmiran app helps me reflect on this part of my life. Read on to find out more about this app below.

  • The Meaning Behind Social Media Metrics
  • What to Track on Instagram and Facebook
  • Qmiran in a Nutshell
  • How to Install Qmiran for Android Devices
  • Understanding User Content on Qmiran
Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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The Meaning Behind Social Media Metrics

Social media metrics are monitored mostly by businesses and influencers to understand their audience, their content’s appeal, and what drives their progress. For regular social media users like me, metrics may also mean meaningful connections.

Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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I read a report that said likes, comments, and shares on social media activate the reward centers in our brains. While this may lead to digital addiction, the data also suggests that people could find social support, less loneliness, and improved life satisfaction as well as psychological well-being.


I find it easier to connect with friends online because my messages and their comments and responses arrive in real-time. With video options available on social media, I am not just seeing letters and emojis but also the facial expression, voices, and gestures of my friends.

This is why I choose to learn more about the circles I have online as their unique personalities reflect their preferences. Qmiran helps me track the type of content that my friends are fond of. Getting regular updates from them reminds me of our friendship and encourages me to nurture it.

Information Sharing on Social Media

Research shows that the likelihood of sharing information is influenced by the interface of a social media platform, data collected by the platform, and the psychology of seeking validation in a public domain.


With information sharing, we are disclosing our persona to our online community and shaping an impression of who we are. At the same time, we are discovering and interacting with other personas in our network.

Both online and face-to-face interactions can be healthy or not, but what Qmiran does is peel back layers of our personas and narrows the gap between them. The Qmiran app could be a powerful tool to create intimate communities and connect with them.

What to Track on Instagram and Facebook

The Qmiran app is created to track a user’s statistics on Instagram and Facebook, two of my favorite social media apps. I find Facebook to be highly interactive, especially when it comes to publishing posts with its different emojis for reactions as well as the sharing and the comment section.

Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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While Facebook allows me to see who changes their profile pictures on my feed, the Qmiran app provides me an overview so that I do not have to scroll or check my friends’ profiles one by one.

On the other hand, Instagram is popular for its heart ‘Like’ button. What I like most about Instagram is its Story feature because it can generate different themes and functions that invite reactions and engage viewers.

Since the app is packed with photos and updates, the Qmiran app gives me a brief report of the happenings on my feed.

Access Instagram and Facebook Today

Before you can use the Qmiran app, you must have the Instagram and Facebook apps already downloaded on your mobile phone.

To download the Instagram app, just head to the Google Play Store if you have an Android device or to the App Store if you are using an iPhone. Search for “Instagram” and press the button that starts the installation.

Facebook is also available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Make sure your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have iOS 11.0 or later. The version required for Android varies, but note that downloading Facebook is free.

Qmiran in a Nutshell

Qmiran is an app designed to generate statistics that define several areas in your social media usage, such as the responses to your posts and the activities of your friends.

Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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The Qmiran app basically tracks information shared by one’s connections, from the posting of photos to the changing of their usernames.

With Qmiran, I am able to view the statistics of my profile. I can unlock data on who and when friends have looked at my photos and other content.

My favorite feature is the ability of Qmiran to rank the photos according to likes and comments. This way, I get to understand the type of photos that can solicit appreciation, inspire action, and strengthen my connection with friends.

Friends or Foes

The Qmiran app allows me to check the content that my friends share on social networks. I get updates on who posts new photos, share their thoughts online, and celebrate the milestones in their lives.

My friends’ public activity connections are visible as well on the Qmiran app. It shows that the world is not as big as we think sometimes as I can discover other friends, activities, and interests that my friends and I share.

Of course, I understand that not everyone in your online circle could be your friend. When you have thousands of friends and followers, it’s hard to determine who your real friends are. The Qmiran app reports the accounts that block you or change your profile.

How to Install Qmiran for Android Devices

If you are curious about your most liked photo and what your friends are doing each day on social media, download the Qmiran app today.

Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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For Android users like me, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and type “Qmiran” in the search bar.

Once the name appears, make sure it is under the developer Software Knights S.L. Open the app and then hit “Install”.


To make sure that the Qmiran app will run on your device, your Android must be version 4.2 and up.

The app is free to download, but note that you may come across ads once you are using it already.

Understanding User Content on Qmiran

As a Qmiran user, I understand that my data, including my profile and activities, is accessible not only to my friends but also to the app. According to Qmiran, I am fully responsible for all User Content that I post or disclose as I use its services.

Qmiran - Learn How to Download
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User Content, as defined by Qmiran, is any means of communications, images, audio, and all material, data, and information that one, or others, posts or transmits through the app.

While they may not be able to monitor all inappropriate or illegal content or conduct, they can edit or remove any User Content when they are able to. Moreover, they state that they may monitor and store a user’s interaction with the app.

Qmiran reminds its users to be careful with posting ideas or information that they believe is delicate or confidential. Qmiran also encourages everyone to report users that are misusing its services, through the “Report Misuse” links or reaching out to Customer Service.

How Qmiran Uses Collected Data

Qmiran emphasizes that users may be required to accept updates to the Service and applications installed on their computer or mobile device. This also covers occasional updates of third-party software in order to receive the Service and play applications from them.

The types of information that the Qmiran app can access include the contents of all online communications. These are text conversations, voice communications, IP addresses, and personal information.

Qmiran also states that they may use my data to improve their services or in response to legal proceedings.


What I like most about the Qmiran app is its colorful, neatly arranged, and user-friendly interface. Its buttons and labels tell you the exact reports you can receive about your and your friends’ social media activities. I also get daily updates on what is happening on my feed so even if I’m busy, I won’t miss what my friends are up to and how my posts have appealed to my followers.

The Qmiran app generates numbers and notifications, but beyond these are a lot of realizations about my social media usage and friendships in general. Getting to know people and their responses to my content reduces the impact of distance on the quality of my relationships.