Babies may be the most adorable creatures in the world but let’s face it, raising them is not an easy task. If you’re a first-time mom or dad, chances are you’re in a world of pressure as people, including your family and friends, are on your case regarding your child’s development.

You may also be in a situation wherein your household comprises people from different generations, who may also have different ideas about parenting. This could cause arguments about how to properly raise the baby and what activities are needed to ensure proper development.


In my case, I’m part of the second situation, and it has caused friction between my parents and my sister, a first-time mom. Fortunately, I found the Kinedu app and introduced it to them so they can follow what professionals recommend. If you want to know more about this app, continue reading below.

  • Understanding The Concept Of Child Development
  • Looking Into The Kinedu App And How It Helps With Child Development
  • Examining The Amazing Features Of The Kinedu App
  • Is Kinedu’s Premium Subscription Worth It?
  • Features Enjoyed By Premium Subscribers
  • Downloading And Installing The Kinedu App
Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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Understanding The Concept Of Child Development

The term child development refers to the biological, psychological, and emotional changes in humans from birth to adolescence. Early childhood, which covers infancy to six years old, is considered crucial as many milestones are achieved during this period, such as walking and talking.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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It is said that excellent rates of child development are achieved by promoting child development via parental training. This is because parents play a major role in a child’s activities, socialization, and development. 


Having multiple parents could add stability to a child’s life, which could help promote healthy development. Quality of care is also important in a child’s development; that’s why child care programs are advised to boost learning capabilities and social skills.

What Are Children’s Milestones And Their Importance In Child Development?

Milestones are defined as changes in specific physical and mental abilities, representing the end of one developmental period and the start of another. Examples of milestones are crawling, walking, and understanding language.

One of the most common concerns in child development is a delay in an age-specific ability for important developmental milestones and preventing such delays. Early intervention has been a significant topic in child development studies.


Looking Into The Kinedu App And How It Helps With Child Development

Kinedu is a mobile app developed to help families by providing expert guidance and creative and age-appropriate activities that support a baby’s development from pregnancy to four.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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The app offers a plan of age-appropriate activities for babies that could strengthen their skills every month. Aside from activities, it also guides families through live play sessions, personalized coaching, master classes, and even family forums.

By using the app, you can track the milestones to understand where your baby is compared with other babies his or her age.

Getting To Know The App’s Developer

The mobile app was developed by Kinedu SAPI de CV, a company headquartered in Nuevo León, Mexico. The company is privately held and is currently financed via venture capital.

Aside from Kinedu, another app that the firm has developed is Aldea, an all-in-one app for managing daycare centers

If you own a daycare center, Aldea can be used to manage the center’s expenses and accounts receivable, as well as enable you to better engage and communicate with the child’s parents.

Examining The Amazing Features Of The Kinedu App

When I said, Kinedu provides activities for boosting child development, I mean a lot of activities. The app has over 700 activities available at your disposal, including easy-to-follow instructional videos on how to do these activities.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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Using the app’s free baby development plan, I created a profile for our baby and was able to receive assessments from expert child psychologists. 

The app also allowed me to monitor our baby’s milestones, allowing me to assess which areas of development need to be addressed.

Outside the activities, I was also able to learn more about child development by reading articles written by experts on the app.

Easy To Use And Accessible To All Family Members

As I have mentioned earlier, our baby is growing up with many people from different generations trying to raise her. Prior to using the Kinedu app, we’ve had arguments on things as simple as the right amount of naps that the baby needed.

However, since I started using the app, there seem to have a mutual understanding that the experts’ opinion takes precedence over ours. 

I loved how the app also allowed multiple family members to access the baby’s profile so that everyone that’s important can monitor her progress and help conduct the assigned activities for the day.

Is Kinedu’s Premium Subscription Worth It?

While the app is free to download and use, there are certain limits to what free users will be able to access. While free users can access the milestone tracker and online articles, they only receive three activities per week.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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Meanwhile, the Premium subscription has a lot more to offer, including a personalized daily activity plan that involves activities suited for a child’s developmental needs. Subscribers also receive detailed progress reports with percentiles.

By the way, only premium subscribers can use the feature I mentioned earlier about giving multiple family members access to the baby’s profile to help conduct the activities.

The Costs Of Getting A Premium Subscription

Subscription to Kinedu Premium is available on a monthly, yearly, and permanent basis. The monthly subscription is priced at $9.99, while the yearly subscription costs $39.99.

Renewal of subscriptions is automatic unless the auto-renew option is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

If you don’t want to worry about renewing these subscriptions, you may opt for the Lifetime subscription, priced at $149.99.

Features Enjoyed By Premium Subscribers

With Kinedu | Play, you will have unlimited access to more than 1,800 video activities in the app. You will also receive the aforementioned assessment from experts at Stanford University to create a personalized plan for your baby.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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You could also access detailed progress charts in the cognitive, linguistic, physical, and socioemotional developmental areas. Up to five babies can be added to the account, and it can be shared with other family members.

Meanwhile, the Kinedu | Learn features include the ability to participate in live & on-demand interactive play sessions, seek expert opinion and advice via master classes, and connect with other families to share your experiences and learn from others.

Awards And Recognitions The App Has Received

I’ve learned that Kinedu has received various awards and recognition for its contribution to the field of child development. The Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child recommends the app for parenting resources.

It has also won the Open IDEO prize for Early Childhood Innovation Global Competition and the Dubai Cares: Early Childhood Development Prize. It was also the winner of the IA Innovation Prize for Early Childhood Development Solver at the MIT Solve Challenge.

Downloading And Installing The Kinedu App

We were fortunate enough that the Kinedu app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This made it easier for us since everyone wanted to use the app for the baby’s sake, but we use different devices at home.

Kinedu App - Developmental Activities
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For Android users, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Kinedu app. You will find it under the name Kinedu: Developmental Activities and Milestones in the Parenting category. The app, which has an Editor’s Choice seal, has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Make sure that you have at least 28 MB of free space and an Android version of 5.0 and later to install the app. To initiate the download and installation process, tap on the Install button.

Kinedu For iOS

Meanwhile, iOS users will find it on the Apple App Store under the name Kinedu: Baby Development Plan in the Education category. The app currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 3,000 reviews.

The iOS version of the app has a larger file size of 231.6 MB and requires iOS 12.0 or later for iPhones and iPod Touch and iPadOS 12.0 or later for the iPad. Click on the Get button to start downloading and installing the app.


Overall, I am thrilled with the Kinedu app and how it helped our baby in her development, and how it united us as a family in our common objective of providing the best environment for the development of my niece.

I would say that even with just the free version, it was worth it to install the app, but if you have the budget to get a subscription, I recommend that you do so because of all the perks that come with it. If you have a baby at home and you want to ensure the best development activities for him or her, install the app now.