At the beginning of every year, I always set resolutions to change my habits in order to improve my life. These resolutions include eating better, exercising more, using my phone less. Keeping up with good habits is great for both physical and mental health.

However, getting used to certain habits takes a little more effort. That is where apps like Fabulous came in and assisted me. Today, I will talk about the Fabulous App, a daily planner app that allows me to track my habits.

Below, I will brief you about the app, its key features, and how to use the app in general. Moreover, I will also include details about how to download the app and costs relating to the app.

  • About the Fabulous App
  • Keep Track of Your Habits — New or Old
  • The Fabulous Community
  • Meditation and Exercise Routines
  • Download the App
  • What Are the Subscription Costs?
  • Time to Choose Your Interest
  • The Home Page
Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Fabulous Magazine

About the Fabulous App

The Fabulous app is an amazing app developed by The Fabulous that helps users make and improve habits in our day-to-day life. The app has the capability to transform productive tasks into daily habits. That is how it has made me the productive man that I have always dreamt of becoming.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
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Developed by Sami Hassine, the CEO along with two other co-founders of the company, the Fabulous app allows people to discover their true selves by upgrading their good habits.

Backed by a science-backed research team from Duke University, the Fabulous app uses a scientific approach in habit-forming and builds a strong foundation for a better you.

Life Coach of an App

Fabulous is not just another habit tracking application – it also acts as a life coach. It allowed me to build motivation and focus on those particular habits that would reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental and physical issues.

It is designed to help reach goals with absolute ease, and while doing so it does not make the users feel guilty or overwhelmed.

Keep Track of Your Habits — New or Old

I have used multiple habit tracking apps over the years, but could not find anything close to Fabulous. The app houses some amazing and absolutely useful features that have helped me to build good habits and transform myself into a better person.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
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The Fabulous app has a “Keep Track” section that allows me to keep track of all my habits and progress, and account for my performance.

There is a calendar incorporated within the app, through which I could check the days in which I have been or have not been completing my morning, afternoon, and evening scheduled habits.

Compare Your Success Rate

It also allows me to check the success rate of completing each habit and challenge and compare them with the previous month’s success rates.

That is how it provided me with a detailed analysis of my progress and performance.

The Fabulous Community

Named Circle, Fabulous also features a fabulous community of the app’s users. I could connect and communicate with users who share their stories, experience, and progress.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Apple

Besides hearing about other user’s stories, I can also share my own experiences on the platform. The Fabulous community has a number of categories, including ‘Get Motivated’, ‘Healthy Eating’, and ‘Mental Wellbeing’, among others.

I can select a particular group based on my habit goals, and thus get connected with people who have similar goals as me. While I can comment on and like the posts of the users, direct messaging is also allowed.

Motivational Templates

What I like the most about the Fabulous app are its motivational and inspirational templates and infographics. I could use these inspirational pictures to keep my productivity in check, change my bad habits, and practice self-care and self-building.

Moreover, as I progressed through my journey to embracing good habits, the app offered me more of such motivational templates.

These were like a reward to me for being on the verge of reaching multiple milestones.

Meditation and Exercise Routines

The Fabulous app also has an integrated health session that includes a massive library of meditation and exercise routines. The health session is carefully designed to enhance the users’ fitness and workout routine.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Phase

From Zen and Vipassana meditation for stress reduction and mindfulness to a 7-minute scientific workout for weight loss and yoga exercises, the Fabulous app is way more than just a habit tracking app on your phone.

What’s even better is the power nap sessions to recharge you and enhance productivity as well as focus.

The Discovery Section

The app also features a Discovery Section where I am able to explore and join various public challenges. There are multiple sections of challenges that aid in many parts of our life.

From health-related challenges like walking and drinking a specific amount of water to challenges focused on anxiety, grief, and kindness, I can pick any challenges that suit my needs and goals. Moreover, there are some challenges focused on building meditation skills.

Once I start a challenge, the app automatically notifies me about times that I should complete the challenge. Alternatively, I can also personalize times that suit my daily routine.

Download the App

Now the best part about the Fabulous application is that it is available for both Android and iOS platforms, making it extremely accessible for the users of both platforms. To download the application and install it on your device, all I had to do was open the store on my device – I used the Google Play Store since I am an Android user.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Apple

If you are using an iOS device, open the Apple iOS store on your device. Go to the search bar and type in the Fabulous app, and find the app.

Next, you have to tap on the install button to begin downloading the app. The app should not take long to be installed on the device.

What Are the Android and iOS Requirements?

The android version of the Fabulous app is just 90 MB in size, so that would not be much problem to fit in the application on any device.

Moreover, the app requires the device to run on Android 5.0 or above, in order to run the application without any glitches.

On the contrary, the size of the iOS version of the Fabulous app is 257.1 MB. And, talking about the system requirements, the device should be running on iOS 11.0 or later to run the app properly without any problem.

What Are the Subscription Costs?

The base version of the Fabulous app is absolutely free to download and use. While the free version is amazing, the premium version is worth looking into, plus there is also an offer for 50% off a yearly subscription.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Fabulous

The Fabulous app offers two different subscription plans to the users: the first one is the monthly plan which costs $14.11 per month, and there is the yearly plan, which would cost $4.43 per month.

It is also worth noting that the app offers a free 7-day trial of the subscription. This gave me an opportunity to cancel the subscription within the sixth day if I did not like what the app was offering.

How to Use the App

Getting started with the app is pretty easy – all thanks to its extremely easy-to-use user interface, which is also very colorful and attractive.

After downloading the app, I had to type in basic details about myself and my personal habits, including my gender, wake-up time, and email address.

Next, I was asked about the satisfaction level of my current health level and what changes I would like to see in myself in the future. I was also asked about my physical and mental habits.

Time to Choose Your Interest

Once the questionnaire was done, I was given multiple choices to tell what I was really interested in.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Gismoreview

The choices included things like productivity, fitness, self-discipline, motivation, and mental wellbeing among others.

Later, while using the application, I found out that the questionnaire was the base for activities and challenges that the app put forward to me.

The First Routine

The first routine was to drink water, which was the first thing I would have to do every morning. There was a box on the right corner of the habit tab, where I could put a tick mark once I had completed the task.

Alternatively, there was also an option to postpone the task for the next day, which I would not recommend.

Because, once you start postponing them, you always want to do the same, which ultimately brings you back to where you started.

The Home Page

The home page of the application is where I would construct a habit list to follow. There are multiple sections where I can place different habits, including the workday routine for the daytime habits and the bedtime routine for habits that I have before I sleep.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Apple

Tapping on any of the tabs brings me a list of multiple recommended habits like cleaning my home, going for a short walk, nightly meditation, and disconnecting the phone.

To add the habits to your list, there is an Add icon on the right corner, just tap on it. It is a piece of cake!

Check Progress

After adding the habits on the list, I was notified about them every time, and I had to mark them off once I had completed them for the day.

Apart from getting notifications and tick marks, the app also has a Journey tab. This is where all the dos and don’ts are recorded, so that I can check them later and find out about my progress.

Fabulous App - Daily Routine Planner
Image Source: Google Play Store

The Bottom Line

To sum up, what I would like to say is the Fabulous app is just not another habit-tracking or a daily planner app – it is a coach that inspires and prepares me to become productive every day and win every day.

For all the great work it has done for me, I would obviously rate the app a 10 out of 10.

Spanish version: App Fabulous: Planificador de rutinas diarias