When I’m walking in nature or even visiting friends with gardens full of plants, I always want to know more about the plants. When I look at a plant, I want to see whether it is indigenous, what is its common and botanical name, and all the features of the plant. 

I’ve now discovered an app that gives me most of the answers to all my questions. The NatureID app provides me with all the information needed, and it is only one click away. If you are a nature lover and always on the lookout for interesting plants when hiking in nature or visiting your friends, this app will bring you great joy. 


For a reasonable subscription, you have access to all the app’s features. To find out more about the app and my experience with it, read on. I’ll discuss the following:

  • The App Is My Personal Botany Expert
  • Excellent Plant Identification And Other Features
  • The App Evolved From A Plant Blog Into A Plant And Tree Expert
  • Easy And Quick Downloading And Reasonable Subscription Fee
  • As A Family, We Enjoy The App And Find It Very Informative
NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
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The App Is My Personal Botany Expert

I find it very easy to use the app. When I see a plant that I want to know more about, I focus my mobile camera on the object and take a picture. Like a personal botany expert, the app provides me with answers to all my questions. I can get the name and a description of the plant immediately. 

NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
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I choose to either look at the results on my mobile and then delete the data or add the plant's information to ‘My Yard’ on the app. I can, at any stage, search for the information again and use it when needed. It is a plant encyclopedia in my pocket 24/7. 


Share With Your Connections

When I want to show off the new flowers in my garden, I can also use the photos in ‘My Yard’ on the app to send to my friends. 

I often impress my friends by adding interesting information regarding the plant, flower, or tree in the photo – information I’ve got from the NatureID app.

Excellent Plant Identification And Other Features

The NatureID app helps me to identify the plants I want to know more about. The identifier recognizes more than 10,000 different plants. I’ve found that the app is more than 95% accurate. And in many instances, the incorrect identification has resulted from a bad photo taken from my side.  

NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
Image Source: Stockslagers

The recognition algorithm the app uses has, over time, been significantly improved to provide all the users with very precise and accurate plant identification. The app can identify a plant from the photo that I take of the plant. 

I can take a photo of a leaf, a flower or a tree. The better the specimen and the photo, the easier the app can find the right information. If I know the name of the plant and want to read more about it or view some pictures of it, I can find the plant through an easy search process. 

The app also gives me the name of the plant species if I type in the name of the plant. And what I like a lot is that the app is very clear with a beautiful interface.

Receiving Healthy Information 

The app allows me to look after my plants much better than in the past. It provides me with information regarding how much water, light, and fertilizer every plant needs. 

My plants stay much healthier now. NatureID gives me answers to virtually all my questions regarding my plants. 

The App Evolved From A Plant Blog Into A Plant And Tree Expert

I’m told that the app’s initial goal was to provide accurate flora and tree identification, with a blog for plant enthusiasts to share their experiences and ask their questions. Nowadays, however, it can do much more. It evolved both on the technology and the information side. 

NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
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Apart from the extensive plant database with information, the app also offers plenty of entertaining and useful articles about plants. If my plants contract any disease, I always use my app to diagnose the plant with the app’s disease identifier. I don’t need a garden and plant care expert anymore to know what’s wrong with my plants. 

I take photos of the disease on the plant with my mobile device, and the app’s disease identifier gives me detailed descriptions of the disease. It also provides me with information on how to treat the disease and gives me prevention recommendations.

NatureID is now an excellent hobbyist tool with a striking mix of technology and nature. The plant identification feature reveals the secret of a tree by its leaf. It also helps me recognize all the mysterious seedlings in my garden and saves me from pulling a flower out by mistake. And when I travel, I keep a record of all the unknown plants I encounter.

The App Keeps My Plant Care Diary And Give Me Reminders

Since I have the app on my mobile, I’ve never forgotten to water my garden plants or indoor plants. The best part is that I don’t have to try and keep all the dates and times in my head. I can set the NatureID app to remind me of all my “garden duties.”  

I never have to worry again that I will forget to water all my plants at the right time or skip misting or feeding the plants. I’ve set reminders on the app for all these aspects, including reminding me to rotate the plants. 

When I plant new plants in my garden, I add the names of the plants into the app and add them to the schedules.

Easy And Quick Downloading And Reasonable Subscription Fee

I downloaded and installed the NatureID app directly on my Android phone via the Google Play Store. I clicked on the Google Play Store icon on my phone, and when the store had opened, I searched for the NatureID app. 

NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
Image Source: Gardening Bank

I clicked on the name, and the app downloaded. Suppose you want to use a browser to download to an Android device; you have to visit the Google Play Store and install from there. My wife uses an iPhone, and she has downloaded the app on her phone also directly from the Apple App Store. 

She clicked on the App Store’s icon – the white “A” on the phone’s screen, and when the store had opened, she just searched for the app and clicked on it to download it. 

If you have an iOS device you want to download via a browser, you can do it by going to the Apple App Store’s site

Weekly Subscription 

I must remind you that a subscription is payable. Since I’ve subscribed to NatureID Premium, I have unlimited access to all the app’s features. The subscription is billed weekly, monthly, or annually. 

As A Family, We Enjoy The App And Find It Very Informative

As a family, we are using the app beyond its “official” spectrum. We’ve started our own family quiz. This game makes us very environmentally conscious. 

NatureID App - Identify Plants With A Tap Of A Finger
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As my wife and children are also keen plants and tree enthusiasts, we use the NatureID app to frequently play this game we’ve developed. We test each other's knowledge about different plants and species in the game, using the app as our reference source. 

I’m also experiencing that my children play fewer games on their mobiles and don’t chat with their friends when we are in a park or nature spot. They take photos and load them into the app to get more plants on their My Yard for our future games.  

Schoolwork And Speech Preparation – Use The App As Encyclopedia

My children also have an advantage at school in the science classes when plants and trees are being discussed. They often offer information from the app that has been unknown to others. When they have to do a school task regarding garden plants, house plants, or plants in the wild, they use the NatureID app to source information. 

I’m a member of our neighborhood’s gardening club, and before I had the app, I’ve always stressed out when it was my turn to give a short speech about a plant or tree of my choice. 

I now prepare my whole speech in less than 30 minutes with the information on the NatureID app. It used to take me hours searching the internet for information to use in my speech before I acquired the app.

A Last Thought And Recommendation

NatureID mixes technology and nature expertly and is an excellent hobbyist tool. The app’s plant identification has revealed the secret of trees to me by only taking a photo of the leaves of the tree. I also keep my garden and house plants healthy with the tips and reminders from the app.

I recommend that if you are a nature and plant enthusiast, you should get the NatureID app, use the plant identification feature, and start to become a true nature expert today. Everything you need is one tap away.