Learn How To Analyze A Pregnancy Test Online And Predict Fertility

Having a cute little angel in life, be it a boy or a girl, changes your life for the better. This is probably why women glow like stars when they carry a little life in their wombs during pregnancy. Even the latest software is all set to celebrate the journey of motherhood in the form of the Fertility Test Analyzer App: Ovulation & Pregnancy.


The Fertility Test Analyzer is a great Android app for females; it will help a newly pregnant mom or a soon-to-be mommy on their road to pregnancy.

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Let’s dive deep into this piece of software technology for a better understanding.

  • About The App
  • Best Features Of The App
  • Options To Save The Test On Phone
  • Cons Of The App
  • Tips To Use The App

About The App

A journey from a woman to a mother is a blessing. Surprisingly, gone are the days when an aspiring mother has to arrange an appointment with doctors to determine the pregnancy. Pregnancy kits, strips, and software apps are a new way to embrace the miracle of motherhood.


Talking specifically about the Fertility Test Analyzer App, it is a female-centric app offered by Colnix Technology to help interpret pregnancy and ovulation test strips. Simply put, this Health & Fitness app is meant to read the pregnancy results for women without any intentional doubts.

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Moreover, the Fertility Analyzer app also pinpoints the fertility window of an aspiring mother based on their hormone levels. To make it possible, the app presents the detailed fertility chart to a user. By harnessing it with precision, females can track their early pregnancy days to make the overall journey smooth and serene.

How To Download

The Fertility Test Analyzer App: Ovulation & Pregnancy is currently available for all Android devices. You can download the software from the Google Play Store. Start by finding the name of the app in the search tab of the Google Play Store.

Once found, click on the install button and wait until the app appears on your smartphone’s home screen. Make sure that the third-party app installation option is enabled in the settings. Dropping a bombshell, the app is free to download on Android devices.

Best Features Of The App

The goal behind the development of the Fertility Test Analyzer is to help women reach their dreams of becoming mothers. The confirmation by the respective doctor allows a woman to be sure about her pregnancy; this app acts as a supporting source for females who are busy planning a family.

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The basic yet significant feature of the app is accessibility to the readings of pregnancy and ovulation test strips. In other words, the females who are relying on the pregnancy strips can now be sure of the results by recognizing the pigmentation trace level presented by the app from the test pad.

Moreover, it also helps a user identify the pregnancy results upon a missed period in the form of sensitive tests. The Fertility Test Analyzer App offers a lot more beyond the wildest dreams of fascinating mothers. Check out the additional features of the app to boost confidence.

More Features

Not all women go through a smooth period of pregnancy. Health issues like PCOS or irregular periods cause obstacles in becoming a mother. In such a case, this app works as a boon by tracking the ovulation calendar and offering the precise prediction about the fertility window of a female user.

One of the best things about the Fertility Analyzer app is that it displays the results in an easy-to-understand format. Thus, the women who are waiting long for the results of pregnancy tests can now have their clear and precise answers with the unique computer algorithm of this app.

The app also provides the platform to share and access relevant pregnancy success stories. This helps boost a woman’s confidence, and it also lets a user have a better understanding of app usability. In addition, one can also use the help guide of the app.

Options To Save The Test On Phone

Fertility Test Analyzer App also provides users the option to save their test results on their devices. It should be noted that 100% conformity regarding the pregnancy can only be given by a professional doctor; these saved test results can help the doctor understand the user’s fertility state.

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Other than test strips, the app also conducts sensitive tests. This helps ladies to track the status of their possible pregnancy, especially when they miss their periods. The unique computer algorithm of the app detects the results and provides them in an understandable way.

What’s more fantastic about the app is that it only presents apt pregnancy test readings and helps struggling females improve their chances of becoming a mother by detecting and managing their ovulation period. Women can examine the same via charts and track cycles.

