I, for one, love to travel, and I assume that you can relate! Who doesn’t like to travel? The experience of roaming around the globe with my loved ones or on my own is amazing! But my perfect travel experience can quickly go down the drain if I do not plan properly and if I do not have access to the right information. 

TripIt Travel Planner is a great application built to assist frequent and occasional travelers in staying one step ahead of their travel plans. 

This app is a dream come true for travelers like me, as TripIt provides real-time alerts and helps visualize the required information. In the below article, I will delve deeper into the functions of the TripIt application by looking at:

  • What Is The TripIt Travel Planner?
  • Other Features Included In The Free Version Of TripIt
  • Additional Interactive Premium Features
  • How Much Does The TripIt App Cost
  • Some Great Features Of TripIt Teams
  • How To Use The TripIt Travel Planner
Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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What Is The TripIt Travel Planner?

TripIt Travel Planner collects all my travel plans, details, and information and delivers it to me on my phone. This way, I get access to everything I need all in one place. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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In using this application, I can manage and track my plans, as TripIt has the functions to provide real-time alerts. TripIt is a unique application because it takes the initiative to send alerts, reminders and suggest changes for the best travel experience.

Developed by Concur, TripIt has a free and premium version, with the latter having more extensive and smart features to further improve my travel itinerary. 

The Best Free Features Of TripIt Travel Planner

Except for booking, TripIt takes care of the majority of my travel itineraries. The moment I book a flight, hotel, and cab, I need to feed this information into the application by sending the details to Plans@tripit.com

All my plans are then accessible and visible on my mobile phone. All the relevant information is sent to my inbox before the actual travel time. I like the application because it shares information about the current restrictions and entrance requirements for the location that I am traveling to. 

I can also use the application to store digital copies of my travel documents, QR codes, and other PDFs. Additionally, I get access to a travel navigator on my phone that helps me get from one point to another as quickly as possible. 

Other Features Included In The Free Version Of TripIt

While I am in the airport, the application will show the airport maps to help me get around the terminals. It also helps me find good and cozy places to stay nearby my location when required. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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Neighborhood safety is one of the best things that I like about the TripIt Travel Planner. It is especially important for people traveling alone to know everything about their destination beforehand. 

Finally, the TripIt Planner syncs with my calendar, and I can also send the travel information to another person, friend, colleague, or family member. I can share the information via text or email from the application. 

Features Of The Premium Version Of TripIt Travel Planner

Here is where things get interesting! The premium version of TripIt helps me with my travel plans, but it provides me with even more detailed information about my travel itinerary. The app provides me with more information about the location that I am in to ensure a smooth trip.

Starting with the seat and fare tracker, the application informs me when a seat is available or when the fare of my flight decreases, even if I have already booked the flight. Another great feature is the 24-hour reminder that the application sends me to ensure that I do not miss my trip. 

Before leaving for the airport, I also receive all the information about my flight. The application will also include alternative flight options. Before my trip, the app will send a “Go Now” messages to ensure that I reach the airport on time. 

Additional Interactive Premium Features

TripIt provides walking directions to me when in the airport to reach the terminal without getting lost. It will also let me know what the expected wait time is at the security checkpoint. If you want to move through the line quickly, you should sign up for the CLEAR membership. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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When I board the flight, the application lets me know the status and location of my connecting flight terminal at the next airport. The application also sends me information about the baggage reclaim before I land for a smooth entry and exit. 

With TripIt, I also get all the information about my rental cab and hotel along with the best route to take to reach my destination in no time. Such features are great for business travelers who are always short on time. 

Benefits Of Using The TripIt Travel Planner

Knowing the features, you might have realized that the TripIt Travel Planner is not just another app. It is an advanced travel planner with incredible and smart features that are added to help you enjoy a hassle-free trip. 

When traveling with family and kids, things tend to get a bit messy. In a situation where you cannot skip a beat, delays in reaching the airport can lead to several problems with missing the flight as the worst-case scenario. 

By using TripIt, you can say goodbye to all the problems and enjoy a fantastic experience as the application will help you prepare everything on time and organize your travel itinerary like a personal travel manager. 

How Much Does The TripIt App Cost

As you might have read before, there are two versions of the application, the Free version and a Premium or TripIt Pro version. The latter will cost $49/year, which seems like a nominal cost and only required for frequent travelers or people who travel for business. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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For occasional and once-in-the-blue-moon vacation goers, the free version will suffice. However, the Pro version of the application is amazing. Not only will you get access to advanced features, but you will find using the Pro version quite rewarding. 

This is because the Pro version takes your travel-related headache away. These headaches might include reaching the airport, finding the terminal, getting flight information, claiming baggage, exiting the airport, fare information, and whatnot. 

There’s Another Version – TripIt Teams

Group traveling is even more hectic than solo or family trips. One person might go missing in the process, and we really need to do everything to ensure that it doesn’t happen. TripIt Teams simplifies teams to travel with innovative features and functions. 

Starting with the ability to create detailed and exclusive travel itineraries for every traveler so that even if I am bringing people from different locations along, I still have all the information on my mobile device. 

With this version, I am always in control of the travelers and their travel itineraries while collaborating their travel plans with my calendar and getting timely reminders. Also, the application will let me track the team spendings and create reports for the same. 

Some Great Features Of TripIt Teams

One of the best things about the TripIt Teams is the amazing dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of the travelers in the team and their travel plans. So, there is no need to collect papers for every little detail. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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Moreover, I can share the location of travelers with other travelers and organize them better, especially if I want to bring them together in one place. Lastly, the TripIt Teams has seamless integration with TripIt and TripIt Pro, so the travelers can also use the individual features. 

How To Download The Application?

Downloading TripIt is super easy, provided you have access to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone. For Android phones, ensure that you have logged in with your Gmail ID in the Google Play Store. 

Once done, search for TripIt, or you can also visit the website’s download page and click on the Google Play link to start downloading the application. 

For Apple phones, log in with your Apple ID in the App Store and search for TripIt, followed by clicking on the Get button. With Apple devices, you can also click on the App Store or Mac App Store link from the App download page on their website. 

How To Use The TripIt Travel Planner

One thing that I particularly love about the TripIt app is its intuitive UI and ease of use. The application is built to make the life of the traveler easier. 

Plan Everything For A Trip In One App - Learn How To Download TripIt
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But to ensure that your trip is smooth, let me teach you some valuable tricks. First of all, as soon as you book a flight, send that information to the TripIt guys at plans@tripit.com

This will ensure that your travel itineraries are synced with the application. Now all you have to do is never miss any notification from the application. 

If required, you can also share the travel information with anyone via email or through the app. 

Is There Any Room For Improvement?

Using the TripIt application is highly advantageous; there is no doubt about that. However, there can be a few changes to make it even better. These include reducing the number of emails received from the support team. 

Yes, reminders are good, but too many can cause a nuisance rather than convenience. Second, the premium version of the application is a bit expensive. For an occasional traveler, spending $49/year seems expensive, especially if you will be traveling once in two or three years. 


After all the considerations, TripIt is a valuable and productive travel planner giving you access to several travel-friendly features. From the moment you start your trip to the point you come back home, TripIt has the resources to help you have a better experience. 

If you are a frequent traveler, the pro version will be great but if you travel once in a year, then stick to the free version as it will suffice in helping you get through everything hassle-free.