Lufthansa Group operates primarily from Frankfurt and Munich, serving over 200 destinations in more than 80 countries. 

Founded in 1955, the airline is continually looking to expand its team. 

In this guide, we'll cover how to apply for a job with the Lufthansa Group and provide tips to help you stand out among applicants.

Working at Lufthansa Group: Key Points

Lufthansa Airlines positions demand specific skills beyond typical entry-level jobs. For instance, aspiring flight attendants need special training for eligibility. 


Candidates should possess some industry knowledge, regardless of the role they're applying for.

Moreover, here are some key points you should remember.

  • Minimum Age for Employment: 18 years old (Required age for Lufthansa Airlines jobs)
  • Job Opportunities: Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew Member, Baggage Handler, Ticket Sales Agent
  • Application Process: Online only. Check current job openings on their official website.

Diverse Work Culture

Lufthansa, a global airline, attracts employees from various backgrounds. Applicants must be adept at collaborating with colleagues with different working styles. 


Hiring managers value commitment to teamwork and positive, courteous behavior.

Focus on Customer Service

The airline caters to customers worldwide, making customer service experience a plus for job seekers. Patience and problem-solving skills are crucial in Lufthansa Airlines roles.

Employment and Salary Overview at Lufthansa Group

To stand out in your Lufthansa career application, showcase specific skills suited to the job you're aiming for. 


Excellent interpersonal abilities and multilingualism are beneficial for these introductory roles:

Flight Attendant

  • Your main task is to ensure passengers have a pleasant experience during their flight.
  • A background in hospitality and a welcoming nature are key to succeeding in this position.
  • The salary range for flight attendants is typically between $35,000 and $40,000 annually.

Passenger Service Agent

  • This role offers an hourly rate of around $15.00.
  • Having prior experience in customer service can give you an edge.
  • As a passenger service agent, you'll manage check-in processes and must possess strong communication skills.

Lufthansa Pilot Career

  • Pilots are responsible for flying the aircraft safely from one destination to another.
  • They need extensive training, a pilot's license, and a strong understanding of aviation regulations.
  • Salaries vary widely based on experience and type of aircraft, with captains earning significantly more than first officers.

Aircraft Mechanic

  • Mechanics ensure the aircraft are in top working condition by performing regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical skills and a certification in aircraft maintenance are required.
  • The average salary ranges from $50,000 to $70,000 per year.

Ground Operations Agent

  • These employees manage various ground services, including baggage handling, aircraft towing, and de-icing.
  • Physical fitness and the ability to work in different weather conditions are important.
  • Hourly wages are typically around $12 to $20.

Cargo Agent

  • Cargo agents handle the logistics of loading, unloading, and managing cargo shipments.
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail are crucial.
  • The average salary is around $30,000 to $45,000 annually.

Customer Service Representative

  • They assist passengers with inquiries, bookings, and any issues that may arise.
  • Strong communication skills and a customer-oriented approach are essential.
  • The salary range is usually between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.

Steps and Tips for Applying

You can complete a Lufthansa application form on the official website. Becareer at lufthansa airlinesfore starting, make sure to have your references and previous job details handy. 

Update your resume to make it as relevant as possible for the position you're applying for.

To guide you, here's a steps-by-step guide on how to apply:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Lufthansa official website and navigate to the careers section.
  2. Find the Right Job: Search for the job that fits your skills and interests.
  3. Prepare Your Documents: Before applying, gather the contact information for your references and previous employers. This will make the application process smoother.
  4. Update Your Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight your relevant experience and skills for the job you're applying for.
  5. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the career at Lufthansa airlines application form with your personal and professional details.
  6. Submit Your Application: Review your application for accuracy, then submit it.

Tips for a Successful Application:

  • Be Thorough: Ensure all information is complete and accurate.
  • Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job.
  • Follow Up: Consider following up on your application if you haven't heard back within a few weeks.
  • Research the Company: Understand Lufthansa's values and goals. This knowledge can help you align your application and interview responses with the company's culture.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice answering common interview questions and prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the role and the company.
  • Showcase Soft Skills: In addition to technical skills, highlight your soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability, which are valuable in any role at Lufthansa.

Application Status

After submitting your application online, you can check its status on the Lufthansa Airlines job portal. 

Generally, you should expect to hear back about whether you've advanced to the interview stage within two to three weeks.

Benefits of Working at Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa Airlines offers not only competitive pay rates but also a variety of unique employment benefits for different positions. 

These benefits, available to most full-time and part-time workers, include:

  • Reduced Travel Fares: Employees enjoy discounts on airfare, making travel more affordable for them and their families.
  • Paid Vacation or Time Off: Workers receive paid time off, allowing them to relax and recharge without worrying about lost income.
  • Healthcare Coverage: Comprehensive healthcare coverage, including dental and medical insurance, ensures employees' health and well-being are taken care of.
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans: Employees can plan for their future with 401(k) retirement plans, which help them save and invest for retirement.
  • Employee Assistance Program Access: Support is available through employee assistance programs, offering counseling and resources for personal and professional challenges.

More on Lh Group

Lufthansa Airlines is Germany's largest airline and, including its subsidiaries, the biggest in Europe. 

It employs over 120,000 people, and its ongoing expansion frequently creates new job opportunities.


Lufthansa airlines jobs is a leading employer in the aviation industry, offering a range of job opportunities and competitive benefits. 

To join their team, tailor your application, highlight your skills, and follow the application steps. With the right approach, you can start a rewarding career at Lufthansa.