I was surprised to learn that I can connect with people through Reddit. I can join many communities that focus on various interests and topics. Reddit allows me to have endless conversations with people sharing the same interests through these communities.

Through Reddit, I can stay in the loop and never miss out on topics related to my interests. Instead of using the main Reddit app, I prefer to read on the Sync for Reddit app. It is one of the best customizable Reddit viewers with fun features and tools.


The Sync for Reddit app has a fantastic user interface with various customizable options to match the users’ preferences. Learn more about the Sync for Reddit app below and discover its features for an informative discussion and a fun experience.

  • Discover the Sync for Reddit App
  • Check the Sync for Reddit Interface
  • Explore the Sync for Reddit Settings
  • Find Out the View Customization Options
  • Customize Comments and Drawers
  • Manage Subreddits on Sync for Reddit
Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use
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Discover the Sync for Reddit App

For years, I have used Reddit as one of my primary sources of information, news, and current events. Using Reddit can be daunting, especially for new users, since it consists of unlimited threads of conversations on many topics.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use
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Fortunately, there is an excellent option for those who are getting confused with the layout and interface of Reddit. The Sync for Reddit app is an excellent option for users to read Reddit threads better.


Red Apps LTD designed the app to make the user interface visually appealing. It allows users to have the best and most up-to-date Reddit experience. There are many customizable options for the user to create the most readable interface.

The Sync for Reddit app has amazing performance with images, videos, and text previews. The app also has secure login, comments, profiles, and messaging features.

Installing the Sync for Reddit App

Red Apps LTD launched the app in November 2011 for Android devices. Thus, the Sync for Reddit app is only available to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Even though it is free to install, there are available in-app purchases that cost a range from $0.99 to $4.99.


As a reminder for people who wish to install the app, Sync for Reddit has a Mature 17+ rating. This rating is because the content and discussions may not be appropriate for children.

Moreover, the app must be installed on Android devices running on Android 5.0 and up. It also asks permission to access the following: storage, Wi-Fi connection information, location, device & app history, and more.

Check the Sync for Reddit Interface

Even though I have been on Reddit for quite some time already, I am still not pleased with the Reddit app's interface. I find myself stumbling into some unrelated topics and struggle to find what I am looking for.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use

The Sync for Reddit app developers understand that Reddit users like me want a more straightforward interface. They designed it to be simple and to the point. Upon installing the app, I was welcomed with the front page that is organized and user-friendly.

The front page displays cards of the subreddits that I follow, so I have to scroll through these cards to keep myself updated on the latest information. Each card has its title, date posted, points or comments, and the subreddit it belongs to for easier understanding.

I also liked that the cards have big pictures to make the overall look more visually appealing. The card’s photo can be the featured image of the post, an image uploaded by the user as a subreddit, or a preview of a GIF or video.

Logging in on Sync for Reddit

A user can enjoy the Sync for Reddit app without logging in or creating an account. Users can have a different experience by choosing different subreddits for the app.

However, I still choose to log in on my account because I want my subreddits synced on the app. It saves me time, so I don't have to manually follow the subreddits or topics I want to keep track of.

To log in, I entered my username and password. The app has a two-factor authentication verification process to ensure secure and safe login.

Explore the Sync for Reddit Settings

The user-friendliness of Sync for Reddit relies on its numerous customizable options to have a great Reddit experience. The Sync for Reddit app integrated some key features on Android devices into its list of customizable interface options.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use
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I can alter some of the general options found on the Settings tab. First, I can set the gesture controls to have a seamless scrolling and reading experience across subreddits, posts, and comments.

It is possible to turn on the following gestures: swipe to return, override Q gestures, and dim behind the activity. Moreover, there is a level of swipe to return sensitivity that I can choose from: minimum, reduced sensitivity, default, increased sensitivity, and maximum.

In addition, I can change the app’s icon and base font size. The app can also autohide the toolbar when scrolling, show pop-up menus from the bottom of the screen, show floating action buttons, and much more.

Choosing Animations

Another interesting customizable option is the animation. I can set how I would like the app to show animations for every action or activity.

I have to turn on the following options to enable animations: enter and exit animation, post hid animation, comments collapsing animation, comments more animation, comments action animation, and comments insert animation.

Lastly, the app offers image transitions for the posts and cards. It makes the reading experience a little more fun on Sync for Reddit.

Find Out the View Customization Options

Sync for Reddit wants its users to have a great Reddit experience by providing a fantastic user interface. I appreciate this because the interface affects my reading experience. I like the interface to have more visuals and have a simple and organized layout.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use

The app offers customization options for the cards: small cards, smaller cards, compact, list, comments, and drawer. I can achieve my ideal reading on Sync for Reddit with these options.

Upon changing the options, Sync for Reddit immediately applies the chosen changes and displays customized cards. I can alter the image position, title font, sticky title font, description font, and self text font for the cards.

In addition, I can select the buttons I want to be visible on the cards like upvote, downvote, save, hide, share, and Mod tools (for subreddits I moderate). The columns can also be set.

Customizing Small Cards, Smaller Cards, Compacts, and Lists

The options for the small cards, smaller cards, compacts, and list are almost the same as the cards, except that they do not have the options for images. I can still change the fonts for the title, sticky title, and description.

The visible button options are also present. For small cards and smaller cards, I can choose to align the thumbnail to the center or left so that the posts will look more organized.

For compacts and lists, there are additional options: thumbnails, type indicators, and dual panes for portrait and landscape.

Customize Comments and Drawers

For the Sync for Reddit app, the last two parts of which I can customize the overall view are comments and drawer. I find the comments options important because the most interesting information and engagement are found in the comments.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use
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The Sync for Reddit app offers various font sizes for comment description and body. I can choose the typeface or font of the comments and the size. There is also the comment body line space multiplier for easier reading.

The app lets me choose among the drawer items I want to see in the drawer. I may opt to include any of the following: subreddit icons, Profile, Messaging, Moderator, View User, Night Mode, and Data Saving.

Lastly, it is possible to reverse the left and right drawers depending on my preference.

Selecting the App’s themes

The display of the app will not be complete without its theme. There are two primary themes: light and dark. However, I can still customize the elements of the themes to achieve my ideal interface for Sync for Reddit.

I can change the colors of the following theme settings: primary, accent, highlight, primary text, secondary text, window background, and content background. It is also possible to change the color of the navigation bar.

Manage Subreddits on Sync for Reddit

Aside from the customizable user interface, I can also work on the subreddits that I manage and follow, which is the primary feature of Reddit. On the app, the subreddits are displayed in a list on the “down arrow” icon on top of the Home screen and the left drawer.

Sync for Reddit - Learn How To Download And Use

To manage the subreddits, I have to alter the list and its arrangement. This feature is mostly needed by new users or those who choose not to sync their Reddit account on the app.

I can add as many subreddits as I want and arrange them accordingly. The app recommends arranging the subreddits alphabetically or by the most viewed.

Managing Posts and Comments

Aside from managing subreddits, the app provides options to customize the posts and comments. For posts, I can enable the following options: show subreddit headers, swipe to hide, show post author, display short scores, and much more.

Meanwhile, the comments can be customized by turning on the following options: delimit scores with a bullet point, show user flair in comments, show colorful comments indents, use double with comment indents, and others.


The Sync for Reddit app is a great option for a fantastic Reddit experience because of its highly customizable user interface. Besides managing subreddits, users may personalize the cards' look, theme, comments, and drawers on Sync for Reddit.