Ever since I was a kid, I am pretty curious about how things work in the kitchen. I grew up watching my mom preparing food for us, and she eventually taught me the basics of cooking. I relied on the basic skills and knowledge in cooking for years, but I wanted to learn more.

Even though I wanted to learn more about cooking, I do not have enough time, and I also wanted to study in the comfort of my home. It is a great thing I discovered the MasterClass mobile app. This educational app showcases video lessons of various topics discussed by the world’s best in the field.

Since I grabbed the chance to learn more about cooking, I had the opportunity to learn from Gordon Ramsey himself. Check out below how you can also learn from the best through the MasterClass app and how you can subscribe to all the features.

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Learn How Cook With The MasterClass App
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The MasterClass app started in 2015 to have an online platform dedicated to educating people across various fields and disciplines. It has become one of the most famous educational platforms since its release, with millions of people subscribing to its content.

Learn How Cook With The MasterClass App
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I discovered MasterClass when searching for an app to learn more about cooking, but the app has more to offer than that. The range of topics and fields is incredible. Users can learn about literature, writing, acting, screenplays, films, cooking, pastries, and others.

The application has no intended target users as they want everyone to have easy access to learning. MasterClass app contains short video content for each topic. Aside from that, they have only the best people in the field who serve as instructors on these video lessons.

One of the goals of MasterClass is to have an immersive learning experience from the stories, skills, knowledge, and wisdom shared by world-renowned individuals across various disciplines. In my case, no better person can teach me how to cook than Masterchef Gordon Ramsey.

MasterClass Mobile App

With the continuous rise in popularity and subscription, the MasterClass mobile app has been launched worldwide to reach more users and interested individuals. Whatever device you have, the app is compatible with it.

Also, the application is free to download on Google Play Store and the App Store. You can install it by searching “MasterClass: Learn from the best.” The MasterClass app will prompt you to sign in using your email if you have an account already.

The video content in the app is not only limited to the mobile application alone. You can also access and enjoy the content using your smart televisions or Apple TV. The app is true to its commitment to let people learn in the comforts of their homes and devices.

Subscribing To MasterClass

Upon installing, the application will ask you to sign in if you have an existing account. But, if you do not have one, you must sign up using your email address or Facebook account. Some basic personal information will also be asked, such as your name, age, address, etc.

Learn How Cook With The MasterClass App
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One good thing that I like about the app is that I am not prompted to subscribe immediately to explore the MasterClass mobile app. This is because the app lets me navigate the contents and interface of the application and eventually helps me decide whether I will pay for the subscription.

The subscription for the MasterClass is billed yearly, and it costs $180. I know that is quite pricey; however, if you look into the content you can access, it is definitely worth the money. You are only paying $180 to learn from Gordon Ramsey and also from other famous instructors. 

When I subscribed, I was asked to fill in necessary details such as credit card details or other payment methods. The subscription can quickly be canceled through the app, but remember that the subscription is yearly. So, even if you did not finish the whole year, you still have to pay the amount.

Video Lessons On MasterClass

Once subscribed to the MasterClass app, you can access all the video lessons available on MasterClass. Yes, all of the video lessons. Of course, I started to search and look for the cooking class of Gordon Ramsey. At present, Gordon Ramsey has two classes uploaded on the app.

The two classes have a different number of video lessons depending on the content and the general topic of the course. The video lessons are generally short, spanning only around 10 to 15 minutes.

In my case, I learned the basics of cooking, preparing ingredients, and making restaurant recipes at home. This shows how practical the information I can get from the video lessons is that I can follow them even in my kitchen.

Perks Of MasterClass Subscription

It is already given that you can have access to all classes available on the application. But, what makes it more remarkable is that you can take and follow these classes for unlimited time. It means that you are not limited to taking just one class after your payment.

Learn How Cook With The MasterClass App
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No, for $180 a year, you can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsey, get the best techniques in creative writing from Margaret Atwood, learn about comedy from Judd Apatow, and many more. I quickly find the classes that I am interested in, in the bottom-right tab on the app.

Also, the contents are categorized into different sections, for example, Art & Entertainment, Business, Food, Music, Sports & Writing, etc. I find it beneficial to be a person with so many interests because I can gain so much from my subscription. The MasterClass app has the most prominent names across various fields as instructors in the online educational platform.

You can scroll through the list of most popular classes at present on the app’s home screen, usually from highly famous individuals. It is rare to find a place where Neil Degrasse-Tyson, Annie Leibovitz, Serena Williams, Neil Gaiman, Gordon Ramsey, and others are put together in one place. At first, I thought it was highly ambitious, but I would say it is worth it when I experienced it.

Quality Of MasterClass Video Lessons

With the popularity of online streaming platforms, the MasterClass app aims to stick to the video quality standards they produce. I find it striking to watch a video instruction in high definition.

The clarity of the video makes the video lesson more interesting, especially for the cooking classes. I needed to follow whatever Gordon Ramsey is doing. It is easier for me to catch up because of the excellent camera angles and transitions.

Other Perks Of MasterClass Subscription

The company behind the MasterClass app proves that they wanted the users to learn and follow the classes at their most convenient time and space. They provided features that are helpful for the users like me who are busy with other things.

Learn How Cook With The MasterClass App
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One great perk is that I can monitor my progress in the classes I take on the application. There is an automatic progress report on what classes I have finished and what classes I am currently taking. As someone who wishes to try many courses, I might find it hard to keep track of what I already accomplished.

I regularly check my progress on my profile as it also includes the video lesson I am on in a specific class. The app allows me to proceed immediately to the next video lesson on the course.

The app also allows you to watch the video lessons gradually or in one go. I tend to finish classes just like binge-watching a show because it helps me retain the information and concentrate on the main topic of the course. Lastly, there is an option where you can have a live chat with other users who are also currently taking the same class.

Saving Video Lessons On MasterClass App

Suppose you wish to watch the video lessons while you are on your way to work; there is no need to worry because it is possible in the MasterClass app. The app allows you to save video lessons on your phone or other devices you can access anytime or anywhere.

I find this so helpful because my internet connection has problems sometimes. So, I make sure to download the video lessons I want to watch. This is great for the cooking classes I take because I can repeat and rewind Gordon Ramsey’s information, tips, and reminders.

Lastly, saving video allows me to go back to the content I needed. For example, I planned to cook a restaurant recipe at my friend’s house. Thanks to the app, I can have the recipe saved on my phone wherever I go.


They say that learning is not confined to the four corners of the classroom, and this is proven true by the MasterClass app. The team provided its users’ unlimited access to knowledge and information even in the comfort of their homes with the help of technology via an online streaming platform.

Each class on the app has several video lessons designed carefully by the famous individuals who serve as instructors. Once subscribed to the app, you can enjoy amazing perks such as quality videos, saving the videos offline, chatting with other users, and many more.