Toloka is an app that lets you make money online without spending any money. You can choose tasks, do them online or offline whenever it works for you, and get rewards. There are many tasks on the app, so you can do jobs that pay more or do the ones you like.

Learn more about the Toloka app’s features and content below. Discover how you can use the Toloka app to find tasks that help you earn money.

  • What Is Toloka?
  • What Is the Toloka App?
  • How Many Active Tolokers Are There?
  • How Can You Create an Account on the Toloka App?
  • What Are the Types of Tasks on Toloka?
  • Why Do You Need a High Rating and Good Skills on Toloka App?
Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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What Is Toloka?

Yandex launched Toloka in 2014 as a crowdsourcing platform and microtasks project to quickly mark up large amounts of data. This data is then used for machine learning and to improve search algorithms. Most of the time, the suggested tasks are easy and don’t require any special training.

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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Most tasks are meant to improve algorithms used in modern technologies like self-driving cars, smart web searches, advanced voice assistants, and e-commerce. After each task, the performer gets a reward based on how many images, videos, and unstructured text were used.

To get an idea of what this platform is all about, lets look at where the name Toloka comes from. A toloka used to be a way for people in small towns in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to help each other. 


It was set up in villages to do urgent work that needed a lot of people, like harvesting, cutting down trees, building houses, etc. A toloka was sometimes used for public works (building churches, schools, roads, etc.).

Who Are the Requesters on Toloka?

Requesters are the ones who put all of the tasks on Toloka. 

Toloka is mainly used to collect and process data for machine learning, speech technology, computer vision, smart search algorithms, and other projects, as well as for content moderation, field tasks, and optimizing internal business processes.


What Is the Toloka App?

Toloka is an app that lets you make money online without spending any money. You can choose tasks, complete them, and get rewards.

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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On Toloka, anyone can make money; you don’t need any special skills. Simple tasks can be done by anyone, even if this is the first time they have done them. All you need to do freelance work is a cell phone, internet access (at least sometimes), and time.

You can make real money with Tolok, but you’ll need to be careful and hardworking to do well. That’s the only way to do good work and finish enough tasks to be worth it.

There are two apps for the Toloka service: one for Android and one for iOS. You can download the Toloka app for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Where Can You Access the Toloka App?

You can make money from your phone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere. Use the app as your main way to make money or as a side gig after work, on weekends, or when you’re on vacation.

You can use the app to get things done in different countries. The app also works without an internet connection. You can save tasks and complete them while you are offline. .

How Many Active Tolokers Are There?

Toloka is known for data labeling as its main task for its users. Data labeling helps improve search quality and tune search engine algorithms that decide how to rank search results. Toloka users, also called performers or tolokers, make money by testing and improving systems on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform.

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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In 2018, Toloka projects were done by more than a million people. Most performers are under 35 years old (usually engineering students or mothers on maternity leave). 

Performers mostly see Toloka as an extra way to make money, but many say they like doing meaningful work and keeping the internet clean.

As of March 2022, 245,000 people use Toloka every month in 123 countries, wherein Tolokers create about 15 million labels daily.

What Are the Things in the Toloka App Overview?

Upon installing the Toloka app, there’s an overview of what the active Tolokers can make. The app stated that active Tolokers could make up to $30 in their first week when they perform daily tasks for at least an hour.

It also explains that more than 50 types of tasks can be finished in just 1 to 15 minutes. With these tasks, you can help train neural networks, develop drones, and improve search engines.

Interestingly, the Toloka app mentioned that it is possible to find tasks nearby and perform field tasks while taking a walk. You only need your device with you, regardless of whether you have internet or not. Lastly, you can get rewards from requesters if you become a Toloker with good standing.

How Can You Create an Account on the Toloka App?

After you finish the content and features overview of the Toloka app, you will proceed to the login or sign-up page. For those who already have an account, you only need to sign in using your registered Yandex ID with your email, username, or password.

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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It is also possible to link to your Facebook or Google account. For new users, you must tap the “Create ID” button to register on the Toloka app. Then, the app will ask you to provide your phone number, which will send a verification code.

Once you confirm your phone number, you must provide your full name. You must read and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Toloka app to proceed. There’s also an option to opt out of receiving ads or offers from Yandex services.

The next step is to provide your date of birth, as Toloka does not allow anyone below 18 years old to work on the tasks. The app also explained that it stores and uses data by Swiss Data Protection laws and Privacy Policies.

What Is the Language Proficiency Requirement on the Toloka App?

The Toloka app will ask you which languages you can complete tasks. In some languages, you will sometimes have to take a language proficiency test before ending a task. Once you confirm your languages, you can proceed to look for tasks.

However, Toloka advises taking tests like the English Comprehension Test to get more paid tasks. If you pass the test, you’ll get tasks available only to users with confirmed language skills. The Toloka English Comprehension Test is only about five minutes long.

What Are the Types of Tasks on Toloka?

There are different task types on the Toloka app. Some tasks on Toloka can be completed wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have internet. Note that the more complex the tasks, the more you earn for them.

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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Some of the most popular tasks on Toloka usually involve images, videos, audio, surveys, data enrichment, and texts.

  • Image classification
  • Image comparison
  • Object recognition and area selection
  • Video classification
  • Audio transcription
  • Audio classification
  • Voice recording
  • Sentiment analysis and content moderation
  • Searching for product characteristics
  • Product photo search
  • Survey with Toloka template
  • Survey on a third-party platform

Field tasks ask you to go to a certain address, usually collecting offline data, price monitoring, product monitoring, data collection, and monitoring field objects.

How Can You Start a Task on Toloka?

It is easy to start a task on Toloka. First, you need to search for the task that you wish to do on the Home page. Make sure that you check and follow the instructions, and you are more likely to do the task well.

Remember, some tasks are available immediately, and some require that you pass training first. Once you have accomplished them well, you can access the main project for more task opportunities on the Toloka app.

Why Do You Need a High Rating and Good Skills on Toloka App?

The more tasks you can do and the more money you can make on Toloka, the higher your rating. Your rating depends on how well you do on the platform and how often you use it. 

Toloka App: How to Make Money with Short Tasks
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Most of the completed tasks are reviewed. If you don’t follow the instructions, the requester might reject them. This will affect how people rate you. 

You will only get paid for accepted tasks, but the money is put in your account as soon as the person who asked for the work checks your work.

Your skills show how well you can do a certain kind of job. The person who sent you the question checks your answers and gives you a score from 0 to 100 points to show how skilled you are. The higher your score, the more tasks the requester will provide you and the more they will pay you.

How Can You Receive Your Pay?

Your earnings will be displayed in dollars, but you can use a payment processor like PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer to withdraw money in the currency of your choice. You could also take money out of your QIWI account if you live in a country that supports this feature.

People in Russia and Turkey who are self-employed and want to get their money back can do so through the quick payment system or YooMoney, respectively. Turks also have the option of using Papara.


Toloka is a mobile app that allows users to earn money through easy tasks. On your commute home or while out and about, you can assess the usefulness of a website or verify the precision of a map. 

These responsibilities don’t call for any technical information on your part.