We are in a time where video editing is an essential or necessary skill. But, thanks to the help of technology, we can get by and adapt to this need. There is high-end complex video editing software that is challenging to understand, and there are some that are easy but lack all the bells and whistles. 

But, there is an application with a complete toolset, and it is easy to navigate, and it is called PowerDirector. This application is famous for being user-friendly because you can trim, splice, add background music, sound effects, etc., with just a few finger taps.


Learn more about the features of PowerDirector and how you can download it. Also, check out how you can subscribe to its premium version. 

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Learn How To Download An Application That Can Improve The Quality Of Videos
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True to its vision to create software that is an all-in-one video editing tool and has a vast collection of video filters, effects, and others, CyberLink developed PowerDirector. It started as software that is available only on laptops or personal computers. 

Learn How To Download An Application That Can Improve The Quality Of Videos
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Initially, PowerDirector runs only on Windows and Mac devices which are designed for 64-bit devices. The company initially launched the software in 2005, and they continuously developed and improved the product and service.


Then, PowerDirector eventually had five official retail versions: Director Suite, Ultimate Suite, Ulta, Ultimate, and Deluxe. Due to the rise in popularity of the software and the smartphone technology emergence, the company decided to produce a mobile version. 

The mobile application has the same name, “PowerDirector,” and it was launched in 2014. The team tried to encapsulate all the tools and features of the computer software to make it accessible to a broader market. At present, the mobile app has recorded over a hundred million users worldwide.

PowerDirector Mobile App

As mentioned, PowerDirector is available for computers and laptops, but the company also launch it as a mobile application. You can download the mobile app for free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, just by searching “PowerDirector - Video Editor, Video Maker.”


Upon installing the application, you will be prompted to read and agree with the Privacy Policy of PowerDirector. Once you accept the privacy policy, the app will automatically optimize itself to run on your phone, providing you with the best experience. Lastly, PowerDirector will seek permission to access your media files, including your videos, photos, and music.

The permission to access the files also entails that you can save your projects or edited videos in your phone storage. PowerDirector does not require you to sign in to your account if you use the free version. But, if you have a subscription, sign in to your Cyberlink account to access the premium version on your device.

PowerDirector Tabs

There are millions of PowerDirector users, and one thing they can agree on is the high-tier user-friendly interface of the app. Even though there are a lot of things that you can do with the app, the tabs are clear and simple. The home screen of PowerDirector has several primary tabs and a helpful list in creating your project.

Learn How To Download An Application That Can Improve The Quality Of Videos
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When I was a beginner with PowerDirector or video editing, I did not worry because the app has a list of videos that can help me explore the features of PowerDirector. There is also a separate tab for Tutorials & Tips where we can find short video clips explaining the basics of video editing, how to use the tools, and other features of the app. 

If you completed the tutorials and think you are ready to start the project, proceed with the “New Project” button, leading you to a whole new screen. There will be many tools that can help you finish your video. After rendering the video, you can upload the project on your linked Google Drive account for storage and backup. 

You can also find other platforms on the home screen to upload your finished videos, such as Instagram and Youtube. Also, there is a tab that shows all your previous projects for reference. Lastly, PowerDirector understands that it is difficult to brainstorm a project, so they added a list of high-quality videos to get inspiration from. 

Customizing The Settings On PowerDirector

Since there are many editing tools in the app, PowerDirector lets the users set their preferences in the Setting tab on the home screen. The first category on the Settings tab is editing which focuses on the default image duration, image effect, transition duration, title duration, continue playback after seeking, and many more. 

You can also turn on the option to display the file name in the media library. For free account users, there is an option whether you want to unlock the premium content by showing video advertisements. 

Lastly, the app wants the users to be informed by providing a category to read the full version perks and features, frequently asked questions, and basic information about PowerDirector. 

PowerDirector Basic Editing Tools 

One of the key things that I love about PowerDirector as a video editing app is that it has many editing tools that are easy to use. Throughout the editing process, I use my fingers to create a cinematic video by tapping, sliding, and pinching the screen.

Learn How To Download An Application That Can Improve The Quality Of Videos
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Like any other video editing apps, I can trim and splice the video with a few simple taps. Rotating videos is also made accessible on the application. It is also possible to control the color, brightness, and saturation of the video with accuracy and precision. 

The drag and drop feature allows the users to apply different stunning effects and transitions. I do not have a hard time looking for the best impact and transition because of two reasons. The first one is I can do a trial and error. Once I chose an effect or transition, it only takes a few seconds to be applied in a preview.

The second reason is that there are hundreds of templates available on the application. Also, the Get Inspired list on the home screen helps. Adding photos and videos in one clip is made easy in PowerDirector using the multi-timeline, making it more convenient to monitor, check, and scroll through the added clips and photos.

Other Basic Editing Tools On PowerDirector

A video project will not be complete without the compelling sound and music embedded in the video clip. Like the other basic editing tools, the sound and music tool only requires a few simple taps and a few seconds to be embedded and applied to the current project. Users can also choose from the background music and sounds template.

If the video requires a voiceover, you can extract your voice recording file and use it for the video project. There is just a rule that the recordings must be made using the built-in recorder of your phone or device. 

One of the most time-consuming things in video editing is adding titles and captions to each frame. But, PowerDirector made the task less time-consuming as it is possible to add titles in just a few seconds after typing it. You have to ensure that the titles are in synch with your intended clip or frame. 

More PowerDirector Editing Tools 

PowerDirector has so much to offer to its uses; aside from the basic video editing tools, there are other more tools that professionals often use. They made these tools easy to use, even for beginners. 

Learn How To Download An Application That Can Improve The Quality Of Videos
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The newest addition on PowerDirector is the keyframe controls, which allow the users to adjust the transparency, position, rotation, and scale for pictures and masks. This is proof that PowerDirector is committed to making the app great by continuously improving the features and tools. 

Some other interesting and useful tools include the video stabilizer that fixes shaky-cam footage and a voice changer that users can play around with quirky audio effects. There is also a tool that lets you produce visually pleasing intros through the animated titles option. If you want to play with the speed adjustment tool, you create fast forward or slow motion projects.

Besides the video effects, filters, and transitions, PowerDirector also has amazing double exposure effects for the video project you are doing. Check out the video overlays and blending-modes tool. Lastly, you can replace any green screen background using its editor on chroma-key.

Subscribing On PowerDirector

The company provided an option for users to further enjoy the app’s features through its subscription plan. Even though the free version of the account has so many tools, you can access premium content in filters, transitions, titles, and video effects.

Also, you will have a key to use the stock media content that is normally for commercial use. You will have a library of music, stickers, photos, sounds, and stock video footage. Also, the experience with PowerDirector will be distraction-free as the advertisements will be removed once subscribed.

Most importantly, the video that you can produce can be rendered up to 4K quality and without the watermark of PowerDirector. The subscription can be availed in a monthly or yearly plan. The monthly plan costs $19.99, which is often discounted, and the annual plan is $69.99. You have the option to avail of the 30-day free trial period to try and explore the app first.


PowerDirector as a mobile application has the complexity of professional video editing software and has the simplicity of any mobile app for accessibility and convenience of the users. It is designed to have a high-quality video editing app available on the mobile devices of people.

The basic and complex tools used in video editing are available in the free version of the PowerDirector app. But, uses can avail of the subscription plan to enjoy unlimited access to premium contents on the app.