Setting up CCTV cameras in my house makes me feel safer, especially when inside. However, there are times that I have to leave the house for work, and my children are the only ones left at home. During these times, I wanted to know how they were doing.

With the help of SuperLive Plus, I can monitor the CCTV footage. The SuperLive Plus app offers professional software for digital video recorders and CCTV surveillance.


Learn more about the SuperLive Plus app and its feature in this article. Also, check out how to set up the SuperLive app on mobile devices.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
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Discovering the SuperLive App

When I decided to install CCTV cameras in my home, it was easier to monitor the inside and outside of my house. It instantly made me and my family feel safe, especially since I constantly needed to go out for work.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
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I discovered the SuperLive app as it is a trusted application software for digital video recorders in CCTV surveillance. It helps me see what the CCTV cameras are seeing live on my phone screen.


It is a well-trusted app as it has been in the market since November 2015, and is offered by Peng Antai. Moreover, I immediately trusted the SuperLive app as it has a high user rating and excellent user reviews.

At present, it has over 1 million downloads with thousands of active users. I also liked that through the SuperLive app, I can get a real-time, high-quality video of what my security camera is currently seeing.

Installing the SuperLiveApp

Even though the SuperLive app said that the software is for professional use, it is still free to download. I expected a one-time purchase requirement to get SuperLive, but I was wrong.


The SuperLive app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As I mentioned, it is completely free, and there are no premium subscriptions or in-app purchase items available.

The app only requires Android OS 5.0 or up and Apple devices with iOS 12.1 or later to be installed.

Reading the App’s Privacy Statement

Upon installing the SuperLive app, it immediately welcomed me to read and agree to the Privacy Statement. I appreciated this move because I was worried that my privacy might be at risk when using the app.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
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The app’s developers mentioned that the Privacy Statement adheres to the relevant laws to protect the users’ personal information. The Privacy Statment primarily covers how the app handles the collected personal information and the purpose of applying for permissions.

I learned that the app collects personal information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. The app also stated that I had to register for an account to enjoy certain functions and services, in which I had to bind my account to either my email or phone number.

SuperLive is clear that it will use identifiable and non-identifiable information to improve its service. It ensures the users that no third party can access the collected information, as it will only be for internal audit and analysis.

Granting Permissions to the App

After agreeing to the Privacy Statement, SuperLive then asks me to permit it to access several aspects of my mobile device to run smoothly. The app wants to access my device and app history to retrieve running apps.

It also asks to access my storage file system to modify content, my phone camera to take pictures, my microphone to record audio, and my Wi-fi connection information. In addition, SuperLive intends to have the power to modify internal media storage content, receive data from the internet, and more.

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Learning the App’s Features Through an Overview

Once I agreed with all the permissions asked by the SuperLive app, I could freely enjoy its features and explore the app. The app provides users with a short overview of its main basic features, so they are not lost using it.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
Image Source: CCTVSG

Those who are already familiar with the app’s basic features may skip this part by clicking the “Skip” button on the upper right corner of the screen. Since I was a new user, I decided to have a walk-through.

Through the walkthrough, I learned that SuperLive offers a fish-eye feature wherein there are multiple correction modes for the clarity of the image.

It also provides a thumbnail so that users can conveniently search for a clip at a specific time and date. Lastly, there is a lens adjustment feature for more adjusting parameters.

Checking the Local Settings

Upon finishing the walkthrough, the app lets me choose whether to proceed to the main app or check the local settings. I clicked the “Local” button to see some of the basic local settings that I can customize on SuperLive.

Here, I can turn on the resolution adaptive feature in which the app automatically switches to a low-resolution preview when the video picture is not safe. I can also set the reserved disk space.

Other settings include snap num, split snap, launch setting, setup password gesture, screen rotation correction, original scale display, PTZ direction reverse control, PTZ gesture operation prompts, automatic connection, landscape mode, and domain.

Accessing the Server List and Devices

Old users can just log in to sync the server list on the new device. As a new user, I have to register and add devices to the app. I needed to register first using my email address or phone number and set up a password.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
Image Source: Apple App Store

Upon creating an account on SuperLive, I now have to add the devices I want to monitor through the app. I have to click the icon on the upper right corner of the home page, which will lead me to the Servers List.

The lists display the devices already connected or linked to the account. Initially, the lists are saved on the local storage, but eventually, they can be backed up to the cloud after creating an account.

If many devices are saved on the Servers list, users may use the “search” icon to instantly find the devices they want to access and monitor through SuperLive.

Adding Devices to Monitor

To add new devices to the Servers List, I have to tap on the “plus” icon on the upper right portion of the screen. There are four main options: manually add, scan code, local area network, and generate device cards.

When I want to manually add a device, I need to provide the serial number or the IP domain name. It is important to accurately input the correct serial number or IP domain name as the app will not find the device otherwise.

Another easy way to add a device is to scan the QR code. Meanwhile, the app will automatically search for the devices saved on the local area network. After adding a device, I can set a nickname for it to easily access and remember it later.

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Exploring the SuperLive Home Page

Since I already set up the four cameras at home on the SuperLive app, I wanted to try and see how the videos look. I liked that the video displays and its corresponding settings are already on the app’s Home page.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
Image Source: hi Tech Home Protector

The app shows the real-time scene captured by the cameras at the center of the Home page. It is possible to change the number of camera footage scenes simultaneously on the screen. I just have to tap on the “tiles” icon on the bottom center of the page.

SuperLive provides a layout of the footage based on the number of cameras I want to monitor simultaneously. Since I have four, I can choose to watch them simultaneously or focus on one or two cameras only.

The app has eight options for the display layout, which supports up to 16 cameras being monitored simultaneously.

Using the Microphone and Speaker Settings

The app also has microphone and speaker settings that can be found at the bottom of the Home page. Interestingly, I can tap on the “microphone” icon to speak on the camera end, which is only possible if the camera supports this feature.

Meanwhile, the speaker settings let me manage the audio volume for each footage display. I can also connect the app to a speaker for better audio quality.

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Getting Remote Playback of Footage

I like the app because it automatically records the camera footage and saves it on my local or cloud storage. This way, it is easier for me to check the footage from the past.

SuperLive App - Monitor a Camera Remotely
Image Source: Virtual Geek

Whenever I need to look for a specific clip on the app, I go to the “Remote Playback” settings. I only need to identify the date and time I want to check.

The feature is user-friendly as I can input the exact date and time, and it will automatically process to display the camera footage from that time. While playing the footage, I can pause, play, and change the speed for my convenience.

Receiving Push Notifications and Adding Favorites

The last settings option on the Home page of SuperLive covers the “Push Notifications” and “Favorites.” The app provides push notifications on certain activities on the app. For example, if the camera closes or shuts down, I will be immediately informed.

Lastly, I can add devices to a “Favorites” list for easier access in the future.


The SuperLive app is a great tool for monitoring surveillance cameras remotely. It also has helpful features wherein users can instantly get playback of footage, receive push notifications, and much more.

Download this app today to keep your home safe! Remember, that you will also need to purchase the necessary camera as well.