I have been fascinated with science since elementary school. One of the fascinating facts I learned is that whales sing. Not the way people sing, but reminiscent of human singing as there are patterns of regular and predictable sounds.

It is stated that the songs are actually how the whales communicate with each other. For some reason, I got interested in whale songs ever since then, and it helped me relax and concentrate on my tasks.


I use the Whales Songs app to listen to various whale songs and use it to get to sleep easily. Check out the Whales Songs app below and learn how it helps me focus and sleep easily.

  • About the Whales Songs App
  • Exploring the Whales Songs App
  • Selecting a Song
  • Listening to the Blue Whale Song Category
  • Boosting Energy with the Whales and Dolphins Category
  • Setting the Loop Timer
Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: The Guardian

About the Whales Songs App

I have been using the Whales Songs app for years by now. Developer Desenvemax launched the app in December 2012 and though it has been quite a few years since its release, they continuously update its features. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

The team says they initially developed the app for people who are fond of whales and their songs. The app offers several choices of whale songs that help the users to focus, relax, and sleep better.


I like the Whales Songs app because it is meant for people of all ages, from kids to adults.

The Whales Songs app has soft songs ideal for relaxation and sleeping. Based on reviews of the app, users find the app to be effective when they want to calm down and relax while feeling stressed. 

Downloading Whales Songs App

The Whale Songs app has a consistently high rating with excellent user reviews. The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times by Android device users. 


The app is available to be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Since the app was released in 2012, it still supports older versions of Android OS like 2.3 and later. 

Upon installation, the app requests access to my device’s photos and media files to read and modify them accordingly. Whales Songs needs access to read, modify, and delete content in my local file storage. The app also requests to view network connections and have full network access.

Exploring the Whales Songs App

After installing the app, I launched it and was immediately greeted by its home page. After granting the required permissions in order for the app to provide a smooth user experience, I could starting using it right away. I was not asked to create an account or sign up on the app. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: Treehugger

There are no tabs on the home page of the app and everything can be found on this front page.

The app has a star button on the upper left corner of the screen, in which I can rate the app if I am happy with my experience. Meanwhile, the plus icon on the upper right corner leads me to the Google Play Store to explore the other apps offered by the team.

There is a countdown timer at the top center of the screen and a volume bar in the middle. The song options are at the bottom of the screen, wherein I can select the song, pause, rewind, and forward the sound.

Changing the Background Photo

One of the things I liked about the app is its user interface because it's minimal and I don't need to navigate through many tabs. Everything is just literally one tap away so that I can enjoy the Whales Songs app’s features. 

Aside from the interface, the app also has an interesting background. True to its main feature, the Whales Songs app has several whales on the water as its photo background. All the photos are visually pleasing.

The team purposively added nice photos of whales to the background so that users can have a visual experience alongside the audio experience of the songs.

Selecting a Song

When I started my fascination with whale songs, I knew that I will get to enjoy unique whale sounds. It is because whales produce unique patterns of sounds that are meant to communicate with other whales. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

The Whales Songs app captures the beautiful sound patterns produced by whales and makes them available for users. The team compiled the songs into categories to fit the situation and needs of the users.

There are five categories on the Whales Songs app. I can enjoy the following loops: beautiful whale song, blue whale song, whale song to relax, whales and dolphins, and whale song. Each category has a unique sound pattern.

Hearing Nature Sound with Beautiful Whale Song

I find the Beautiful Whale Song category as the most “nature sounding” one. The “beautiful” description of the pattern comes from the idea that the sounds are being combined or integrated. 

In the beautiful whale song, I hear the whale sounds and a piece of background music. Most of the time, I can hear the sound of the water and waves alongside the whale song. Sometimes, there are chimes too. 

I find this the most suitable whenever I want to relax in a stressful situation and environment. It is because I feel like I am on the beach or in the middle of the water, and I can only relax. My thoughts feel like they are flowing together with the sounds in the song. 

Listening to the Blue Whale Song Category

I choose the Blue Whale Song category whenever I want to relax in the middle of the day. The sound pattern lets me take a nap easily during the afternoon because of its calming effect. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: The Atlantic

I liked the blue whale song because it has relatively lower-pitched sounds, making it easier to relax. 

Blue whale sounds are accompanied by harsher crashing waves, random bird chirps, and flute sounds.

The Whale Song to Relax Category

The Whales Songs app recommends listening to the Whale Song to Relax category when I find it the hardest to calm down, relax, or sleep. According to reviews, it is the most effective one for relaxation.

The team chose the most-relaxing whale sounds and put them on a loop. The sound pattern has a relatively high-pitched sound from whales.

Unlike the previous song categories, relaxing the whale song has integrated bubble sounds instead of crashing waves.

Boosting Energy with the Whales and Dolphins Category

There are times that I want to wake up or have my energy boosted, especially in the morning. I still rely on the Whales Songs app for the energy boost I need. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: Torben Rick

I do this by choosing the Whales and Dolphins category. I select this category because the sounds produced by the whales and dolphins are relatively noisier and upbeat, which I needed the most to boost my energy. 

The alternating sound of the whales and dolphins feels like they are in a conversation. 

The sound of water crashing against the whales and dolphins is clear in the loop, so there is a feeling that I am also swimming with them in the water.

Listening to the Whale Song Category

The last category is the Whale Song. It has the most raw whale sounds among all the categories. The app ensures that the users can experience what the actual sound of the whales produce while on the water.

I liked the whale song because the sounds are a little erratic. For example, I can hear low-pitched sounds immediately after long high-pitched sounds. There is also a water splashing sound effect added to this loop.

I often use the whale song loop whenever I focus on a task. It is extremely helpful because the sounds make me concentrate and be productive.

Setting the Loop Timer

The Whales Songs app allows me to set a timer for the whale songs. This timer lets me select how long I would like to play the chosen whale song on a loop. 

Whales Songs App - Use This App to Sleep Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

Choosing the timer can be done after selecting the whale song. The app will provide a pop-up of options including 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours.

I could play the whale sounds for the entire day if I want, but I tend to set the timer depending on the situation. For example, if I need to focus, the timer is based on how much time I need to finish the task.

When I use the app for sleeping, I set the timer for 12 hours because I still want to listen to the whale songs first thing in the morning.

Using the Volume, Rewind, and Forward Buttons

The last features of the Whales Songs app are volume, rewind, and fast forward option. 

The volume can be changed using the slide menu bar at the center of the screen. Aside from the slide menu bar, I can also use the volume keys on my device.

The rewind and forward buttons are meant for the whale songs to move the loop backward or forward. The buttons can also be used to change the whale songs. 


The Whales Songs app is a great tool to focus, relax, and fall asleep. It has several whale songs available with different whale sound patterns, such as whales and dolphins, whale songs, blue whale songs, and others.

It is also possible to set the whale songs on a loop for specific durations using the built-in timer.