Have you ever looked at a picture or video and asked yourself, “Where is this place and when was this taken?” With the widespread use of digital cameras and camera phones, it’s easy to take hundreds of photos and then forget about its details while browsing through them later.

I remember the time when cameras still required film which needed to be taken to a photo studio to develop into printed pictures. Some of those pictures had dates on one corner to identify when they were taken. This made me think that this should be an option with mobile photos.

This is when I came across the Timestamp Camera Pro app. This particular app enables users to place important details on pictures and videos to provide a short description about them. In this article, I will talk about the app, its features, and how to download and install it on your device.

  • What Timestamps Are For
  • Examining the Timestamp Camera Pro App
  • Notable Features of the Timestamp Camera Pro App
  • How to Download and Install the Timestamp Camera Pro App
  • Permissions that the App Requires
Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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What Timestamps Are For

Timestamps by definition refer to a sequence of characters or encoded information used to identify when a certain event happened. They usually provide information on the date and time, sometimes even up to small fraction of a second to provide accuracy.

Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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The term originated from the rubber stamps used in offices in the past to stamp the current date and time using ink on paper documents to provide a record of when they were received. An example of timestamps are postmarks that indicate when the item was received by the postal service.

Currently, the term’s use has been expanded to pertain to digital date and time information attached to digital data

In computer files, timestamps refer to the last time the file was modified while on digital cameras, timestamps are added to record the date and time a picture was taken.

The Rise of Mobile Photography

As more and more people use mobile devices, most of which have built-in cameras, mobile photography has also become more popular. 

Wider access to internet and the proliferation of smartphones have also made it easier for people to take pictures and immediately upload them online for people to see. Nowadays, you can easily snap a photo and then post it on social media a few seconds later.

Recording videos has also become a normal occurrence due to mobile devices compared to when it required sophisticated equipment to do so. There are even dedicated social media sites and apps for uploading short videos.

Examining the Timestamp Camera Pro App

I mentioned earlier how I liked the old photos with timestamps on one corner and how it made it possible to remember when and where those photos were taken. The Timestamp Camera Pro app basically does this and more.

Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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Not only can the app add the date and time to photos, it can also provide information on the location as a watermark when they are captured. What’s more impressive is that users of Timestamp Camera Pro can even place these watermarks on new video recordings.

The app gets the timestamp from the file itself so you can easily adjust it if the need arises. 

I personally like this app because I’m someone who takes a lot of pictures but easily forgets when and where I took them. Using the app will make it easier for me to take a tour down memory lane later on.

About the Mobile App Developer

The Timestamp Camera Pro app was developed and published by a company called Bian Di. 

I did not find much information on the company but it has a website that promotes the Timestamp Camera app.

The developer’s other mobile apps include 3D Morph Camera, FishEyeVideo Square, SquareVideo Lite, Video Crop Pro – 360, and MagiCut Frame.

Notable Features of the Timestamp Camera Pro App

After using the app for several days, I took note of some of its most useful features. Since placing a timestamp watermark is its main function, the app’s time watermark has an accuracy of up to the millisecond when recording videos.

Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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It has 61 timestamp formats that you can choose from and you can even change the font, font color, and font size to be used for the text. 

Timestamps can be placed in seven different areas of the photo or video, namely top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, and center.

If you want to add more details to the timestamp, you could auto-add the location address and even the GPS coordinates. Even the altitude and speed could be added to the settings of the camera so that they would also appear in the timestamp watermarks.

Other Great Features of the Mobile App

You’ll be surprised to learn that you can add emojis, custom text, and even custom logos onto the camera so that they will be added to captured photos. You can record videos with or without audio.

Maps may also be displayed and its scale, transparency, size, and position can be changed according to your preference. This would be great for certain activities like hiking, bicycle rides, marathons, and even just for your early morning runs.

The Timestamp Camera Pro app has a battery saver mode that adjusts the screen’s brightness in order to preserve battery power on your device. When using the app, simply double tap on the screen to turn this mode on.

How to Download and Install the Timestamp Camera Pro App

Now that you’ve learned about the Timestamp Camera Pro app and its great features, you may be wondering if you can download and install it on your mobile device. Lucky for you, the app is available to both iOS and Android platforms. However, you need to purchase it for $4.99.

Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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For Android users, open your Google Play Store and search for the app in the Video Players & Editors category under the name “Timestamp Camera Pro”. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 3,000 user reviews.

The Android app is currently in version 1.195 and was last updated on August 4, 2021. It has a content rating of ‘Everyone’ and its file size and Android version requirement vary with your device. To download and install, simply tap on the price and complete the payment process.

Timestamp Camera Pro for iOS

Meanwhile, iOS users will find the app on the Apple App Store in the Photo & Video category. The app, which appears under the name “Timestamp Camera Pro”, is currently rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars based on more than 500 user reviews.

The iOS app has a file size of 22.9 MB and requires iOS 10.0 or later for the iPhone and the iPod touch, and iPadOS 10.0 or later for the iPad. The app can be used in several languages, including English, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

To initiate the download and installation process, tap on the price and complete the purchase process. Once paid, it will automatically download to your device and then install once everything has been downloaded.

Permissions that the App Requires

Similar to the other mobile apps that you installed on your device, the Timestamp Camera Pro app also requires certain permissions in order to function correctly. I recommend that you read and examine these permissions to make sure that you agree to granting them to the app.

Timestamp Camera Pro - Improve All Photos
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The app requires access to your GPS and network-based precise location as well as your network-based approximate location. It will also be able to read, modify, or delete the contents of your device’s USB storage.

Understandably, it will be able to take pictures and videos using the camera. Other permissions include controlling vibration, full network access, and the ability to view network connections.

The Developer’s Privacy Policy

Knowing the privacy policy of the developer is as equally important as the permissions as it refers to how user data is being used. 

According to the company, it does not store, collect, send, or manage any personal data and that any material created using the app is solely owned by the user.

The developer also emphasized that the sending of any form of media from the user to another user through various means, like email, social media, and other apps, is entirely in the discretion of the user. It does not collect any information during the process.


Overall, the Timestamp Camera Pro app is a great tool for managing and labeling our photos and video recordings. I personally feel that the $5 cost of the app is very low compared to how it helps me keep my special memories intact and help me remember those special moments in my life.