It is undeniable that the blockchain economy has become more popular as more people invest and trade through cryptocurrency

I got interested in crypto several years ago, which led me to discover the Huobi Global app. It updates me with the real-time prices of coins in the market. I also set up a virtual wallet on the app, allowing me to buy and sell coins. 


Get to know the Huobi Global app below to check out how to keep track of cryptocurrency prices and changes in real-time. 

  • Discovering Huobi Global
  • Getting to Know the Huobi Global App
  • Enjoying the Beginner’s Guide
  • Exploring the Home Page
  • Checking My Huobi Global Wallet
Huobi Global App - How to Download
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Discovering Huobi Global

In 2013, a team of visionaries in China founded Huobi Global as they saw how the blockchain industry will change the global financial system. The headquarters later moved to Seychelles. 

Huobi Global App - How to Download
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Huobi Global quickly gained popularity with its services to make the financial industry more efficient. In addition, it wanted to make wealth more accessible to everyone, especially in terms of digital assets.


Interestingly, Huobi Global describes itself as one of the leading global digital asset exchanges. It veers away from claiming that it is just a simple cryptocurrency exchange as it offers more features and services than a regular exchange.

One of them is supporting Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tokens and cryptocurrencies. The company behind Huobi believes that there will be new categories of digital assets with the recent developments in the blockchain economy.

Learning Huobi Global’s Goal

The popularity of Global could be traced back to the team’s dedication to reach its goals. They wanted to create safe, trustworthy, professional, and world-class services for their clients worldwide.


To reach more clients worldwide, the company planted Huobi Global Offices as trading offices and operation centers in over 130 countries. Some of these countries are the United States, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

While reaching more clients globally, Huobi Global continuously created a client-first culture. 

Getting to Know the Huobi Global App

True to its mission to reach more people, Huobi Global launched its mobile app in 2017. When the blockchain economy steadily gains attention, it could potentially replace the current monetary systems with cryptocurrency. 

Huobi Global App - How to Download
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I also started becoming more interested in cryptocurrency, which eventually led me to Huobi Global. Trusting a cryptocurrency exchange service needed a lot of work because I wanted to be careful with trading and investing.

Huobi Global provides security to its clients, which convinced me to try its app. The Huobi Global app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Signing Up on the App

Upon installation, the Huobi Global app prompted me to read and agree to its Privacy Policy and User Agreement. The policy included the obligations and restrictions on my rights while using the app.

Huobi Global then asked me to sign up first to use Huobi More to get more rewards. To create an account on the app, I could use my email or phone number and set my password. The app then asked me to provide the verification code sent on my email or number.

The app requested me to access and manage my phone calls and location. After granting access, I received a $30 bonus

Enjoying the Beginner’s Guide

I liked Huobi Global’s initiative to help new clients. It starts off with a Beginner’s Guide, where I had to follow certain steps to learn about the app’s main services. 

Huobi Global App - How to Download

After receiving the $30 bonus, the app stated that I could fund my account to get a 100% increase in just two days. In addition, Huobi Global has a guided tour on the functions of the buttons on the app that I can use to deposit. 

To deposit, I needed to fund my Huobi Global wallet first. It asked me to buy the minimum amount of $15 for the wallet. 

For foreign clients, the Huobi Global app has automatic currency conversion, making it easier to pay the minimum amount to fund the digital wallet in their local currency. Aside from the local currency, the app supports Fiat money conversion.

Verifying My Account

Since there was a required purchase, I was asked to finish my account verification first. The app requested my complete name and address, including the zip code. Then, I had to agree with the User Agreement to proceed with the process.

To verify my account, I had to scan the document requested by the app. This includes official documents such as government IDs or passports.

Upon scanning the document, the app confirmed the verification of my account with a pop-up notification. 

Exploring the Home Page

When I started exploring the app, it was overwhelming because of the amount of data that Huobi Global provides. The home page of the app has several graphs and charts of information. I could check the latest changes in various coins.

