The Royal Bank of Canada is one of the largest banks in Canada in market capitalization, serving over 16 million clients. It is known for its personal and commercial banking operations, services, and products. 

I trusted the Royal Bank of Canada as it offers a great banking experience to its customers. One of its exciting services is the Royal Bank of Canada mobile application or RBC Mobile. The RBC Mobile app promises to take mobile banking to the next level with its features that bring convenience. 


Learn more about the RBC Mobile and its features below. Discover how I use the RBC Mobile app to enjoy its benefits and features. In this article, you can also check how to install the RBC Mobile app on your mobile device. 

  • Introducing the RBC Mobile App
  • Reading the RBC Mobile App’s Data Safety Protocols
  • Setting Up Security on My RBC Mobile App Account
  • Managing My Money via the RBC Mobile App
  • Paying Bills Online via the RBC Mobile App
  • Transferring Money Through the RBC Mobile App

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

Introducing the RBC Mobile App

The Royal Bank of Canada, or RBC, is a multinational financial services company in Canada. RBC was founded in Nova Scotia in 1864 but moved its corporate headquarters to Toronto and head office to Montreal. 


RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

The banking institution offers banking services and financial solutions to all Canadians. Its products primarily focus on personal banking, business banking, direct investing, and wealth management. 

Alongside its banking services and financial products, RBC promises to provide an excellent banking experience to its clients and customers. One of its ways to offer great banking services is through its mobile banking platform, called RBC Mobile.


The RBC Mobile app offers a convenient to manage finances to take mobile banking to the next level. On the app, it's possible to check account balances, transfer money, pay bills, deposit cheques, etc. 

Installing the RBC Mobile App

When I trusted my money to RBC, there was no mobile banking app then. I experienced running my banking errands by visiting the nearby RBC branch. Thus, I was so excited when I heard that RBC had decided to launch a mobile banking app. 

I knew that mobile banking provides immense convenience, especially when I only need simple transactions. I can now avoid long queues at the RBC branches because I can complete my banking tasks with just a few fingertips on my mobile phone.

The bank launched the RBC Mobile app in August 2014. The RBC Mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Reading the RBC Mobile App’s Data Safety Protocols

Although I was excited to try RBC’s mobile banking app, I was skeptical because I knew the possible threats to my data privacy. Thus, I needed to feel assured that the app would protect my personal information. 

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

The RBC Mobile app’s developer provided the kinds of data the app collects and security practices the app may follow. These data security and safety protocols aim to protect the online data privacy of all the RBC Mobile app users.

It mentioned that they do not share any user data with other companies or organizations even though they collect some personal information. The app enumerated the types of data it collects, which will only be used to improve the bank and the app’s services. 

The app gathers personal information: location, name, email address, user IDs, address, phone number, financial information (user payment information), photos, videos, contacts, app activity, application information and performance, and device or other IDs. 

Using the RBC Mobile App

The RBC Mobile app supports signing in using an RBC Online Banking account. However, users can enroll in a new account on the app. Upon installing the RBC Mobile app, I must enter my RBC Client Card or credit card number. 

I had to make sure to enter the correct card number because the app checks and verifies its records. Old users can just use their registered passwords. New users like me need to provide a new password to sign up. 

Then, I can choose to have the RBC Mobile app remember my card by clicking the “Remember Card” button. The next time I want to open the app, I only need to enter my password. If I want to open the app with a security question, I can also set up that feature. 

Setting Up Security on My RBC Mobile App Account

RBC understands that customers want a safe and secure mobile banking experience. Thus, the banking institution provides security features to ensure that users feel safe from logging in to using its other features. 

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

Aside from registering a password to open the RBC Mobile app account, I can turn on the two-step verification feature. I have to do it on the Accounts Overview page and select the Settings menu.

I only need to toggle the two-step verification button to turn on the feature. Then, I have to select the devices I want to be my trusted ones on the list. It is suggested by the RBC Mobile app to use only the devices that I use the most. 

Changing passwords from time to time is also advisable to ensure security. Thus, it is possible to reset my mobile banking password. The app provides on-screen instructions to do the reset, which can be beneficial whenever I forget the password. 

Receiving Account Alerts on the RBC Mobile App

The app helps me stay on top of everything I do with my RBC accounts. I like the account alerts that the RBC Mobile app provides. These alerts will inform me about my banking, credit card, and credit line activity.

The account alerts will help me stay connected with my money because I know where it goes. For every transaction made with my account, there will be alerts. In this case, I will also know if there are suspicious or unauthorized transactions or attempts with my alert. 

I liked that it was easy to customize these alerts on the RBC Mobile app, so I would only get the notifications I wanted. I can customize these alerts on the Settings menu and look for them under the Services options. 

Managing My Money via the RBC Mobile App

One of the RBC Mobile app's primary features is ensuring I can access my money anytime and anywhere. I can manage my money on the RBC Mobile app in several ways. 

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

First, the app lets me know my up-to-date balances instantly. Whenever I open my RBC Mobile app account, the app displays my current balance on the screen.

 In addition, there are alerts whenever there are upcoming RBC offers to manage my finances better. 

The RBC Mobile app also supports viewing up to seven years of statements. Thus, I can check my credit statements from the past to see if I am making progress with my loans or even how I spend on shopping.

Knowing More Ways to Manage Moey on the RBC Mobile App

Interestingly, the RBC Mobile app allows me to check my transactions in real-time. This way, I will know if transactions are successful or not.

There are also other details like the recipient of my money transfer or the merchant of my purchase. Alongside the transaction history, the RBC Mobile app wants me to be responsible for my spending through the daily transaction limits.

With this feature, I can set how much I can spend in a day. This is greatly helpful, especially for those who cannot control themselves from buying things.

Paying Bills Online via the RBC Mobile App

True to its promise to bring convenience, the RBC Mobile app provides the bill payment feature. With this feature, the RBC Mobile app describes that paying bills has never been faster. 

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

I only need to add most payees by simply taking a photo of my bill. Once I have taken the picture, the payee and my account number will automatically instantly. I can use my phone’s camera to set up my bill payment.

Aside from printed bills, it is possible to add an e-bill by taking a photo of it from my computer screen. 

To use this feature, I need to have the latest version of the RBC Mobile app and an eligible personal or business banking or savings account. 

Moving Money Between Accounts on the RBC Mobile App

One of the most convenient features of the RBC Mobile app is that I can easily move money between my RBC accounts. I do not need to visit an RBC branch to do so.

I always need this feature because I have to transfer money from my savings account to my credit account. I can do it within a few moments with the money transfer feature.

Transferring Money Through the RBC Mobile App

Aside from moving money between my RBC accounts, it is also possible to transfer money to almost anywhere in the world. I can send or request an Interac e-transfer for free through the RBC Mobile app.

RBC Mobile App - Check the Benefits

The RBC Mobile app also supports international money transfers. The transfer fee is only $6 for transfers of $1,000 or less or a $10 fee for transfers over $1,000 on the RBC Mobile app. 

Interestingly, international money transfers are available 24/7. The recipient can receive the money transfers within two to five business days.

Checking the Other Features of the RBC Mobile App

Other great features of the RBC Mobile app include customizing my view and account names. Opening a new account or credit card on the app is also possible. 

The RBC Mobile app also supports scheduling calls or booking appointments with an RBC branch. There is also a feature that helps me find the nearest RBC branch or ATM on the RBC Mobile app.


The RBC Mobile app offers convenient features for a great mobile banking experience. Through the RBC Mobile app, customers can pay bills online, manage money, move money between RBC accounts, and many more.