I experience panic attacks at the most random times. Even though I have been experiencing them for a while, I still find them difficult to deal with on my own. Fortunately, my friend recommended the Rootd app that can help me calm down and deal with panic attacks.

The Rootd app primarily aims to help people deal with and overcome anxiety and panic attacks. It has guided deep breathing, anxiety journals, soothing visuals, and many more to help anyone experiencing these attacks.


Get to know more about the Rootd app and its features below. Learn how I use the app's guided deep breathing and other techniques to relieve my panic attacks.

  • Introducing the Rootd App
  • Installing the Rootd App
  • Setting Up the Rootd App
  • Using the Rootr Button
  • Studying About Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Utilizing the Visualizer Feature of Rootd

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily

Introducing the Rootd App

I rely on my friends or family whenever I experience panic attacks. However, there are times when I am alone and have to deal with it independently. My friends looked for a way to help me with my attacks, and they found the Rootd app.

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
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When I looked at the Rootd app, I was amazed that it was a scientifically validated female-led app for anxiety and panic attacks. It has already been seen and featured on Women's Health, Time Magazine, Healthline, and other popular publications. 

As mentioned, the app has a therapist-approved panic button, guided deep breathing, soothing visualizations, anxiety journals, stats page, emergency contact, and lessons to help its users overcome anxiety, deal with panic attacks, and help them gain confidence. 

Simply Rooted Media launched the Rootd app in October 2017 and it has over 500,000 downloads. The app was designed to conquer panic attacks and anxiety. It integrates a guided process for long-term and immediate relief.


Get to Know Rootd’s Mission

With the app's help, I can have access to relieve my panic attacks 24/7. The team wants the app to help its customers and employees to become healthier, happier, and better workers. Thus, they recommend that all employers offer the app to their staff.

The team believed that anxiety and panic disorders should not be permanently disabling as early intervention can help people get the help needed to live fulfilling and functional lives. The app aims to be the early intervention for us, people struggling with panic or anxiety issues. 

A healthy individual can lead to living a happy life, which will transcend to being more productive and a better worker. 

Installing the Rootd App

Thousands of people trusted the Rootd app because of its reliable features to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. As proof, the app has excellent user reviews and consistently high user ratings, primarily because it is scientifically validated. 

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
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After reviewing the app, I immediately installed it because I was excited to try its features. The Rootd app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Although it is free to install the app has a premium subscription that costs $6.99/month or $59.99/yearly

The app asks me to ensure that it will be installed on devices running on Android OS 5.0 or up and iOS 13.0 or later. Installing the app means that I allowed it access to my phone's storage, microphone, and media files.

In addition, the Rootd app wants to receive data from the Internet, view network connections, control vibration, run at startup, have full network access, check Google Play/App Store license, and prevent devices from sleeping. 

Overview of the App Features

Once I installed the app, Ron, the virtual assistant, welcomed me by providing an overview of the features of Rootd. Ron also mentioned that the app is award-winning for anxiety and panic attack relief. 

Ron enumerates the features starting with the button that can help me stop a panic attack. I can get instant relief and support during a panic attack by tapping on this button. I can also learn about anxiety and panic attacks from the app to better manage them. 

One of the most popular features of Rootd is guided deep breathing to relax the mind and body. I can also write in the journal provided by the app to identify my moods, habits, and subconscious triggers of anxiety. Lastly, I can opt to use the visualization technique to find calm with active meditations, sleep stories, calming beats, and nature sounds.

Setting Up the Rootd App

After I finished the walkthrough provided by the app, Rootd asked me to sign up using my Google account or any email address. Meanwhile, old users can just sign in using their registered email address and password on the app.

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
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Once I created an account, Ron welcomed me again. HE asks how I would like to get started from the pool of options of features that Rootd has: Stop a Panic Attack, Learn about Anxiety, Journal, Breathe, Visualize, or Check-In.

Even though I am already familiar with the features and functions of Rootd, this part lets me know the specific instructions on how I should use each feature. It provided comprehensive text instruction with corresponding visuals.

Avail of the Premium Subscription

The Rootd app offers a free trial period for its premium subscription. I wanted to see if it was indeed worth my money in this period. By subscribing to the premium plan, I can unlock all lessons that will help me understand anxiety and panic attacks to manage them well.

The app will also offer unlimited breathing and meditation for a healthier mind that can help me prevent the attacks from happening. Lastly, the app lets me access its relaxing sounds and beats library. 

I just need to tap "Activate trial" to start the trial period, and I can cancel the premium membership anytime. 

Using the Rootr Button

Since it is dedicated to helping people deal with panic attacks, Rootd provided the "Rootr." A panic button can bring a swift end to panic attacks. Moreover, Rootr is based on the latest techniques in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
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The app lets me press the big red button at the bottom of the screen whenever I am experiencing a panic or anxiety attack. By pressing the button, the Rootr will automatically be activated.

There are two different ways of dealing with the sensations of a panic attack with Rootr. The first option is called "help me feel okay," which I can use whenever I feel unwell. By choosing this option, the app will unpack all the lessons that I can read and listen to manage the attack.

The second option, "Let's do this," is meant for times when I feel confident even with feelings of panic. The app will then launch a series of prompts based on "radical acceptance" to encourage me to accept and face the sensations head-on.

Do a Guided Breathing with Breathr

One of the most commonly used features of Rootd is the "Breathr." The app describes it as the perfect tool to practice deep breathing daily to calm me down, especially during stress.

Every time I want to us Breathr, it asks me to find a place to sit undisturbed, sit upright but relaxed, inhale through my nose, exhale through my mouth, and relax my shoulders and muscles. 

Studying About Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Rootd helps me understand the basic information about anxiety and panic attacks. The app has lesson packs that I can study. There are both short-term lessons and long-term lessons. 

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
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The lessons start with the basic information about the definition of anxiety, its physical and mental effects, causes and theories, steps in dealing with anxiety, and many more.

The app records my progress on the lessons through the "My Journey" tab. This helps me get back to where I stopped to easily continue studying. 

Write a Journal on the App

Rootd believes that I can use the journal tool to start noticing patterns in my mood and life. I just need to put everything I notice, like a vivid description of my current feelings. 

The app suggests that I need to find a place to sit undisturbed, notice the sounds and smells around me, and write without worrying about grammar. Lastly, the app wants me to use the gratitude portion of the journal to list all my successes to realize my strength.

Utilizing the Visualizer Feature of Rootd

The Rootd app also lets me enjoy the "Visualizr" feature, wherein I have to listen to the body scans or visualizations provided by the app whenever I feel anxious. 

Rootd App - The Perfect Tool to Practice Deep Breathing Daily
Image Source: Apple App Store

There are several scenarios provided that the app offers, like walking in the snow, holiday gratitude, relaxing in a field, a calm evening, and many more.

The app recommends the following to get the most out of the Visualizr: practice frequently, try all the options, come back to the exercise if I get distracted, stay intuitive, and enjoy. 

Set a Reminder

The app encourages me that daily practice leads to long-term change. Thus, it provided the reminder feature, which allows me to select a specific time of the day that I want to do my journal, deep breathing, and visualize.

After setting the time, the app asks me to turn on the toggle button to set the reminder. Based on experience, it is ideal to breathe in the morning, journal at night, and visualize in the morning or at night. 


The Rootd app is indeed helpful in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. It offers several ways to do so, like guided deep breathing, journaling, visualizing, and many more. All of these methods are scientifically validated.