Who does not love cashback and rewards? Every time I buy something, I always look for a way for us to maximize the purchase. It could be through discounts, vouchers, promo deals, cashback, or other offers.

There is an app that provides cashback for every purchase make shopping online—the Rakuten app. I earn cash back, shopping deals, and other offers by using the Rakuten app when purchasing from its partner stores. 

Learn more about the Rakuten app and its features below. Discover how I earn cashback and get shopping deals on the Rakuten app. Check some of the partner stores, brands, and retailers of the Rakuten app.

  • Introducing the Rakuten App
  • How Do Users Get Started with the Rakuten App?
  • Exploring the Rakuten App
  • What Products Are Available on the Rakuten App?
  • Earning Cashback on the Rakuten App
  • Knowing How to Earn More Rewards on the Rakuten App

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online


Rakuten App– The Online Shopping App that Gives Cashbacks

With the popularity of online shopping, it is not difficult to find online shopping websites and apps. There are many mobile apps for online shopping, which offer different sets of products and stores.

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

However, I wanted to maximize my online shopping hobby by ensuring I get the best deal for every purchase I make. Although the products and stores are available on several other apps, I use the Rakuten app.


The Rakuten app provides an excellent shopping experience to its users by giving away cashback. I wanted to save money even if I spent money purchasing things online, and Rakuten made it possible. 

Although it may be hard to believe, the Rakuten app lets me get paid to shop at my favorite stores through this cashback rewards system. Aside from cashback, the Rakuten app gives shopping deals, vouchers, and other unique shopping offers. 

Installing the Rakuten App

Even though I was initially skeptical about the Rakuten app, I was eventually convinced to try the app because there is no harm in trying. I wanted to check if it is real that all its users get cashback for purchases made on the app.


I liked that the developers wanted the app to be accessible to more people so that many could enjoy its features. The Rakuten app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

The Rakuten app runs smoothly on devices with AndroidOS 5.0 and up and iOS 12.0 or later.

How Do Users Get Started with the Rakuten App?

The Rakuten app welcomed me with a short slideshow of its main features and content. It wanted me to know what was in store when using the app. Of course, the Rakuten app boasts that I can cashback by simply shopping at my favorite store.

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

There are only two steps to earning cashback. First, I need to select the store and items I want and proceed with purchasing the items. Then, the Rakuten app will send me the corresponding cashback for my purchase. 

The Rakuten app also mentioned that I would get a $10 welcome bonus if I started shopping with Rakuten today. There is only one condition: to spend a minimum of $25 to get the $10 cashback.

On its home page, the Rakuten app simply asks old users to log in using their duly registered email and password. However, the Rakuten app supports exploring the content without signing in. 

Creating an Account on the Rakuten App

Even though creating an account on the Rakuten app does not require exploring its features and content, I still wanted to sign up. This is because the Rakuten app allows duly registered users to make purchases. 

I needed to provide an email address to create an account on the Rakuten app. The Rakuten app supports any Google or Apple account for account registration. It is also possible to simply link my Facebook account to sign up. 

Then, the app asked me to register a password with a minimum of eight characters. Do not forget to select the correct Rakuten region, whether that is Rakuten United States or Rakuten Canada. 

Exploring the Rakuten App

Since I decided to create an account on the Rakuten app, it took me a few moments before I could finally explore the content. The Rakuten app immediately struck me with its clean and organized user interface, which will make your online shopping experience better. 

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

The Rakuten app has four main tabs at the screen's bottom part: Home, Categories, In-Store, and Account. I could go around the tabs to look for the items I wanted to buy or update my account or profile from time to time. 

The Home tab contains featured products, stores, and cashback deals. There is also a search bar on this tab, so I can easily find the store or items I want to purchase. Meanwhile,  the categories are for the organization of the available products on the app.

Aside from online stores, the Rakuten app also offers cashback rewards on in-store purchases for retail and dining. Lastly, the Account tab lets me update my profile, check and track my purchases, and find the Settings menu. 

