I have been reading comics since I was a kid as I fell in love with the graphics and the storyline. I never stopped reading, even though some people think that I am quite old for reading them.

Since I have less time nowadays, I cannot pull out comics anytime to read them. What I do now is pull out my phone because I can read comics through an app, even during break time or on my way home. The Toomics app has been my source of great comics.


The Toomics app contains a large library of comics for hardcore fans and first-time comic readers. Discover the Toomics app's library and the available genre of comics below. Check how to easily read unlimited comics through the Toomics app.

  • Getting to Know the Toomics App
  • Creating an Account on Toomics
  • Checking the Home Page
  • Accessing the Unlimited Content on Toomics
  • Reading Comics on Toomics
  • Searching for a Comic to Read on Toomics
Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Toomics

Getting to Know the Toomics App

It is undeniable that I had less time to read comics when I started to work because I cannot just sit down and pull out my comics anytime I wanted. However, I found a way to conveniently read comics in my free time, like during lunch breaks or even during the ride to or from home.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: APKMODY

I am glad that I discovered the Toomics app because it offers an easy way to read unlimited comics. The app has unlimited comics of every genre that comics fans love. Thus, we do not have to physically buy comics and bring them everywhere as they are all available on Toomics.


The app is meant for long-time hardcore comic fans and first-time comic readers. It contains all the favorite and most popular comics from the past as well as recent ones. With this large library of comics, Toomics has been dubbed one of the top premium subscription webtoon service apps.

Installing the Toomics Apps

I discovered the Toomics app through the recommendations of my fellow comics fans. The app was released in October 2018, and it gained popularity among comics readers, gaining over 1 million downloads.

The Toomics app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Even though the app is free to be installed, it has a premium subscription that costs $8.99 for one month, $17.49 for three months, $29.49 for six months, and $47.99 for one year.


The app is compatible with Android devices running on OS 4.4 or apps and devices on iOS 10.0 or later. Upon installing the app, Toomics seeks permission to access the file storage, have full network access, receive data from the Internet, view network connections, and prevent the device from sleeping.

Creating an Account on Toomics

The Toomics app supports using the app's features and reading its content even without creating an account. However, the reading progress will not be saved as the app links the progress to the user's profile.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Pinoy Tech

In addition, signing in on the Toomics app can be done across multiple devices to sync data, save comics, and continue reading progress. Premium subscribers must sign in also to ensure that they can enjoy the perks of their Toomics VIP membership.

As a new user, I still chose to create an account on Toomics so I can go back to my unfinished comics easily. Open the menu option on the Home page and click the "sign up" button." Then, the app asks me to provide my email address and preferred password.

I can also link any of my accounts on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Yahoo, and Apple to create an account on Toomics. Creating an account on Toomics also means that I accept its Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Exploring the Home Page

The Toomics app provides an organized user interface so that users can easily navigate and look for the comics that they want to read. The app has four primary tabs at the bottom of the screen: Home, Recently Read, Favorites, and Recommendations.

There is also the "Search" icon at the upper right corner of the screen so I can manually search for the comics' titles or authors. The Toomics app also has the left drawer for more settings, including Account Settings, Customer Service, Purchase History, and Preferred Language.

Checking the Home Page

I liked that the team made the app's interface organized so that I can easily explore the available content on Toomics. The app's Home page lets me check all the trending comics.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Toomics

In addition, the app recommends some comics titles that might interest me based on the comics I have read on the app. I can also stay updated with the latest releases of the new comics on the Home page.

Interestingly, I can further sort the comics on the Homepage according to their regular update releases and genres. It is possible to check the comics that release weekly updates, so I know when I should read the next chapter as Toomics groups them according to the specific day of release.

For example, I have the most free time during the weekends, so I read comics that are released on weekdays to make sure that there are updates that I can check on the weekend.

Enjoying the Various Comics Genres on Toomics

Aside from the day of the update release, I can also filter the comics according to their genre. Many genres are available on Toomics as proof of its large library of comics. I know I can find interesting comics that suit my preferences in these genres.

These are the available genres on Toomics: drama, romance, boys' love (BL), fantasy, action, comedy, horror, thriller, historical, school life, and sci-fi. Moreover, the app displays the top 10 most popular comics for each genre.

Besides the genres, I can further filter the comics into those already complete, which I like because I do not have to constantly wait for the next update for the new chapters. I can also sort it according to the recency of release.

Accessing the Unlimited Content on Toomics

The Toomics app indeed has unlimited content because of the constant update of the comics and the continuous addition of new comics and webtoons.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Google Play Store

The Toomics app uses the freemium model, wherein I can enjoy most of the content for free. However, there are exclusive comics that are only available for VIP members. Thus, I subscribed to the app's premium plans.

Note that the VIP membership is only available for the English version and cannot be used to read comics in any other language.

I liked that the Toomics app clarified that the profits made on the VIP membership will be shared with the artists. In a way, I am also helping the artists by subscribing to the app.

Turning on the Family Safe Mode

To access other content on the app, I can turn off the "family safe mode." Free version users cannot turn off the family safe mode as per Android Platform Policy. It means that the app automatically filters comics with mature content.

However, VIP members can turn it off by signing into the email registered on the app to verify their age. This can also be done on the Toomics website.

Reading Comics on Toomics

Toomics ensures that users will have the best reading experience by ensuring that the quality of the webtoons or comics will not be compromised just because they are read through a phone screen.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Toomics

The app asks me how I would like to read the comics in terms of turning to the next page: continuous scrolling or flipping the page. I chose continuous scrolling because there will be no dull time compared to repeatedly turning the page.

Moreover, the app lets me decide if I want to view the comics on full screen or the original size of the page. I can also easily check the chapters or episodes of the comics, so I will know how many more I need to finish.

Opening Recently Read Comics

The second primary tab of the Toomics app is Recently Read, which contains all my previously read comics. It is like a history tracker.

I liked this tab because it allows me to continue reading the comics based on the latest episode or chapter that I have read. It also displays when the last time I opened the comics was as well as the remaining chapters.

Searching for a Comic to Read on Toomics

Searching for something to read on Toomics might take time because of the numerous interesting options. I find it difficult sometimes to find a comic to read because everything seems good and worth my time.

Toomics App - An Easy Way to Read Unlimited Comics
Image Source: Google Play Store

The app helps with this dilemma by providing an overview of the comics. It displays the title and the official cover of the webtoon or comics, which I find important because I sometimes decide based on the art style.

In addition, the app lets me check when the update releases the new chapters of the comics. The authors are also shown. Lastly, Toomics indicates the current star rating of the comics according to previous readers.

Knowing the Other Features of Toomics

The third tab of Toomics is "Favorites," which contains all my bookmarked comics that I loved. All my favorite comics become easily accessible for future reference, as it saves me time from manually searching again.

The last tab on the app is the "Recommendations." I can find here the recommended comics of the Toomics app that I might be interested in based on my previously read comics. It shows all the popular and new comics of the same genre of the comics that I usually read.

These recommendations can also be based on the gender that users identified on their profiles. It displays the most popular comics among males or females accordingly.


The Toomics app lets me read comics anytime and anywhere. It has unlimited comics available that can all be read on my phone. The app has the most popular and recent comics that are worth reading.

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