Huobi Global App - How to Download
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For new users, the Beginner’s Guide is on the home page, in which the app has set an expiration timer of 48 hours. Several tours, processes, and guides in the Beginner’s Guide help users be familiar with the app’s features. 

When I scrolled down, I could see various lists of Gainers, 24h Vol, and New. The Gainers list shows the real-time coins that have gained the most value in the last 24 hours. 

The 24h Vol list displays the tokens with the total value of cryptocurrency trading in the last 24 hours. In addition, the app included the last price of the tokens in USD.

Getting Updated through the Market Tab

The Huobi Global app provides comprehensive data on the coins and their prices in the market. Through the Market tab, I could track real-time cryptocurrency prices. There is also an option to add a home screen widget to monitor my favorite cryptos.

Under the Market tab, there are three other lists: Favorite, Spot, and Derivatives. I can add my favorite coins to the Favorites list to make it easier to track the changes and prices. 

The Spot list covers all the coins under USDT, HUSD, BTC, ETH, HT, and ALTS. Meanwhile, the Derivatives list shows the coin swaps, bi-quarterly, and quarterly COIN-M and USDT-M.

Trading on Huobi Global

One of the main features of the Huobi Global app is that users are allowed to trade their digital assets. With this, I could easily check the exchange rate of the multi-currency trading that Huobi Global supports. 

Huobi Global App - How to Download

Some of the multi-currency trading possible on the app are ETH/BTC, BCH/BTC, LTC/BTC, BTC/USDT, USDT/ETH, USDT/BCH, and USDT/ETC. The app continuously adds more multi-currency trading support to cater to more coins. 

On the Trade tab, I could set the amount I intend to buy or sell for a specific coin. The app also has specific trade categories -- gross margin, isolated margin, C2C margin, and lending.

The tab also contains information about Fiat, which I could either buy or sell. Two options are available, Express or Person-to-Person (P2P). The app lists all the deals that other users set to a specific amount of coins when buying. 

Other Trading Reminders from Huobi Global

Huobi Global guides its users by providing instructions and reminders when it comes to buying and selling coins. It includes reminders when I intend to choose a limit or market order.

I can also preset the stop price and the amount and price of the triggered limit order. The app will take my order automatically if the latest price reaches the stop price according to my preset price and amount. 

The Triggered Order feature automatically makes the limit order or market order according to the preset price and quantity. The trigger order will also be applied to limit order and market order without frozen assets before it is triggered. 

Checking My Huobi Global Wallet

The Huobi Global app gave me a virtual wallet to buy digital assets or add cash to when I created an account. Aside from buying digital assets, it also let me check my activities on the app. 

Huobi Global App - How to Download
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It includes an overview of tabs like Exchange, Derivatives, Margin, Fiat, Huoni Earn, and Quant, among others. 

The Exchange tab shows my current coin balance and its corresponding amount in actual cash, which I could deposit, withdraw, or transfer.

My balance of Huobi Token (HT) can also be seen in this tab. The app only allows conversion of HT to one sweep of <0.0004(BTC) equivalent for a 24-hour interval. It was also a given that suspended tokens are not convertible or supported. 

Withdrawing Crypto on the Huobi Global App

Withdrawing crypto on the app is easy on the Wallet tab. I simply clicked the Withdraw button and searched for the coin I intended to withdraw.

After choosing the coin, I selected the same chain as the chain of the platform or wallet. The app reminded me to be careful because selecting the wrong chain might lead me to lose some of my funds. 

Then, I provided the withdrawal amount and withdrawal address. The app showed me the amount I would receive after deducting the transaction fee.


The Huobi Global platform and mobile app are where users can keep track of the market prices and the changes in cryptocurrency. 

Aside from real-time prices, the app allows users to buy and sell coins for trading and investing upon setting up a virtual wallet.