Checking the Rakuten App’s Home Tab

The Rakuten app’s home tab amazed me because of its organization. It is easier for me to check the available products and stores because of the layout and the search bar.

The home tab also contains the featured cashback deals for every purchase on its partner establishment. The Rakuten app also showed the list of stores that are popular with its members. There is also a list of stores that offer the largest cashback.

However, this large cashback has an expiration, so I need to make sure that the deal is still available before purchasing.

What Products Are Available on the Rakuten App?

One thing’s for sure about the Rakuten app—it has everything its users need. I contains numerous products meant for the wants and needs of its users. The featured products of the Rakuten app’s partner retailers, brands, and shops. 

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

All these products are grouped according to their categories on the second tab. I can easily check and look for interesting items because of their categories. These categories also prove that the Rakuten app is an ideal online shopping app because it has nearly everything.

Here are the product categories on the Rakuten app: Pets, Office Supplies, Food, Drinks & Restaurations, Subscription Boxes & Services, Accessories, Auto & Tires, Electronics, Digital Services & Streaming, Shoes, Clothing, Sports, Outdoors & Fitness, Baby & Toddler, Health & Beauty, and many more.

Interestingly, the Rakuten app also offers products for events, entertainment, travel, vacations, fights, flowers, parties, homes, gardens, toys, games, and gifts.

Learning About the In-Store Cashback on the Rakuten App

One of the most exciting features of the Rakuten app is its in-person cashback. Aside from online shopping, the Rakuten app lets me earn cashback even if I purchase or transact in physical stores.

There are two options for in-store cashback: dining or retail. I can get as many discounts every time I eat on the Rakuten app’s partner cafe or restaurant. The retail options are ideal for grocery shopping.

Earning Cashbacks on the Rakuten App

The Rakuten app wanted its users to ensure that they would enjoy the cashback it offers. Rakuten made sure that everyone could utilize their purchases by providing a long list of products and stores that offer cashback for purchases. 

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

Indeed, I do not need to scavenge for a voucher, discount, or cashback on every purchase. I was amazed that before I could check the products on the store on Rakuten, the app provided a list of the stores that offer a cashback for the item I had chosen. 

From the get-go, I will immediately know how much I will get in return. For example, the Rakuten app displays all the stores that have the products I need. 

This feature makes it easier for me to decide what to buy because I can compare the cashback deal offers of the different stores that have the product I want to buy.

Getting Gift Cards and Vouchers on the Rakuten App

Who would not want more things to buy with discounts and cashback? The Rakuten app offers not only cashback but also discounts and gift cards.

Some stores let me get cashback and a gift card for every purchase. This gift card-giving is a special promo of the stores, so it has a time limit or expiration. 

Target, eBay, Nintendo, UltraBeauty, Walmart, and Hotels.com are some brands and stores that often give away gift cards. 

Knowing How to Earn More Rewards on the Rakuten App

By default, I have to select the store first before I can choose the product and check it out for purchasing. It is also a default that most of the featured partner stores of Rakuten offer cashback in varying amounts. 

Rakuten App - Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

However, it is a given that for every purchase, I am entitled to cashback. Plus, there are other ways that I can get more cashback aside from purchasing items. 

First, the Rakuten app welcomes me with a bonus of $10 upon account creation. I find it exciting that the Rakuten app instantly gives me a welcome bonus, which I can use to buy more products.

I can also earn more by referring my friends to install the Rakuten app and create an account. I can earn a $30 reward or cashback for every friend I convince to try the app. There is no limitation on how many friends I can recruit to try the Rakuten app.

Claiming Cashback Rewards

It is easy to claim the cashback rewards on the Rakuten app. I only need to link my PayPal account. It may take a few business days before the money will be processed by the app and deposited to PayPal.

It is important to note that it is recommended to claim the cashback rewards every three months. 


The Rakuten app lets its users enjoy cashback rewards for every purchase made. Aside from purchases, users can earn more on the app by referral to try the Rakuten app.

Download this app today to make online shipping more exciting!