Sometimes there are websites that I want to access, but they are regionally locked. Some people might view this as a roadblock, but there are tools you can use to circumvent this issue. The blocked websites can be accessed and opened using a VPN.

One of my trusted apps is the MaxSpeed VPN app because it offers free and unlimited bandwidth VPN clients for Android devices. It also provides safe and fast performance.


Check out more about the MaxSpeed app and its features in this article. Learn how to download the app on your phone.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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Introducing the MaxSpeed VPN App

It is common to encounter issues with websites being blocked in specific places or regions. For whatever reason, people cannot access these sites or even apps as they are regionally locked. Sometimes, the network provider is the one blocking the sites.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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The best solution for this problem is a VPN, which is available for computers and mobile devices. Since I stick with my phone most of the time, I looked for a reliable VPN app. Then, I discovered the MaxSpeed app through an online advertisement.


It describes itself as a free and unlimited bandwidth VPN tool for everyone. Moreover, it claims that it offers the best security while using a VPN. MaxSpeed VPN users can expect a fast and secure app and mobile device performance.

MaxSpeed VPN allows us to easily and freely unblock and open any blocked apps and websites. The app mentioned that I could access its features anytime and anywhere with just one click.

Downloading the MaxSpeed VPN App

It has been months since I started using the MaxSpeed VPN app, and I have proven its reliability. At first, I was hesitant to install any VPN app as I thought may compromise my online security. However, the MaxSpeed VPN app assures me that it is safe and reliable.


Gifthink Apps launched the MaxSpeed VPN app in February 2020 for Android devices. The MaxSpeed VPN app is only available to download from the Google Play Store.

The app is free to install because in-app purchase items and premium subscriptions are available. MaxSpeed VPN is compatible with devices that operate on Android OS 4.2 and up.

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Checking MaxSpeed VPN’s Privacy Policy

My major concern about installing a VPN app is a potential online security threat, including breaches of personal data. Before installing the MaxSpeed VPN app, I checked its Privacy Policy first.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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It is stated in the Privacy Policy that once I install the app, I automatically agree to the collection and use of the information gathered. The personal information collected will solely be used for providing and improving the app’s services and features.

The MaxSpeed VPN app promises not to use or share any information with anyone except some third-party service providers. However, the team ensures that the information shared will be used for performing service-related tasks and analyzing how the service was used.

The team vows that they value the trust that users give them with their personal information. Thus, they are working hard to use commercially acceptable means to protect the collected personal information, which usually covers log data and caches.

Granting Permissions to MaxSpeed VPN

Before installing the app, I also learned about the permissions that it asks for to run smoothly on my mobile device. MaxSpeed VPN wants to access my approximate location (network-based).

It also needs to read and modify files on the local storage, including photos, videos, and other media files. The app needs to view the Wi-Fi connection information as the service of MaxSpeed VPN will only be available online.

In addition, the MaxSpeed VPN app wants to do the following: receive data from the internet, view network connections, have full network access, run at startup, and prevent the mobile device from sleeping.

Setting Up the MaxSpeed VPN App

MaxSpeed VPN welcomed me with a quick overview of its features when I installed the app. It mentioned that it is a VPN master because I can connect faster with the best servers. Moreover, I learned I do not have to create an account to use the app.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
Image Source: Tech Times

Then, I need to click the “Get Started” to enjoy the MaxSpeed VPN app. The MaxSpeed VPN app asked me to tap on the “Connect” button at the center of the Home page. There was a pop-up dialogue for the app’s connection request.

The dialogue explains that the MaxSpeed VPN app wants to set up a VPN connection on my mobile device. If I agree to the requisition, the VPN connection can monitor network traffic, so it is best if I only accept if I trust the source.

A “key” icon will appear at the top of the screen to indicate that the VPN is active.

Exploring the MaxSpeed VPN App

After setting up the MaxSpeed VPN, I can now explore its features. Interestingly, the app has a minimalist, dark, yet strong user interface. I liked that the main service of MaxSpeed VPN is located at the center of its Home page.

As mentioned earlier, I can connect to any VPN server with just a single tap. The “Connect” button is there is the center of the screen. Below the button, the app displays my current location as accessed by the app.

There is also the “Select Server” feature, which I can use to manually select my preferred server or location. The app also has a menu section with the Rate App and Settings menu options.

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Connecting to Another Server on MaxSpeed VPN

I liked that the MaxSpeed VPN made the process of connecting to a VPN server extremely easy and convenient. I only need to tap the “Connect” button once, and it will automatically look for available servers.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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The app automatically searches for servers where I can connect, regardless of the server’s location. Based on observation, it chooses the server with which there will be the strongest connection possible.

I can see the process of connecting to a VPN server on my phone’s notification bar. It displays the progress of whether the app is authenticating with the server or ensuring a strong and stable connection with the server.

Once the connection is successful, the app shows the server I am currently connected to. Moreover, the “key” icon will also appear at the top of the screen. If the icon disappears, then the connection is lost.

Setting the Location on MaxSpeed VPN

Even though I permitted the MaxSpeed VPN app to automatically access my location, there are times that it cannot accurately determine it. As such, I have to manually set up or indicate my location on the app.

It is important for the app to access my location because it determines the blocked apps and websites in my current location or region. Then, the MaxSpeed VPN app can look for servers in other regions accordingly.

Selecting a Server on the MaxSpeed VPN App

The MaxSpeed VPN app automatically connects me to a random server so I can have a stable connection. Most of the time, I just use whatever the app connects me to as long as it can unblock the websites I would like to access.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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There are instances when the chosen server in another location still has the websites and apps blocked. In these instances, I must manually select the server I wish to connect to by tapping on the “Select Server” button.

The app will then display the available servers in a different location. I just have to click on the server I want and go back to the Home page to tap on the “Connect” button.

Unblocking All Restricted Sites Through MaxSpeed VPN

The MaxSpeed VPN app supports connecting to VPN servers that help me unblock and access websites and apps. It is now possible for me to check the websites that I cannot usually open as they are regionally locked.

Moreover, MaxSpeed VPN lets me bypass any restrictions set by any public, school, company, or university Wi-Fi. Even if I connect to school Wi-Fi with restricted sites, I can access them freely and safely.

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Using Different Network Connections for MaxSpeed VPN

Since the app requires an internet connection to connect to another server, I always have to ensure that I can find a Wi-Fi connection wherever I go. One thing I liked about the app is that it supports using a mobile network connection.

MaxSpeed App - Protect Phone's Security and Privacy
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Even if I cannot find a stable Wi-Fi connection, I can rely on my mobile network.

The team mentioned that the app works well with 4G, 3G, and other network connections. They still continuously upgrade their compatibility as the network connections evolve as well.

Using the MaxSpeed VPN Anywhere

Aside from its fast and secure features, MaxSpeed VPN proves its accessibility. I can connect to another server anytime and anywhere because it supports different network connections.

Unlike other VPN apps, the app is not limited to Wi-Fi connections only. Interestingly, the team wanted people to access VPN servers wherever we go—shopping malls, hospitals, airports, coffee shops, public bus stations, schools, and many more.

I do not have to worry about whether I can access the sites I want to open even if I am outside because of MaxSpeed VPN’s accessibility.


The MaxSpeed VPN app offers a free and unlimited bandwidth VPN client service. Users can enjoy the feature anytime and anywhere as the MaxSpeed VPN app supports various types of network connections aside from Wi-Fi connections.