Fertility Test Analyzer App: Ovulation & Pregnancy right now enjoys more than 70k installations with both positive and a few negative reviews in its feedback. Let’s have a look at both sides of the user reviews.

Pros And Cons Of The App

Women no longer have to wait for doctor’s appointments whenever they miss their periods or use the test strips after intercourse. The Fertility Test Analyzer App is their home-based solution that provides appropriate readings once the picture of the test is uploaded on it.

Hence the users can save money by avoiding doctor’s appointments, especially in unnecessary situations. A poor or no internet connection will not hinder you. The reason is, the Fertility Test Analyzer App lets users access the data offline. They can save it and review the test results later in the time of need, even without internet availability.

There is rarely any app that is meant to detect pregnancy tests so far. Thus, Fertility Test Analyzer App is one-of-a-kind with advanced computer algorithms. It is because of these algorithms that women can recognize the pigmentation trace presented in the test pad.

Cons Of The App

While the title phrase of the app says, “No Prediction, Real Data,” the accuracy of the results still differs with the influence of various factors. These include test quality, dilution of the urine, quality of the camera, and users’ skills of taking a good picture.

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No doubt, the app is meant to make the journey of motherhood easier for ladies. However, one cannot entirely rely on its results due to the scope of inappropriate results. In other words, you need to have constant contact with doctors, and the laboratory is a must, along with the usability of this app.

The Fertility Test Analyzer has above-average ratings by customers. Most of the users believe that the app has made their initial pregnancy days quite useful. The fact that the app is free is a reason for joy for users. It is an easy-to-download and easy-to-use app for all females.

How To Use The App

The Fertility Test Analyzer app reads your most awaited results. To obtain the pregnancy and ovulation test strips results, click and upload the images of the test from “New Test Dialogue.” Further, add on the required data and follow the instructions until the results and their interpretations appear on the screen.

If the strip shows two red lines, that means the test results indicate confirmed pregnancy.  A single red line, on the other hand, delineates that pregnancy is not confirmed. In addition, you can also keep a check of your menstrual cycles in the “Track your Cycle” segment. Just keep marking the dates when you had period flow.

Tips To Use The App

Low-quality images can result in undistinguished results. It is why users are urged to upload realistic and high-resolution images matching the actual colors on sanitary pads. Make sure to use a device with a high-pixel camera to acquire preciseness in the test results.

The Fertility Test Analyzer app isn’t merely a tool to test the status of pregnancy but also offers an informed guide for would-be mothers. To grasp the ins and outs of pregnancy and the technology behind the app, keep reading through the relevant content and other success stories posted by fellow app users.

Since you are at the onset of planning a new life, avoid confusion at the crucial steps. Use the “Help Guide” to avoid any sort of if’s and but’s during this phase. It will resolve your queries and guide you better on how to use the Fertility Test Analyzer app.

Negative Reviews By Users

Though the app offers extensive benefits to females, many users found it difficult to access the accuracy of results even with high-resolution images.

The difficulty in finding a ‘Control line’ makes the experience a little unsatisfying for aspiring mothers. This urges the developers to bring in improvements and updates to stamp out the scope of criticism.

Buy a Pregnancy Test Online

If you’re thinking about taking a pregnancy test, we understand that it can be a little nerve-wracking to go to a pharmacy and buy one in person. But don’t worry, there’s another option!

Online pregnancy tests are a great alternative, and many people use them. They are well-rated and have shown good results. But, keep in mind that if you want a more definite answer, it’s best to go for a test from a pharmacy.

If you don’t want to leave your home for now, you can still opt for an online pregnancy test. Most pharmacies offer this service and can deliver it to you quickly.

Key Takeaways

Motherhood is a sign of power and sheer divinity. Now that there is easy access to virtual sources like Fertility Test Analyzer App: Ovulation & Pregnancy, the transformation of a woman to a mother, can be a lot more easy and more beautiful.

To all the ladies desiring to conceive any time soon, wait no more and make this app a part of your lives.