Boosted Ad App – How to Boost Social Media

It is important to have online content on social media with distinct branding, especially for businesses. As someone running a small business, it is difficult to maintain to constantly produce engaging videos while sticking with the branding. 

It is also a must to have the skills to edit videos to create content. Luckily, I found the Boosted Ad Maker app by Lightricks. The app helps me advertise my brand by providing templates for engaging videos. 

Learn more about the Boosted Ad Maker app and its features below. Discover how I use the app to create videos while maintaining my brand in only a few taps. 

  • Discovering the Boosted App
  • Starting with the Boosted App
  • Exploring the Boosted App
  • Starting a Video Project on the App
  • Using the Media Tools on the Boosted App
  • Utilizing the Other Editing Tools on the Boosted App
Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
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Discovering the Boosted App

When I opened my small business, I wanted to be more hands-on in promoting our products and services. It also involves promoting the brand across social media platforms. I also wanted to be proactive in creating publicity materials such as posters and videos. 

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
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I only have limited knowledge and skills in video editing, so I rely on easy-to-use apps. Fortunately, I discovered the Boosted Ad Maker app by Lightricks. It is also called Boosted, which is a business video maker app.

Boosted claims that it is the top video maker app meant to help business owners to advertise brands seamlessly. The app has video editing tools to create incredible and engaging videos for our brands in just a few taps. 

Lightricks created the Boosted app to be a tool for social media managers and business owners to advertise products and services. The app offers easy-to-customize social media templates with amazing colors and effects. 

Installing the Boosted App

I have been looking for an app that can be my companion in helping my company grow by promoting it on social media. I discovered the Boosted Ad Maker app through an online advertisement. It got my attention as the app’s main target is company owners. 

Lightricks Ltd. released the Boosted Ad Maker app in December 2019. The Boosted app is free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Boosted offers in-app purchase items and subscription plans for premium features and additional perks.

The Boosted Ad Make app runs best on devices with the following operating systems: AndroidOS 8.0 and up and iOS 13.0 or later. 

Starting with the Boosted App

The Boosted app welcomed me with an overview of what I can do on the app. It mentioned that I could use the app to find the perfect video for my company’s branding. These video templates can be used to heighten my branding, and I can make them my own by customizing them. 

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
Image Source: Apple App Store

The app understands the importance of sticking with the branding and image of the company or business. Thus, all the templates provided are somewhat general, so I can tweak them to match my business’ branding. Lastly, Boosted promises that I can wow my audience with the video projects I create on the app. 

After checking the overview, it is now time to create an account on the app. I could use my Google account or email address to sign up on the Boosted app. No verification is needed, so I can immediately enjoy the app’s features.

Although, other users may opt to proceed with the app without creating an account. Boosted supports using the app without a registered profile. This means that anyone can enjoy its features without signing up. 

Choosing My Type of Business

The Boosted app is true to its goal to help business owners create video content for their branding. I was amazed that after I signed up, the app immediately asked me to choose the type of business that I have.

Boosted will tailor-fit the content that it will recommend to me based on the type of business I have. I can choose as many business types on the Boosted app. If the users’ business type is not in the available options, they can suggest it to Boosted to add them to the pool of choices. 

Here are the available business types on the Boosted app: Automotive, Beauty, Business & Finance, Education, Fashion, Food, Home Improvement, Real Estate, Sport & Fitness, Travel, and Health & Wellness. Users still have an option to skip this part if they want. 

Exploring the Boosted App

I liked the Boosted app’s user interface, full of colorful ideas and templates for video projects. There are two main tabs on the app: Home and Projects. The Home tab contains all the templates for my new video projects. 

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
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Meanwhile, the Projects tab lets me see all my saved projects—finished or unfinished. On the Home tab, I can find the common options for starting a new project: start from scratch, promote my brand, advertise a sale, create a poll, and ask a question. 

