Flight Centre Travel Group has been in the business for more than 40 years. They take you to wonderful places all over the world to experience different cultures and traditions while providing you with the most convenient service ever.

If you are planning on joining the Flight Centre Travel Group, you must be able to qualify for certain positions. There are still so many things that you need to do if you want to become part of the company. In this guide, you will learn more about how to apply, what are they looking for in a candidate, and how you can get hired as quickly as possible.


Check out the guide down below to learn more about how to find a job at Flight Centre Travel Group.

Flight Centre Travel Group - How to Find a Job
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What are They Looking for in an Applicant?

Flight Centre Travel Group is a prestigious company that only hires people who are truly qualified for the roles that they offer. 

Flight Centre Travel Group - How to Find a Job
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They screen potential candidates thoroughly so applicants should always have the qualities that they are looking for. 


An Interest in Travel and Culture

When you're applying for a company that lets you travel to different parts of the world, you must also have an interest in travel and culture. 

You must have open-mindedness in allowing and experiencing new cultures. You must be willing to accept different cultures, especially in areas where you will be assigned. 

This level of open-mindedness will always be highly appreciated within Flight Centre Travel Group.


Customer-Service Oriented

In a world where you will be dealing with different kinds of customers and their myriad of issues, a potential employee who is customer service-oriented will always be a priority. 

Having this kind of mindset allows you to empathize with the customer, recognize the problem, and provide adequate resolutions to solve any issues. You're able to transition your commitment to the company towards the customers.

Versatility and Adaptability

The travel industry is a fast-paced environment where changes can happen in an instant. Adaptability to new environments and new policies is key to getting hired at Flight Centre Travel Group. 

You must be able to rapidly and frequently adapt to certain changes especially when they are essential for the customers. Certain policies might change so you must be ready to adapt to them at any minute.

How to Apply for Jobs at Flight Centre Travel Group

The Flight Centre Travel Group has a very simple hiring process that everyone can follow. 

Flight Centre Travel Group - How to Find a Job
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While it may be very straightforward, there are steps that you need to properly prepare for. 

Every step will lead you towards getting hired so you must have everything ready before you apply for the job. Check out the entire hiring process below.

Prepare Your Resume

The Flight Centre Travel Group requires you to submit your resume and many other documents during the application. These documents might include your passport, visa, and many others. 

It is best that you draft a very concise resume before you apply. Prepare digital copies of these documents for online submission. This way, you will not have to prolong the entire hiring process just to wait for your documents to be prepared. 

Take note that they might require a video submission aside from an online application form.

Submit Your Online Application

Once you have everything prepared, head over to the official website of Flight Centre Travel Group and click on Careers. 

You will find all the highly recommended jobs that you can apply for. Review the job description and make sure that you understand the role and its corresponding responsibilities. 

You can also check out the many qualifications and requirements for the role in the description. Click Apply and fill out the online application form then submit once you're done.

Attend the Interview

If selected, you will need to attend the interview or set of interviews. These interviews will be conducted over the phone, on a video conference, or through a panel. 

Make sure that you are fully prepared to answer all of their questions. You will also need to answer a series of aptitude assessment tests. 

Take note that there are also several other tests such as basic math and customer service skills tests that will follow after the interview.

Background Check and Medical Report

After the interview, they will conduct a background check based on your employment history. They will call your former employer to learn more about you and why you left your job. 

They will also require you to submit a medical report to see if you are fit for traveling and for your position. You need to be generally healthy to take on the role within Flight Centre Travel Group as they expect you to be in top shape to perform your role.

Sign Your Job Offer

Should you be selected for the role, you will be invited back to their office for the job offer. The job offer contains terms like your salary, the scope of your responsibilities, and many other details. 

Sign the job offer if you agree with the terms. You can finally start your new job at Flight Centre Travel Group.

Tips When Applying for a Job at Flight Centre Travel Group

Applying for a job, especially at Flight Centre Travel Group can be very challenging. 

Flight Centre Travel Group - How to Find a Job
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You have hundreds of other people who are also looking for the same job so competition can be tough. 

Here are some tips to do when applying for a job at Flight Centre Travel Group.

Be Open to Change

Companies like Flight Centre Travel Group will always have sudden policy changes, and sometimes, these changes can come very fast, or sometimes, you don't agree with them. 

It is best that you keep an open mind to these changes and that they do not truly affect you. Show them that you are flexible enough to understand why these changes happen and you're able to adapt to them.

Be Yourself

One of the most common tips that many applicants do not appreciate much is to be themselves, especially during the interviews. 

Do not be afraid to let your true personality shine during the interview. This helps them understand who you truly are and what you can bring to the table if you are hired.


Flight Centre Travel Group caters to a wide range of customers but if you're planning on joining the team, you must have what it takes to deal with such a diverse cast of people. Having an open mind, the ability to adapt, and many other qualities are helpful if you want to get hired at Flight Centre Travel Group.