I often organize my to-dos by setting a time limit to finish each task. I manually list all the tasks and divide the time I have for the day for each task accordingly.

When I discovered the Toggl Track, I had an easier time keeping track of the time I spent finishing or accomplishing a project. It records the number of hours spent finishing a task and includes them in a comprehensive report.


Check how I utilize Toggl Track to keep track of time in the article below.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
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Discover Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time tracking software or a productivity tool made by Toggl OÜ. It aids in the operations of online time tracking and reporting. Launched in 2006, the software was initially developed for internal use at the company.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
Image Source: Toggl

Over time, Toggl Track became available for small groups, developers, and independent consultants. Eventually, it was released on different platforms to make it available for a larger range of users.


The Toggl Track software is available as a web-based app, browser extension, desktop app, and mobile app.

The app primarily tracks time and users can manually start and stop the tracking. It is also available to block time with a task, project, or tag label. All the time entries and active timers are synchronized in real time via the app’s cloud service.

Installing the Toggl Track App

Aside from work or office setup, the Toggl Track app also works for individuals. It lets me track my time and see how long certain tasks or projects take. This lets me better plan and arrange my schedule.


I was excited to download this app and give it a try, as I hadn't found an ideal time management solution for my busy schedule yet. The Toggl Track app is free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Explore the Toggl Track App

Upon installation, Toggl Track provides an overview of its main features. This walkthrough shows new users how the app can help them supercharge their productivity, find out where their time is going, and enjoy seamless time tracking across mobile, desktop, and web.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
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After the overview, Toggl Track requires users to sign up using an email address and a chosen password or by linking a Google account. To create the account, users must read and agree to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The Toggl Track app has three main tabs: Timer, Calendar, and Reports. The Timer tab focuses on the timers I can use to track my activities. There are options for List View and Pomodoro.

The Calendar tab lets me track my activities based on the timers I use and the planned activities for the day, week, or month. Lastly, the Reports tab summarizes my activities over the past days, weeks, or months.

Syncing Calendars

Make tracking and adding time entries easier by connecting other calendars with a single tap. This can be done by tapping “Connect to my calendars".

Then, allow the app to access your phone’s calendar to display events and be included in the daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Toggl lets you choose which calendars among the local calendars you want to let it access. Examples include a phone calendar, a birthday calendar, or external app calendars.

With this feature, I can have one consolidated calendar with all the events, activities, and plans I have for the day. Moreover, the Toggl Track app automatically notes the spent time or the duration of the events or activities, which will be recorded in the report.

Track Time on Toggl Track

After creating an account on the Toggl Track app, a timer automatically starts, displayed at the bottom part of the screen.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App

The timer continues even if I close the Toggl Track app or leave the app to open another app. The timer is uninterrupted to ensure precise timekeeping.

Once the timer is done, or I stop it, the Toggl Track app automatically records the duration on the “Your Activity” list. This list helps me keep track of the activities I have for the day if the entries are properly labeled.

Toggl Track promotes organized timekeeping, encouraging its users to add labels to each activity or task to be timed using the app. This allows for more comprehensive reports and easier recall.

Adding Entries Manually

Aside from starting the timer, I can manually add an activity that I failed to keep track of using the app. I just tap the plus sign icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

This prompts me to add any activities or tasks that I have already finished but didn't run the timer for. The app asks me to add the amount of time I spent on the activity and details such as the project’s name, details of the task, and tags.

I also must indicate whether the activity or time spent is billable to accurately reflect on the report. After providing the details, I click “Create”, and the app will add the activity to the “Your Activity” list for the day.

Using the Pomodoro Timer

The Toggl Track app offers a built-in Pomodoro timer to utilize the Pomodoro technique, a popular productivity method that helps people increase their productivity.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
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The Pomodoro technique is a productivity method orchestrated with a timer. The timer runs for 25-minute stretches of productive work and then stops for a five-minute break. With the Toggl Track app, the work time is called Focus, and the break time is called Break.

I can adjust the amount of time for both segments to work more optimally for my tasks or schedule. For example, to have a longer break, I can set the Focus timer for 20 minutes and the Break timer for 10 minutes.

The app’s Pomodoro timer is accompanied by a ticking sound that induces focus. The sound will also indicate whether the timer is done. However, I can manually end the Pomodoro timer by tapping the “End Focus session” button.

Customizing Pomodoro Settings

There are other things I can do with the Pomodoro timer on the Toggl Track app. I can opt for a stopwatch rather than a countdown timer.

In addition, I can set several notifications and alert settings for when the timer ends. Lastly, the app can prevent the screen from locking when running the Pomodoro timer.

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Generate Reports on Toggl Track

After tracking the activities and tasks on the Toggl Track app, I can access the reports consolidated by the app. Toggl Track offers a comprehensive report of the time spent finishing a project or activity.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
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The reports cover today, yesterday, this week, last week, last month, this year, and last year. I can customize the dates that the report will cover. It also means that I can produce reports covering any period of time as the app saves everything.

I can also see the total number of tracked hours. The app automatically records the billable and non-billable hours recorded. Toggl Track also automatically computes the amount owed once the conversion or pay rate is given.

Getting Project Reports

The app allows me to record the time spent on specific projects. I can check the total hours I spent finishing a project.

For example, I have two current projects. Through Toggl Track, I can monitor the number of hours spent on a specific project. The report provided by the app is in a pie graph which shows the exact number of hours spent.

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Exporting, Notifying, and Customizing

The app allows users to export the reports in PDF, CVS, or XLS format to access reports offline. It also helps those working for a team or company as they will be handed a detailed report immediately.

Toggl Track - Learn How to Download this Time Tracking App
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Toggl Track lets users choose the date and time format that will fit their needs for the reports to be more organized. Users may use a 24-hour clock and set Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week.

There are notification settings available for smart alerts, like deadlines or events indicated in the calendar. There are alert settings for running timers and stopping timers as well.

I can also customize the look of the app by changing its theme. There are three options for the themes: light, dark, and system default.

Subscribing to Toggl Tack Premium

The Toggl Track app offers a monthly subscription for users to enjoy its features and services. The primary features include time-tracking, user groups, summary and weekly reports, and data sync across mobile, desktop, and web apps.

Premium features that users can enjoy are billable hours, rounding, saved reports, workspace logo, estimates, alerts, tasks, exporting of reports into PDF, CSV, or XLS formats, iCal feed, custom project color, project template, and projects dashboard.

The monthly subscription plan costs $10 per user. To access the premium features, the cost rises to $20 per user per month. New users get trial access to premium features for 30 days.


Toggl Track is a useful productivity tool to track the time spent accomplishing various tasks or projects. Its built-in Pomodoro timer to promote focus and productivity and comprehensive reports of the tracked time has helped me get my schedule on track.