Getting a job at Walmart is not difficult as long as you understand the application process. The application is also very standard, considering there is an interview and assessment following your resume submission.

You must understand and prepare certain things to increase your chances of getting hired. Understanding the application process will give you time to prepare for what's coming.

For more information about Walmart job vacancies, check the step-by-step guide below to learn how to apply at Walmart correctly.

Walmart Jobs Vacancies: Learn the Correct Step-by-Step to Apply
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Finding the Perfect Job at Walmart

To find the best job at Walmart, visit the official Walmart Careers page first. On this page, you can search for various positions within the company.


This is the site where you can find a job by using the search function or the advanced feature that lets you find the job through location, keyword, or title.

There are also different categories to choose from, which include departments such as Store Clubs, Corporate, Technology, Marketing, Distribution Centers and Drivers, and many others.

You can also search via location to find the nearest Walmart store with job openings.


Alternative Ways to Finding a Job at Walmart

Another way to find a job at Walmart is by visiting any nearby store. There are thousands of Walmart stores all over North America, and you can easily find one near you. Go ahead and head over to the store and ask if there are job openings that you can apply to.

Another alternative way to search for Walmart jobs is through your network. If you have friends working at Walmart, you can ask them or other people they know if they are hiring.

You can even go to job marketplaces set up by your local government or community and see if Walmart has some jobs to offer to you.


Best Benefits That Walmart Offers

Many applicants are drawn to applying for jobs at Walmart thanks to its wide array of employee benefits.

Walmart Jobs Vacancies: Learn the Correct Step-by-Step to Apply
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Here are just some of them.

Proper Salary for All Employees

Walmart provides one of the most competitive rates for all of its employees.

Retail associates earn around $19 per hour, certified pharmacy technicians earn $19.16 per hour, and pharmacists earn $51.

Meanwhile, maintenance personnel receive $13.49 per hour, and warehouse workers get $19.27 per hour

Medical Plan Option

Regarding medical expenses, you can bet Walmart employees will never have to pay for them.

The company has partnered with premier medical institutions to provide the best medical care to every Walmart employee.

Paid Time Off

Every employee is entitled to paid time off.

This includes parental leave, vacation leave, medical leave, and many more.

401K Retirement Plan

The company takes good care of its employee's future with the help of its 401K retirement plan.

Walmart matches their retirement plan of up to 6% of pay.

Gym Membership

Walmart also takes good care of their employee's overall health and wellness. It offers free gym membership to all of its employees.

They have access to thousands of gyms all over the world.

Check Out the Step-by-Step Guide to Applying at Walmart

The application process for Walmart is straightforward to follow but will still depend on the job you're applying for.

Walmart Jobs Vacancies: Learn the Correct Step-by-Step to Apply
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Some positions may require more interviews and assessments, while others do not need you to undergo even an assessment.

Here is the step-by-step guide to applying at Walmart:

Step 1

Head over to the official Walmart Careers website and select All Career Areas at the top portion of the page.

This will lead you to the list of available job openings at Walmart. You can also choose Locations and provide your exact location.

This will then show you a list of job openings near you.

Step 2

Read through all the job openings and select which one you want to apply.

Click on the job opening, and it will open another window for you to review the job description and the responsibilities and duties of the position.

Make sure that you check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and select Apply to apply for the job.

Step 3

Complete the application form and submit it. Make sure that you review all of the information first before you submit your application.

Once done, your application will be sent to the department you applied for.

The Walmart recruitment team will then review it and reach out to you after reviewing your application.

Step 4

They will then call you for your scheduled interview and assessment.

Ensure you clear that specific date from any other errands so you can prepare adequately.

Some positions might require you to visit their site for interviews, which also can be done by phone.

Step 5

Once the interviews are complete, you will receive another assessment prompt. Most job openings in Walmart require you to pass the assessment.

The assessment will depend on the kind of work that you will be doing, so be sure to prepare for it before you take the assessment.

Step 6

After the assessment, they will notify you of your employment, and you will be asked to complete a list of pre-employment requirements.

These can include certain documents such as your ID and your bank account.

The company will also do background checks and drug testing if applicable.

Step 7

Once you submit your pre-employment requirements, you will proceed to the job offer, where they will schedule your orientation and even show you the entire facility.

You will also learn more about the company and the job you'll be working on during this time.

Tips on Getting the Walmart Job That You Applied for

Even though applying for a Walmart job is relatively straightforward, there are still certain things that you need to prepare for to help improve your chances of getting the job.

Walmart Jobs Vacancies: Learn the Correct Step-by-Step to Apply
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You might have the necessary skills for the job, but you won't secure the position if you cannot present yourself effectively during the interview or fail the assessment.

Here are some tips to apply to help you land a job at Walmart.

Sell Yourself During the Interview

The interview is the defining moment on whether you will be hired. Make sure that you sell yourself not by the accomplishments you have made in the past but by what you can contribute to the company.

Many people often make the mistake of getting so confident about their skills that they forget to sell themselves properly.

If you have experience with customer service, make sure that you focus on how you can bring that skill to improve the company or the service instead of boasting it to the interviewer.

Show That You Value Others

Walmart prides itself as a very diverse company. It welcomes diversity from the moment you arrive at the parking lot.

The company believes in inclusion, so you should also show that you value this vision.

Try to discuss how you are open to diversity and how it can help make the company and its employees better.


It usually takes up to two weeks before you get a call if you're now part of the Walmart team. While waiting, you can always ask for updates regarding your application. Ensure you follow the abovementioned steps to increase your chances of getting hired at Walmart.