The app also displays all the templates available on the Home tab. The templates have categories, wherein I can explore each category by swiping the list. In addition, the app offers tips and tutorials for new users. 

I can find the following template categories on the Boosted app’s Home page: Seasonal, Our Favorites, Free, Polls & Questions, Quotes, Hashtags, Customer Reviews, Contests & Giveaways, Sale, Brand Promos, Announcements, Events, and All Templates. 

Availing of the Boosted Premium 

As mentioned, the Boosted app uses a freemium model. I can enjoy most of the app’s features and tools. However, the app offers a premium subscription wherein I can unlock all the video templates and premium effects or tools. 

The Boosted Premium subscription costs $14.90 per month. If I subscribe to the subscription plan for a year, it will only be $99. In addition, the annual plan will help me save as it will only be $8.25 per month only. 

When I subscribe to Boosted Premium, I can enjoy the following: a fully stocked photo and video library, a licensed music library, usage of logo and brand colors, unique fonts, and multiple video formats to fit all social media channels exported to high-quality video resolution, and unlimited projects exports. 

Starting a Video Project on the App

I wanted to explore the app’s video templates as soon as I installed the Boosted app. It is easy to choose a video template for my video project. First, I chose to proceed with promoting a brand on the Boosted app.

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
Image Source: Google Play Store

Then, the app asked me to allow it to access my gallery, media files, and file storage. The app wanted me to choose the media file I wanted to use for my video project. I only need to click the media file (photo or video) that I intend to use. 

Boosted will then display all the style templates to promote my brand. There are five options: sunny, elegant, fluid, reveal, calm, and swipe. To edit the media file with the chosen style, I need to click the “Create” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Editing the Media Files on the Boosted App

Once I clicked the button, the app showed me all the tools I could use to edit the media file. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen, wherein the media file is seen at the center. 

Every time I edit or change something, I can immediately see the changes in real-time

The available tools on the Boosted app are categorized into media, texts, colors, music, format, and scenes. If I click on one of these categories, it displays all the specific tools I can use to edit my media file to create a video project for my business.

Using the Media Tools on the Boosted App

Like any video editing app, the Boosted app offers a way that I can replace, trim, and fit my media file through the Media tools. If I decide to change the video clip or photo for my project, it will be easy via the “Replace” option. 

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
Image Source: Google Play Store

The app will open my gallery again so that I can choose again a new media file. It is also possible to trim the video file if I only need a specific part or frame. 

I can also change the size of the media file to fit the requirements of the different social media platforms. 

In addition, the app’s media tools include effects for the video project. There are over 30 effects available, and some can be unlocked through the premium subscription. 

Adding Texts to the Project

The Boosted app proves user-friendly because I can easily add elements to my project. One of which is the text. I only need to click the “Add” button and type the text I intend to put on the frame. 

Then, Boosted will let me edit the appearance of the text in terms of the following: style, size, alignment, and shadow. These tools will help find the most appropriate look of the text to complement the video frames.

Utilizing the Other Editing Tools on the Boosted App

I liked the Boosted app because it understands that businesses have their image branding. Thus, it offers the “Color” tool wherein I can choose the colors that are prominent on the frames to stick with my business’ image branding. 

Boosted Ad App - An Easy Way to Boost Social Media
Image Source: Trusted Reviews

It is also possible to add music from the licensed music library of the Boosted app, which is only available to premium users. 

The app lets me choose the orientation of the video through the “Format” tool. It asked me if I wanted it to be wide, square, or vertical. This is a shortcut for fitting the video project on the intended social media platform.

Exporting Projects

It is easy to export the video projects on the app. I may opt to save it on my local file storage or share it immediately on a social media platform. 

The app supports sharing the finished video project on Facebook and Instagram. I just need to link my social media accounts to my Boosted profile. 


The Boosted app helps business owners and social media managers to create online video content to promote products and services. The app offers video editing tools meant to help users maintain their brand. 

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