Famous US chef Thomas Keller, once said, “A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”. This could be why today more and more people like me try their hand in cooking and sharing their recipes via social media or other digital platforms.

Software technology also jumped on the bandwagon and we now have a few mobile apps to make cooking fun and easy. My favorite one is Cookpad, widely popular among home cooks who love to share thousands of recipes, exclusive ideas, and cooking experiences.


Available for both Android and iOS users, the Cookpad App hosts user-generated content to, as its tagline says, ‘Make everyday cooking fun!’ For those of us whose heart and soul reside in the kitchen, here is everything to know about Cookpad.

  • About the Cookpad App
  • Top Features on the Cookpad App
  • Culinary Networking Features
  • Save Recipes for Later
  • How to Download
  • How to Use the Cookpad App

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App

About the Cookpad App

Cookpad App is a mobile application developed by Cookpad Inc., a food tech company founded in 1997. Cookpad is one of the largest recipe sharing platforms and fosters inspiration for individuals who wish to try delicious cuisines at home.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App
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Regarded as one of the most user-friendly apps, it provides a community experience by allowing users to share and find cooking inspiration every day. More than 100 engineers, designers, and project managers manage the behind-the-scenes of the app and company to let users relish updated features.

The Cookpad Mission

The significant notion behind the development of the Cookpad App is that cooking brings happiness and health among people, the community, and the planet. Cookpad is available and diversified for more than 70 countries around the world and has shared around 5.5 million recipes and counting.

Believing in this fact, the founders of Cookpad Inc. created Cookpad App for Android and iOS to make cooking fun and creative.


Whether you desire to find or share the deliciousness of exotic dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, delights of desserts, or freshness of beverages, Cookpad is a one-stop destination to turn desire into reality.

Top Features on the Cookpad App

Cookpad, the world’s largest community for home cooks, is a tried and tested application so that cooking enthusiasts, especially learners, can take the right step towards their cooking experience.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App

Cookpad entices a cooking fanatic like me by its availability of a diverse collection of recipes from all over the world. The approximate number of recipes shared on the platform as far as 5.5 million. Astonishingly, there are more than 11,000 recipes to cook french toast itself.

Moreover, users can also browse the recipes by altering the filters as per their specific preferences in terms of ingredients, holiday dishes, seasonal specials, location, and more.

Available in Over 30 Languages

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Cookpad is quite a handy application for home cooks.

The presence of the platform in more than 30 languages is proof that it makes the experience fun and convenient for users.

In short, cooks from different regions and cultures can access the app as a one-stop spot to fulfill their cooking goals.

Culinary Networking Features

Cookpad is not merely a platform to glance at the desired recipes, but users can also create and publish their recipes on Cookpad. Once published, the app also allows me to share my published recipes with friends and followers on social media.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App
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To get the recipe of taste, the app lets users follow their favorite authors. All it takes to click the ‘Follow’ button next to the author’s name under the introduction of their recipes. Once followed, users can see check-out the latest news and recipes by authors on their wall and put them into practice.

There will be a little heart at the bottom of each recipe, clicking on which means that users have liked the post. One can always like a recipe of their favorite authors or other home cooks in the community to encourage the trend of cooking.

There is a trending section in the app which helps authors to know if someone has cooked their recipe.

Connect with Others

Cookpad is deployed with a built-in chat feature, thus allowing home cooks to connect with each other in the community.

I can create a group and chat with the favorite authors that I have followed. The private chat option can also be used to ask questions or share the cooked recipes with authors.

Additionally, users can also invite their family members or friends to join in and be a part of the day-to-day cooking at Cookpad.

Save Recipes for Later

In case I come across an incredible recipe on my favorite author's wall but I'm not ready to prepare right then, Cookpad also provides the option to save it for later use.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App
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For this, click on the bookmark icon that is in the lower center of the wall.

The color of the bookmark icon, if changes to orange, indicates that the favorite recipe has been stored.

Cost of the Cookpad App

Cookpad app is free to download on both Google Store and App Store. However, in-app purchases are available to make use of advanced features of the application.

The cost to attain the premium service is $2.99 per month. During the end of the subscription, the account will automatically charge for renewal before 24 hours. Auto-renewal can be turned off in Google or iTunes account settings after purchase.

How to Download

Cookpad - Create Your Own Recipe is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App
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To download the app on an Android mobile phone, open the Google Play Store. Fill in the name of the app in the search bar, and select the correct search result to go to its app page.

From there, click on ‘Install’ to begin downloading to your device. After a couple of minutes, the app will be fully installed onto your device.

You can then launch it from the app store by pressing ‘Open’ or from your app screen on your device.

Download for iOS Devices

Cookpad can also be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (12.0 or later). Open the App Store and search for ‘Cookpad’ in the application's search tab at the top of the page.

Select the correct search results and once on the app's page, click on the ‘Get’ button and confirm the installation by entering a passcode or Touch ID. Once installed, the app will appear on the home screen. Launch the app to begin setting up an account and sharing recipes.

In-app purchases are included on Cookpad, so ensure you confirm the necessary permission request when the app is downloading to your device.

How to Use the Cookpad App

To begin using Cookpad, start by signing up or logging in via email ID or your Facebook ID. After creating a profile, you can begin using all the features.

Learn How to Make Recipes with the Cookpad App

Start writing a recipe of your own by clicking on the ‘Create Recipe’ button. The steps required in order to publish the recipe include adding a picture of the dish, writing the description, mentioning the time of preparation, ingredients used, and method.

You can even go one step further and add pictures of each particular step. In addition, users can also customize their profile by inviting family members and friends and by following their favorite authors.

Every home cook on Cookpad wishes their recipe to trend on the app. Here are a few tips on how to write a good, shareable recipe.

Tips for Posting a Great Recipe

Firstly, make sure you have a short, precise, and clear title. This will make it easy for your recipe to be found in searches, and users will know exactly what they're getting when they make it.

Within the recipe itself, make sure you use precise measurements when detailing quantities of ingredients. The more precise, the more likely it is that the recipe will turn out how it was intended, and people will be pleased with the result.

Ensuring proper spelling is also important. When it comes to brand names or even just the names of the ingredients themselves, some ingredients may be foreign to a home cook from another country, and if it's spelled correctly it's easy to Google it or to shop for the items. Avoid using short forms or acronyms, emojis, and unnecessary punctuation in the recipe.

In a Nutshell

Cooking is an art and entails a lot of creativity. Software apps like Cookpad not only make cooking easy but also fun with the option to seek and share several recipes.

The best part about Cookpad is the extensive features that bring the joy of ease while creating and sharing the recipes. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the Cookpad app is one of the essential kitchen companions for any cooking enthusiasts’ routine.

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