Growing up, I loved playing dress-up with my childhood friends because we wanted to try different costumes of our favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. It also allowed us to show our creativity in creating our outfits with the things that can only be found at home.

Even today, I still love playing dress-up games on my mobile device. One of my favorite games is the Pinky Girl app, which lets me match my style with my character’s style while creating an original story.


Check out the Pinky Girl app and its features below. Learn how I fell in love with this dress-up game for its content and features. Discover why I spend hours playing the game and how to install the Pinky Girl app on your phone.

  • Introducing the Pinky Girl App
  • Starting With the Pinky Girl App
  • Exploring the Pinky Girl App
  • Dressing-Up My Character
  • Dressing to Impress on the Pinky Girl App
  • Making Friends on the Pinky Girl App

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

Introducing the Pinky Girl App

When I was a kid, I vividly remember playing dress-up with my childhood friends. We had our dolls to dress or ourselves to make it more fun and exciting. I remember we spent hours thinking about what to wear to follow our decided theme.


Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

It is still clear to me how each of us has our unique style in fashion and dressing up, which shows our personality. This fun memory turned into a hobby that I still have even as I have grown up because I kept looking for ways that I could play dress-up again.

Luckily, I discovered an exciting app that lets me dress up a character—Pinky Girl. The Pinky Girl app allows me to showcase my creativity and personal style when dressing up my app’s character or avatar.


In addition, the Pinky Girl app has exciting features, wherein I can make friends with people with the same interest and passions. I like that it brings out our child-at-heart because I can create my room for my character and write an original fairytale-like story.

Downloading the Pinky Girl App

HK Wecut International Ltd. understands that many people long for childhood memories that bring smiles to our faces. The Pinky Girl app allows us to be kids again and experience the joy of playing dress-up.

The company released the Pinky Girl app in April 2021 to make people be children again. The Pinky Girl app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Installing Pinky Girl is free, but in-app purchase items are available.

The Pinky Girl app requires AndroidOS 7.0 and up and iOS 11.0 or later for mobile devices to run smoothly for a better user experience.

Starting With the Pinky Girl App

The Pinky Girl app welcomed me with its Privacy Policy and User Agreement. According to the app, it values my privacy and the security of my personal information. Thus, it asked me to read the Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

Once I finished reading and agreeing, the Pinky Girl app asked me to create an account. The app supports signing up by using my Facebook or Google account. However, Pinky Girl allows me to proceed without signing in or registering.

I only need to tap the “Guest Mode Login” on the screen's upper-right corner. The disadvantage of the guest mode is that the Pinky Girl app only saves my progress or profile in local files storage. When I delete the app, all the data will be deleted.

Hence, I cannot reaccess my progress, unlike if I have an account. I can use multiple devices and sync my progress to my profile by creating an account on the Pinky Girl app. The Pinky Girl app recommends using my Facebook or Google account to bind my app’s profile.

Choosing a Look for My Character

Like when I was a kid, I had the chance to choose which doll I would like to buy and use in playing with my friends. However, I have more options this time as the Pinky Girl app allows me to pick the character look that I like.

There are five options to choose from, which differ significantly in style and looks. In addition, there is a character that is like a high school student.

All the characters are unique, making it more enjoyable because I could choose one solely based on my wants. The characters are different in terms of their hairstyle, outfit, facial expression, etc.

Exploring the Pinky Girl App

Upon choosing a character at the start, the Pinky Girl app provided a guide on its content and features. It also prompted me to explore the things I can enjoy on the app. The Pinky Girl app struck me with its stunning user interface, which is very child-like.

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

The Pinky Girl app has five primary tabs: Home, Fairyland, Post, Message, and Shop.

The Home tab lets me see all the things I can do with my character, focusing on dressing up and designing my room.

Playing the Fairyland on the Pinky Girl App

The Fairyland tab contains all the mini-games within the Pinky Girl app. There is a story challenge, which is like an adventure. I like that the challenge in this mini-game is to dress up my character based on the theme or place.

It is a challenge because I need to ensure that I meet each level's requirements or assigned theme. Once I finish a level, the app rewards me with new outfits or accessories that I may use in the following levels.

Dressing-Up My Character on the Pinky Girl App

I need to tap on the “Dress up” button to open my “closet” and check the available outfits and accessories. The app reveals everything I can mix and match to find the best look for my character based only on the available items.

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

The outfits and accessories are properly grouped into suits, tops, coats, skirts, jeans, shorts, socks, shoes, headbands, earrings, bags, and other accessories. It feels like I am dressing myself up on the Pinky Girl app.

If I tap on a category, the app shows me all my unlocked options, meaning I have to unlock other accessories using the in-app currency. However, most small accessories are free, such as earrings, rings, and headbands.

It is like trial and error on the Pinky Girl app. I only need to tap on my desired item, and the app will automatically display them to see how it looks with my character and if it fits the overall look or follows my supposed theme.

Altering My Character’s Facial Features on the Pinky Girl App

One of the most interesting features of the Pinky Girl app is that it allows users to customize the physical appearance of our characters. We are not limited by what the Pinky Girl app provides as options at the start of the game.

It is possible to alter the character’s eyes, facial structure, hairstyle, and hair color. I like experimenting with this feature because it puts me in control of what my character will look like.

This is also ideal as I can alter the physical attributes of the character based on my decided outfit theme and vice versa.

Dressing to Impress on the Pinky Girl App

My favorite mini-game on the Pinky Girl app is the Dress Match. It is a challenge with other users, wherein we dress our characters the best we can. The Dress Match is said to be a weekly event on the Pinky Girl app.

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

It is a competition to show off the matching skills of the users. The rewards of this game are better compared to the Fairyland. However, I also need to impress other users to win the weekly competition.

I only need to make sure to be online on the Pinky Girl app moments before the weekly competition to enter.

Posting My Characters’ Outfits

The Pinky Girl app wants users to share their creativity with the world. Thus, it allows us to publish or post the outfits we made for our characters. It is like a social media platform but for the Pinky Girl app’s characters or avatars.

Interestingly, I can also see the other users’ posts. I spend time checking the work of other users to find inspirations for the next outfit of my characters. I do this in real life as I look for fashion inspirations and ideas from celebrities and artists.

It is ideal for posting outfits with a hashtag to make them more visible to other users.

Making Friends on the Pinky Girl App

Even if I am an adult, I can still find new friends through the Pinky Girl app by playing dress-up with them. The Pinky Girl app aims to create a community among users who share the same interest.

Pinky Girl App: Dress Up and Make Friends

I can follow them on the app when I find their characters’ outfits interesting. I can also join a clan or family on the app. With this, the members of a family can play mini-games together.

The Pinky Girl app also supports sending messages to our newly-met friends. There is the message or chat feature, wherein we are free to share our day-to-day characters’ outfits.

Shopping Outfits for My Character on the Pinky Girl App

The Pinky Girl app has an in-game currency used to buy outfits and accessories for my character. I have to play the mini-games to collect currency. However, I can simply buy the currency with real money.

If I want an outfit badly, I will buy bundles of a new outfit or the in-game currency. The in-game items' price range from $0.99 to $59.99


The Pinky Girl app brings a twist to the classic dress-up game by making it online, fun, and competitive. I can freely choose the outfits for my character and play mini-games to collect items and in-game currency.

Check out this mobile game today and start showing your style!